Open Thread: They found Noah’s Ark in Turkey?



Honestly, I had no idea Noah’s Ark had been found in Turkey. Even the Turkish government back around 1987 established the Noah’s Ark National Park because the evidence was so compelling that it was indeed Noah’s Ark.

Here’s a slightly annoying video (the music in the background annoys me) that you can watch where they go through the evidence and how they came to conclude it is indeed Noah’s Ark. You can watch the whole thing if you want, but I’d start right around 14:08 and go from there. That’s where a 1985 edition of 20/20 starts where they follow these guys to the site of Noah’s Ark. It explains the history around it as well which is why it’s a good place to start.

Also I should note that I haven’t watched the entire video, but I have seen most of it and it seems pretty legit to me. But then I could be a succor for newly found Biblical treasure.

Here’s the site the video came from that goes into quite a bit of detail if you want to read on it first.

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LINK RESTORED: Here is the link to The Bible on YouTube. Watch it while you can because I’m betting it’ll be gone soon.

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157 thoughts on “Open Thread: They found Noah’s Ark in Turkey?

  1. I watched another youtube video earlier that was Ron Wyatt’s. This one is much more concise, informative and intriguing. Noah absolutely had to have had a large team of experienced shipbuilders. And if he wasn’t a very rich man, he must have promised to have them along on board. And how else could he have collected and taken care of all those animals? He must have had a large team. There’s another interesting video by ABC news featuring a theory proposed by the man who discovered the wreck of the Titanic, Robert Ballard. He found evidence of shoreline under the Black Sea dating back 7000 years. He thinks glacial ice falling into the Mediterranean made it overflow into the Black Sea. Noah may have known that this was happening and that eventually there would be a flood in his area. 
    I don’t understand the kind of thinking that says that biblical evidence debuncts evolution.

  2. In a Creation Science video we watched back in the 80’s, it talked of Ron Wyatt’s discovery and that the names of sites near his discovery are: Valley of Eight, Village of Eight, Place of Eight. There were eight survivors that got off the ark.

  3. I’m not a religious guy, I haven’t been in ‘a church’ in half a century. I believe there is ‘a God’ because it makes more sense than it does to believe that humanity is the pinnacle of intelligence in this vast universe. That said, I find the coincidences between the scientific fact in this piece and the Bible text quite compelling.

  4. While I believe that a Great Flood certainly happened, I find it hard to believe that after all these thousands of years remains of the wooden boat would survive on the side of a mountain. It could happen, but I’m betting that this is just a rock formation that resembles what might have been an ark. I believe the actual ark disintigrated long ago. As for Noah and the Flood, I’ll go on believing it happened at some point in the past.

    1. Ron Wyatt’s investigations in the 80’s in Turkey are very compelling… so compelling in fact that the Turks took it to be evidence enough. Review the information and the videos, it’s been out there decades now. I’m surprised that more people have not seen it.

  5. Huge thanks for providing the link to The Bible/youtube.
    So I watched it.
    Had a little sniffle at the Abraham and Isaac scene …

    1. Thanks to Scoop for posting this Bible clip. I too was choked up a bit, particularly the appearance of the two Angels and the Lord to Abraham. But to many people, it may be tough to watch, particularly when we all have our own internalized versions and understanding of Genesis. So a few thoughts.

      Firstly… Sodom and the area Abraham emigrated to was not the barren, dusty and rock strewn place this movie portrays. During Lot’s time, it was lush and green. This part of the film is unnecessarily inaccurate. The desertification of the land of Israel was a direct result of the post 8th century Arab conquest and the later centuries of Ottoman control. This resulted in the typical desert image we have of the land of Israel.

      Secondly… watching this film and the “sinful” activity in Sodom, you would never know that the word “sodomite” could come from this film’s version of the city of Sodom. There is absolutely no real hint of sexual perversion and the cause of its judgement. The dialogue between Lot and the Angels is the empty dialogue of a Hollywood type script writer. It’s certainly not the dialogue of the men of Sodom when they demanded of Lot that he surrender the “two men” into their hands so that they “may know them” (Genesis 19:5). The portrayal of Sodom is a neutered and politically correct whitewash of the true Biblical account designed to forestall any charges of “hate” by the homosexual and liberal activist community.

  6. Number of animals contradiction.

    In Genesis 6, God tells Noah to bring two of all living creatures including (as is logical) several of all birds. The King James translation makes it slightly more flowery, but the meaning “two of each” is still clear.

