Open Thread: They found Noah’s Ark in Turkey?



Honestly, I had no idea Noah’s Ark had been found in Turkey. Even the Turkish government back around 1987 established the Noah’s Ark National Park because the evidence was so compelling that it was indeed Noah’s Ark.

Here’s a slightly annoying video (the music in the background annoys me) that you can watch where they go through the evidence and how they came to conclude it is indeed Noah’s Ark. You can watch the whole thing if you want, but I’d start right around 14:08 and go from there. That’s where a 1985 edition of 20/20 starts where they follow these guys to the site of Noah’s Ark. It explains the history around it as well which is why it’s a good place to start.

Also I should note that I haven’t watched the entire video, but I have seen most of it and it seems pretty legit to me. But then I could be a succor for newly found Biblical treasure.

Here’s the site the video came from that goes into quite a bit of detail if you want to read on it first.

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LINK RESTORED: Here is the link to The Bible on YouTube. Watch it while you can because I’m betting it’ll be gone soon.

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