One of the most hostile reporters to President Trump posted the most unbelievable tweets about Biden’s presser

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor was hostile to President Trump over and over and over, especially with regard to Russia. I doubt he ever got a fair question from her, as we pointed out time and time again.

But she has a very different perspective on Joe Biden after his press conference yesterday:

I think I’m going to hurl.

Seriously, did she watch the same presser than we watched? Because that’s nothing like what I saw and heard yesterday.

Biden actually greenlighted Putin’s invasion yesterday of Ukraine and she’s not once accused him of working on behalf of Putin, like she did with Trump time and again. Instead, she said he “talked about foreign policy”, as if just talking about foreign policy is some high bar or something.

And regarding her comment that Biden didn’t lash out at any reporters or insult them, wrong again. He insulted Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, telling him his questions don’t make sense most of the time. And he got hostile at another reporter for bringing up his comments labeling Republicans as racists like Bull Connor, accusing him of not being able to read.

Both videos are below:

How is it that these reporters thing they aren’t biased??? She’s nothing but a Biden fangirl who has press credentials.

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