    “” You are to bring into the ark two of all living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive with you. Two of every kind of bird, of every kind of animal and of every kind of creature that moves along the ground will come to you to be kept alive.
    —Genesis 6:19-20

    In the next chapter, Genesis 7, God directly contradicts himself. Instead of two of every animal, male and female, God tells Noah to bring seven of every clean animal – although this is also read by many as seven pairs. How can one bring seven of some animals if he is already only bringing two of all animals? Genesis 7 also contradicts God’s statement in the previous book by stating that instead of two of all birds, seven of all birds were to be brought.

    “”Take with you seven of every kind of clean animal, a male and its mate, and two of every kind of unclean animal, a male and its mate, and also seven of every kind of bird, male and female, to keep their various kinds alive throughout the earth.
    —Genesis 7:2-3

    Mosaic law anachronism

    The second quote from Genesis 7:2-3 also contains a gross anachronism. Which animals are ritually clean and which are unclean is only revealed in Leviticus 11, many hundreds of years later. If Noah knew the Mosaic law and passed it on to his children, there would be no point in God revealing it to Moses and Aaron later in Leviticus. In order to get away from this, you need to maintain that Noah was revealed at least parts of the Mosaic law, which were then lost at some point after the Flood.

    Of course, there’s also the much more plausible explanation that the story was invented by a Jewish writer who was so accustomed to thinking about animals as clean or unclean that he did not spot this chronological inconsistency.

    1. man, you’ve found it!! After all these years you have debunked the bible. Congratulations!

      1. Actually, like Islam, Hinduism, Seikhism…. oh I could list them all, but let’s just keep it simple, take any faith EXCEPT yours and you will agree that they have all been debunked for years.

        All their writings have contradictions which proves that they are man made, but your contradictions prove it is the genuine deal.

        But, I guess when it comes to your revealed religion, that’s different.

        Here, let me leave you with this…

        Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

        1 Peter 3:15

        All you have shown to be prepared to be is a smart ass.

        1. Salvation, eternal life in the presence of God. Is that gentle and respectful enough? I don’t think I could put it any better than Stage9 and Rshill7 put it. But I noticed you didn’t respond to them.

          You don’t have to believe. Thats between you and God. However I am just curious as to why you come to this site and start trying to “debunk” the bible and convert people to atheism.

          1. “Salvation, eternal life in the presence of God. Is that gentle and respectful enough? ”

            That isn’t what you said though, all you did was mock.

            Who said I was an atheist? Do you naturally assume that if someone doesn’t believe in your version of God than they don’t believe in God? What hubris.

            For the record, I am a Deist in the mold of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin etc

            In can respond to the others when I am home and don’t have to type on a cell phone on my break.

            1. I know Glenn Beck is on this kick that Penn Jilette taught him that Paine was an Atheist. Not true.

              “I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life. I believe the equality of man, and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy.” [The Age Of Reason, 1795.]

            2. I assumed you were an atheist because you never stated that you believed in any religion and basically mocked everything out there.

              I’m not an expert on what religious views TJ, TP and BF had but I do know the valued Christian ideals and views and didn’t mock them.

              “…As to Jesus of Nazareth, my opinion of whom you particularly desire, I think the System of Morals and his Religion, as he left them to us, is the best the World ever saw, or is likely to see.” – BF, letter to Ezra Stiles, March 9, 1790

              “I never told my own religion, not scrutinized that of another. I never attempted to make a convert, nor wished to change another’s creed. I have ever judged of the religion of others by their lives…For it is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be read.” – TJ, letter to Margaret Bayard Smith, Aug 6, 1816

              “Had the doctrines of Jesus been preached always as purely as they came from his lips, the whole civilised world would now have been Christian.” – TJ, letter to Ben Waterhouse, June 26, 1822

              You may believe that your good works will get you into some afterlife, but how do you know what is good enough? What’s the standard? Are you doing good enough? How do you know? Or is it just a general “good dude” clause? I’m honestly interested in what you believe as being a deist and your thoughts on an afterlife. Not trying to mock.

        2. The “faiths” you list are obviously man made. You conspicuously left Christianity out. That’s good. Please “educate” us though. Who “debunked” Christianity?

          Nothing is like Christianity. Nothing remotely resembles it. Christ fulfilled many, many very specific prophecies. Christ’s tomb is still empty. He rose from the dead. He raised others from the dead. Even the weather obeyed his words. He also hung the moon, and put the laws of physics into motion.

          “For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.” (2 Peter 1:16 KJV)

          When an objective person reads myth, he/she recognizes it fairly quickly as myth. Please do yourself a favor and read “The Everlasting Man” by G.K. Chesterton. It lays out the obvious myth of myth and the obvious truth of Christ. C.S Lewis, an atheist in his younger years, credits that book with convincing him to become a Christian. Lewis’ favorite author though, was George MacDonald.

          If you have a Kindle, both authors works are available at no charge. If not, they are also on the web. You cannot afford to be wrong. Eternity is approximately forever. You can also not afford to blaspheme God, his son, his spirit, or his Holy Bible.

    2. The clean animals would likely be for human consumption of Noah and his extended family…the passengers, as well as the preservation of the animals. They could also eat eggs and drink milk from some of these animals. Also, some animals would need to eat other animals from time to time.

      You are also saying that no one knew anything about Mosaic law until Leviticus? Just because it wasn’t written in or on anything we’ve seen doesn’t mean it was a new revelation. God revealed all kinds of things directly to Noah including covering the Ark with pitch and what kind of wood to use.

      Moses put the laws/rules down in writing for posterity. His ancestor Noah didn’t need it. The children of Israel coming out of Egypt after 400 years of bondage probably did need it. If you’ll recall, some of them built a golden calf to worship…a decidedly non-Jewish thing to do.

      But, lets go with your “more plausable” explanation that some Jewish guy made the whole thing up. Did he loosely copy other writers, or did they copy him? Do you need exact Ark dimensions and a precise tally of days on the Ark for a good fable? The names of the passengers and their relation to Noah? There’s nothing fable-like in the story. It smacks of someone recording actual historic events, just as the Hebrew crossing of the Red Sea narrative does.

      Did Brutus really stab Julius Caesar? Naaa, some guy named Shakespeare made the whole thing up.

      The Bible is replete with flawed heroes. It records their strengths as well as weaknesses. What they did right and what they did wrong. It isn’t romanticized screenwriting. It’s the recording of history.

      By the way, regarding lots of clicks on religious threads. Please regale us with what you think is more important than ultimate truth, what happens after you die, and where it is you’ll spend eternity? Is anything more important than those things? No. Nothing is more important than these things. Some folks realize that and act accordingly. They want what’s most important to be related to others properly and as accurately as humanly possible.

      “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” That energy embodied in you (life) will continue also. Where will it go? What form will it take? No questions or their answers are more important than these.

      Thanks for playing. We got our “clicks” out of you too.

    3. Introduction to Bible Difficulties and Bible Contradictions

      How many kinds did Noah bring into the ark, two or seven?

      Other supposed Biblical “Contradictions” answered

      As far as the Mosaic Law, the Law wasn’t given until Moses. God did not hold the people to Levitical Laws prior to Moses because they didn’t apply at the time of Noah. God would direct Moses’ predecessors divinely until the time of Moses when the Law was given to the people.

      There are answers, you just have to know where to look.

  7. These bloggers have it figured out, post something on religion and the clicks ($$$$) just come flooding (no pun intended) in.

    1. Scoop is undoubtedly a Christian. Why wouldn’t he post stories that appeal to his faith? I would.

    1. Not as good as I imagined it being from the previews but they have a limited time to fit in a lot of stuff. A little harsh critique though, imo.

      1. I watched the first two hours and found it to be inaccurate and cheesy at times.

        I’ll take “The Nativity Story” (2006) and Chuck Heston’s “The Ten Commandments” over it any day of the week.

        Our church produces better 15 minute videos than this. I think Mark Burnett was more concerned about puting graphic violence in(which is fine because it was a violent time) than he was at getting good actors and a good director.

        Two of my biggest beefs: A Scottish accent on Noah and almost no hint of homosexuality in Sodom (not that I’m surprised). I guess it was CYA to avoid a backlash from the Gay media Mafia. I also didn’t like the scene where Moses gets carried around in celebration. I just don’t see Moses reveling in that sort of self aggrandizement.

        I don’t want to see them butcher the crucifixion, so I’m done with it.

        1. Haven’t seen “The Nativity Story”.

          I figured people would complain about the accents but it was what it was. I agree with you on the homosexuality in Sodom and I wasn’t surprised either. I figured they would have left it out even though the people specifically stated giving the angels over to them so they could have sex with them and Lot offering up his daughters instead. But I would have liked to have seen a backlash then have them defend it properly.

          I wasn’t a fan of Moses getting carried around either but was glad that he said God had delievered them. They did seem to make the people more into thinking that Moses was doing these things and not God.

          I hope they don’t butcher the crucifixion either, especially after seeing “The Passion” which did an awesome job depicting the true savagery and brutallity of it and the times.

          Nonetheless I’m glad to see something coming out in support of the Bible and God even if it’s not perfect. As long as they aren’t changing what the Bible acutally states that is.

    2. It is, but we should still support it. Better to support stuff like this than 9/10’s of the other garbage on tv.

      1. That I can’t argue with since it brought in 13 million viewers. Still, they should have shown overt homosexuality in Sodom to really drive home the point that it’s an abomination in God’s eyes along with other sexual proclivities.

        I prefer “The Nativity Story” (2006) and Chuck Heston’s “The Ten Commandments” on production value alone any day of the week.

      1. I would imagine that it would be ‘suspended’ while she was under investigation for insurance fraud and then she was given the option to give it up, rather than being tried (and possibly convicted) for insurance fraud.
        Like everything else with Barry, his claims of being ‘a law Professor’ are phony. He gave up his license when it came out that he lied (as usual) on his Bar Examination.
        If these 2 were (White) conservatives, they would have been in jail long ago. As we have seen again and again, if you’re a Black Democrat, you don’t have to worry about the law. Charlie Rangel, William (the refridgerator) Jefferson, Jessie Jackson Jr. The Obamas and the list goes on and on. All you have to do is scream “Racism” and everything goes away.

  8. Hmmm I dunno. It seems every few months someone pops up claiming they found Noah’s Ark somewhere in Turkey ….

    I’m surprised Spielberg didn’t do an Indiana Jones movie based on the Ark…he had to go with stupid aliens …

  9. This “find” has been brought into question by many noteable creationists. You can read about the disputable evidence here:

    Spectacular Claims, a Misleading Video, People Misquoted and Misrepresented . . . It’s No Wonder Many Have Asked the Question . . . Could This Be Noah’s Ark?

    Has Noah’s Ark Been Found in Iran?

    Sorry folks, although it would be an exciting find, it is unlikely that Noah’s ark has survived. It is strongly believed that the Ark was more than likely dismantled by Noah and his family shortly after the flood to be used for shelter and other means of survival.

    Other scientific facts about Noah’s ark such as how Noah fit all of the animals on the Ark, how he fed them and the sea worthiness of the ark can be found here…

    World Wide Flood

    Nonetheless, the search still continues….

    Noah’s Ark Search

  10. This is the actual Noah’s Ark site: Iran. It has been pretty well established that Noah’s Ark could not be in Turkey, just as the parting of the Red Sea was NOT the “Reed Sea;” that Mount Sinai is NOT on the Sinai Peninsula, but is rather in Saudi Arabia (on the site that the Arab’s call “the Mountain of God”). Here is a link to a story aobut the guy that has done a lot of research on these topics: The guy is Bob Cornuke. He is amazing! Here is his website: . Yeah, he is the real deal. Check him out!

    1. What will it take for someone in Washington to stand up to this man? The deaths of 4 Americans is not enough for these “representatives” to bring charges against someone? They can start with obstruction of justice charges until they get the answers of who knew what and when…

      1. I know mom. I’ve been wondering and almost begging Boehner and others to do something. I’m glad Paul is on this, even though so many already have investigated it since last year.

        1. Yes, I am too. The more that speak out, the less chance Obama or his administration will be able to sweep this scandal under the rug… as they have been able to do with Fast and Furious and all the other investigations that have produced nothing.

    2. We’ve suspected this from the beginning. It’s good to hear it from a Senator though. I hope it will start growing some wings.

  11. And yet, infidels and various other scum and miscreants will remain infidels, scum and various other miscreants. When the rich man burning in Hell begged Jesus to let him return as a shade, to warn his Hellbound brothers, Jesus told him that even seeing that would not change them. People have eyes, but are unwilling to see, and ears, but an unwillingness to hear. They’ll rationalize this away, claiming their “scientists” are superior, because they are ignorant infidels, just like they are.

    They all can, and will, burn in Hell, together.

        1. Can’t take the heat like before. I can only do the news about 3 times a week. Mrs Words and I are fine and hope you and yours are the same!

  12. Luke 16:31
    “He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.'”

    I find this evidence incredibly compelling. We may actually be looking at the real thing.

    And yet the principle quoted above is that natural man is spiritually dead and hardened in unbelief. If archaeologists could somehow have found a preserved interior with unmistakable cages and animal bones and inscriptions that said Noah, Ham, Shem, and Japeth, it would not move anyone. Christ rose from the dead and men willfully disbelieve. It’s only the living word of God that regenerates man. Still, this might be the archaeological discovery of the ages.

  13. Had a hard time getting through the part of the dedication with the goat being slaughtered and wiggling about while they shoveled in the cement!

    Other than that,,,,great video!

  14. Yes, I remember seeing a special on this long ago. I am not sure whether it was 20/20 or perhaps a documentary from one of the Christian programs but it was compelling evidence. Of course we see that archeological evidence builds continually in support of the veracity of the Bible.

  15. I watched a Jewish archaeologist on TV and he traced the route that would have led to the area where he felt that the Ark would have come to rest and if I recall correctly it was not in Turkey.I wish I could remember his name,but it eludes me at the moment.I’m skeptical of this story.

    1. The Bible and Torah said it came to rest, right where they found it, and yet you believe in a man with the mysterious power to track a boat moving through trackless waters, over a landscape in the process of being radically altered, and with no existing charts.

    1. Uh, dude. Seriously. That’s not even the same object the video was covering. Nor is that even the same spot. Look at the background. And if it isn’t the Ark, after all the analysis and findings, what is it? A crashed, primitive starship?

  16. As a kid back in the 70’s, I saw a theatrical release of a documentary which concluded that Noah’s ark was in fact on Mt. Ararat (Turkey) where the Bible says it came to rest.

    1. The Bible says it rested on the Mountains of Ararat. Plural. It is a region, not a single mountain. What is known as Mt. Ararat today, may not be the place, but it certainly could be. Doesn’t have to be though.

  17. If I remember right, a bomber crew sighted and reported seeing the arc jutting from a snowcovered mountaintop during WW2….

  18. Thanks for The Bible links, unfortunately, the first 2 (all I looked at) are a 2 minute advertisement for the series.

    Sorry, must have been posting at the same time as George Martin.

      1. Yeah, its a bummer. I’ve been trying to find it for a while now with no luck at all.

  19. “They found Noah’s Ark in Turkey?”
    Again? First time I heard that was at least 30 years ago.

  20. I saw this website a couple years ago. It is INCREDIBLE. I couldn’t understand why this evidence isn’t shared and challenged. See the Red Sea Crossing with the Chariot wheels at the bottom of the sea where the Egyptians chased Moses? awesome

    1. Its covered up, because people that aren’t Children of God want to remain that way, and drag as many down to Hell with them, as they can, per instructions of the being they ARE the children of.

  21. I am glad your showing this. This was found years ago, there was a Huge National Geographic Special about it. People have been wanting to get up there to check it out, but no one could because of who said they owned the mountain and who didn’t.

    God’s Word will always be shown to be the Truth. God will not be mocked, nor ever be able to be denied. People can say that he is not real, not truth. Bill O’Reilly can claim that what the bible says is mostly just stories, but it is all the truth. Everything happened. More and More, especially in these days, the Lord’s Word will be Revealed and more people will be shown and come to believe and have great faith.

    I am so excited because we haven’t seen anything yet.

  22. I think we should suspend judgement on this since there have been false alarms in the past such as the finding of wood that was too recent. Actually the truth of the event need not be based on finding it since over the 4300 some years, it may have been buried, disintegrated due to elements, or it’s parts reused. It was really a rectangular box like structure according to many scholars. Nevertheless if this is the Art{possible] that would be the greatest archaelogical discovery ever.

    1. Scholars? Who needs scholars? The exact dimensions of the boat are recorded in the Bible sir. All one must be able to do is read. It doesn’t take a scholar to read the king’s English…the people’s English either.

      Based on the Ark’s dimensions it was virtually impossible to capsize.

      1. All I am saying is that the ark has been depicted in various forms or shapes including a boat-like structure. The dimensions in the bible most probably point to a rectangular chest about 450 feet long, 45 feet high and 45 feet wide with 3 floors for the animals. I am not disagreeing with you.

      2. All I am saying is that the ark has been depicted in various forms or shapes including a boat-like structure. The dimensions in the bible most probably point to a rectangular chest about 450 feet long, 45 feet high and 45 feet wide with 3 floors for the animals. I am not disagreeing with you.

    2. Then, please, tell the class what that object with animal remains, layered wood and advanced metallurgy and design is. Then, while you’re doing it, present scientific evidence at least as exhaustive and credible, as theirs.

      1. I don’t dispute their evidence; i am not an expert on such things. If it is Noah’s ark, it would be a tremendous witness to the truth of the Bible which would be difficult for skeptics to explain away. I merely await further confirmation so that the evidence is beyond refutation-that’s all.

      2. I don’t dispute their evidence; i am not an expert on such things. If it is Noah’s ark, it would be a tremendous witness to the truth of the Bible which would be difficult for skeptics to explain away. I merely await further confirmation so that the evidence is beyond refutation-that’s all.

  23. I think I saw a program about this on the History Channel years ago where the explorers were advised that the government of Turkey would not permit them to investigate further. Though I’m a Bible-believer, I’m always skeptical of biblical archaeological finds until they’ve withstood serious scrutiny. Besides, “blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

  24. I’ve been seeing different things about this for a couple of years. It’s very interesting and completely plausible. There have been many important archaeological finds proving the Bible, but this would be a biggie. Thanks Scoop. It was interesting to watch.

  25. Noah’s ark is a story. Most organized and tribal religions have a big flood story. Think about how awful that cruise ship got in just 3 days.

    1. It’s a true story. The reason it is found in other cultures is because it was a global phenomenon.

      There are two schools of geology. One is composed of uniformitarianism and the other catastrophism. The correct one is catastrophism IMO.

      In other words, the Grand Canyon could very well have formed in a couple of hours rather than millions of years. Look at the Mount St Helens countryside before and after that eruption.

    2. “Most organized and tribal religions have a big flood story.”

      Wouldn’t that make sense if there were a great flood and the history was passed down to the descendants of Noah? There’s been a lot of biblical accounts that were thought myths, but that end up being discoveries and proven to exist.

      1. Yes the story likely got passed down through generations. But do you really believe the first time the story was told is the exact same story we hear today? (Rational answer is no) There was likely a big flood and some guy named noah already had a big boat and used it to save his livestock. Only someone who cannot grasp reality would honestly believe some guy, knew about a global flood ahead of time, built a boat that big, and put 2 of every animal on it for 40 days. Since when does a tiger not eat a penguin, let alone co-exist in the same geographical location??!

        1. Gee, I see tigers living with penquins all the time. We call those places zoos. They didn’t have to live in the same cage.

        2. You need to get a grasp on reality friend. It wasn’t just passed down, it was written down.
          I don’t “believe some guy, knew about a global flood ahead of time, built a boat that big, and put 2 of every animal on it for 40 days”.
          The Bible tells us that god told him to do it.

        3. Only someone who cannot grasp reality would honestly believe some guy, knew about a global flood ahead of time, built a boat that big, and put 2 of every animal on it for 40 days.

          You are certainly welcome to your unbelief. However if you keep insulting people here who do believe it, your commenting privileges will be revoked.

          Feel free to disagree with respect. Otherwise you may as well head for the exits.

        4. It blows your mind doesn’t it?

          The Bible doesn’t say two of every animal. It says two of every kind. Do you know what a kind is?

          This is another one of those examples of fact being stranger than fiction.

          The Bible also states precisely how many days they were on the Ark, and it was a lot longer than 40 days. The rain alone lasted for 40 days. It took months and months for the water levels to recede. They all, including the animals, stayed on the Ark during this time.

          1. Yes over a year, and they didn’t have to be the oldest of their kind either, it would have made much more sense to take the young ones because they would live the longest to reproduce, and they wouldn’t require as much food as the adults.

        5. “Only someone who cannot grasp reality would honestly believe ..” I guess there are a lot of us who can not grasp reality then.
          As for me, if believing the Bible means I’m not able to grasp reality, then I’m perfectly happy to be a fool.

        6. johngalt30 Don’t you find it interesting that the story matches the “human bottleneck, Y-Chromosome Adam” discovery. That the 1st male comes much later than the 1st female in the genetic trace. Now, Noah could be the first male and his three sons are related to him. Their descendants would all have his genetic trace. However, they also say that all descendants have a common 1st female ancestor much older than the male. Strange that the bible follows this scientific discovery. This is a fascinating occurrence.

        7. johng,
          Have you actually read the Bible? Or are you going on the hear-say of others? (Unfortunately, your small description lacks quite a bit of accuracy.)

        8. Your argument is bogus since it depends on the assumption God does not exist. Plus, the ancients were experts when it came to remembering and repeating stories. Note, the flood story in the bible has a structure to it which is specifically designed to enhance accuracy… it reverses itself. There is much more to this subject than a superficial bias will allow.

        9. I’m sure Noah had help from the “immortals” and from God himself. And…maybe it was a dna collection instead of actual animals. God could easily pull that off… after all, he started the whole thing.

        10. So what you’re implying that the very God who created the universe, raised the dead and whose Son is seated at the right hand of God is incapable of preserving His Word throughout the generations?

          I think the biggest problem with human beings is the fact that their view of GOD is too minuscule not that God is incapable of doing something.

        11. People can be divided into two categories; the believers and the non-believers… the believers believe the story told in the Bible was inspired by an omnipotent, omnipresen, and omniscient God to be true just like the rest of the Bible… all faith in Him comes from Him!

    3. The cruise ship conditions were horrible in just three days because we live with modern technology. Take that technology away and people don’t know how to survive. In Noah’s day, they would have had their own provisions for surviving a long duration and removing animal and human waste from the ship.

      After all, the Ark was built with that in mind. The cruise ship…not so much.

      1. Right. Consider Dutch, English, French, etc. sailing vessels who left their home port and were gone for months and months at a time with hundreds of people and animals on board. These were common occurrences for hundreds of years.

        This person seems incapable of thinking things through, from the brief evidence we have from him in this post.

        P.S. The fact that there are any fossils of any kind anywhere is a testimony to catastrophism.

        1. Consider that there are 8-10 MILLION species of animals on this earth and many humans and animals died on those ships because there was little to no food of nutritional value. Pooping into the ocean wasn’t a big deal back then, ever heard of a poop deck? I’d like to see you organize that with 16-20 million animals.

          1. I’m not going to go into all the details because you obviously have a very tightly closed mind to the Bible, but if you look at the sizes of all of those 8-10 million you will find that very few of them are large and many of them weren’t called to the ark. They lived in water.

              1. I once went through a demonstration of how the size and design of the ark was perfect to hold all of the animals. You go in thinking how in the world could all of those animals fit and you begin to understand that there was plenty of room for all of them and the food required to feed them. If the animals were young and smaller it makes you understand all the more the wisdom of our Lord.

          2. “Pooping into the ocean wasn’t a big deal back then, ever heard of a poop deck?”

            “The poop deck of a sailing ship has absolutely no connection with a certain bodily function. That sort of business is generally handled in the area below the ship’s bow called the head. A poop deck is actually the roof of a poop cabin located in the rear (aft) section of a sailing ship’s main deck.”

            “The word poop for our purposes comes from the Latin puppis, meaning “stern.” Shipbuilders often designed a cabin space in the very rear of the ship called a poop cabin. This poop cabin extends a few feet above the level of the main deck, and is finished off with a flat roof. The flat roof of a poop cabin also serves as an observation platform called the poop deck. Officers and high-ranking sailors often used this area as an ideal position for observing the crew at work.”

            “The poop cabin on a sailing ship generally served the same purpose as the raised bridge area does on a modern ship. The poop cabin could be used as an officer’s mess hall during meals, as well as a storage area for maps, journals and official logs. The poop deck itself was a good vantage point from which to assess the condition of the ship’s sails, since it was usually positioned behind the shorter third mast, or mizzenmast. If the captain was not at the helm himself, he could generally be found on the poop deck issuing orders to the helmsman.”

            “As sails gave way to engines, the need for a functional poop deck decreased significantly. Almost all of the vital command orders could be issued from a centralized bridge which overlooked the entire ship. Modern sailing ships may still have an elevated cabin in the aft area, but the poop deck is little more than a raised platform suitable for sunbathing or other recreational uses.”


          3. First of all, God brought the animals to Noah, as stated in the Bible. And there didn’t need to be 20 million of them.


            Try thinking beyond what you personally are not capable of doing and attempt to understand the width and depth of God’s power. Remember, just because your ability is limited, doesn’t mean your rejection of God is valid.

            If you’re going to argue a point, perhaps you should study up on the opposing argument to be able to make a coherent point.

            1. “Remember, just because your ability is limited, doesn’t mean your rejection of God is valid.”

              Excellent point. I like to ask, “so just because your mind can’t think of an explanation, means there isn’t any?”

          4. The Bible doesn’t say species. It says kinds. Also, if you can accept that everything came from either nothing, or a singularity, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

            1. Something I love about science– the Big Bang Theory was written by a Catholic Priest and affirms Christian creation from ex nihilo, or “of/from nothing”

              Yet, despite that all astrophysics agrees on the single point of unknown density, unknown matter, unknown temperature, etc (a point known simply as, “point zero”) despite that astrophysics says we CANNOT know those details… they deny that the universe came from nothing, when in quantum physics language they basically just said it did.

          5. if you were as smart as you were trying to be you would have edited that as I am sure a smarty like you knows poop deck had nothing to do with poop,
            latin puppis.

          6. “Pooping into the ocean wasn’t a big deal back then, ever heard of a poop deck?”

            Ever read a book written before the “story” of your birth? This statement of yours is a neon sign which says in flashing, glow-stick green, “Hey, I’m a _______.”

          7. there are several variety of species in every kind…

            and Noah didn’t have to take each species, they developed over the years through breading.

    4. The rectangular dimensions of the ark, as described in the Bible, show a highly advanced knowledge of ship-building. Its length (about 515 feet) was six times its width and 10 times its height, and this made it exceptionally stable. These dimensions made it perfect for floating on a turbulent ocean, which is what it had to do. Smaller replicas of the ark have proven to be nearly impossible to capsize and show remarkable stability in turbulent waters. Do you really believe it’s a mere coincidence that some “storyteller” just happened to pick dimensions that were ideal for the boat’s purpose? Meanwhile, myths like the Babylonian flood story have an ark shaped like a cube, which would have been worthless as a sea-going vessel.

    5. With your choice of profile name, and given that Ayn Rand was an Atheist, your comment doesn’t come as a shock….

      1. I’ve gotten other people to type poop many times, make claims that every land animal evolved from only “kinds” of animals in less than 7,000 years and pissed off a lot of bible thumpers… today was a good day loltrolorotrolrololol

        1. That’s where you are mistaken… Christians don’t get “pissed” off at trolls, we pray you will see the light before it’s too late and shake our heads at your ignorance and unwillingness to be lead to the Light… But God granted us free will and you are free to live this life in ignorance and eternity in Hell if that is your choice.

        2. As simple and effortless as an exhale. No one said anything at all about 7,000 years. Nobody…nothing at all. No one said anything about evolving either. So, you’re a liar to boot.

          Here, take this boot, right in the ass.


        3. Real mature. I’m sure your mommy is very proud of you. Why don’t you yell upstairs and ask her?

        4. In your pitiful arrogance you presume too much….you accomplished none of that with me….enjoy your smugness, it’s all you got

    6. Obviously you are not a farmer and know nothing about animal husbandry. You must be a progressive!

      1. Sounds like a troll.I remember somebody with that screen name on Fox Nation,and they too were a liberal troll

    7. You said, ” Think about how awful that cruise ship got in just 3 days.”
      Not to worry, ever heard of MOON-POOL Holes. They really knew how to build ships back then. Oh, wait, they still have MOON-POOL holes today!

      1. Now you are going to confuse him and have him looking up astronomy.

        He will have NO idea that a boat can breathe.

    8. Ok, where’s your evidence of their stories? People like you commonly crap talk in the face of scientifically presented and substantiated evidentiary findings, then come nay-saying to the table, with a fistful of nothing. Just your say so is worth lesd than the fossilized animal crap they found in the superstructure. If you’re just going to deny, deny, deny, deny by showing credible evidence to the contrary. So there are other stories? You seem to lack the wherewithal to see that multiple stories could be seen as corroboration. No othet “story” has brought fourth any shred of evidence. Biblical stories do, continually.

      1. The Bible is taken on faith. Some things defy logic, like Holy Spirit breathing life into Dry Bones, Moses parting the Red Sea, Joshua crossing the Jordan on dry ground, God Destroying mankind with the Flood, Noah living to be 950 years old, it taking around a 100 years for him to build the Ark according to God’s directions. Soooo many other marvels in the Bible. I for one don’t care how stupid I appear for BELIEVING all these things happened. GOD DID THEM and THAT MAKES IT SO!

        1. I forgot to add that I read somewhere can’t remember where that chariot wheels were found at the bottom of the Red Sea.

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