Oregon Health dept & very normal Gov. Brown (pictured) lead state toward PERMANENT masks, VACCINE passports

Oregon is the home where Antifa roam and the skies are cloudy all day. And where masks are mandatory indoors everywhere statewide. Yes, those facts are definitely related. Antifa loves liberal fascism, their name is basically an inside joke, not that CNN understands or cares.

That mandate could become permanent, if the state’s insane governor and health department and legislature can get past the people. And judging by the density of woke idiots in the state? Yeah they can probably count on that. So if you aren’t one, and amazingly haven’t moved yet, you need to get on it. Heck start a fundraiser if you’re stuck there, don’t stay behind enemy lines.

Here’s some bonkers reporting from KATU in Oregon:

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) convened a Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) on Thursday. The RAC provided feedback on the indoor mask rule. The point of the committee is to suggest what should and shouldn’t be included in the ruling and discuss the impact it will have on the public.

Community stakeholders, including those from the hospitality and faith sectors, joined in the meeting. People from the Seventh Day Adventists Church, the High Desert Museum, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and McMenamins were a part of the conversation.

This is the first step in making the rule permanent.

I am already laughing. I’m sorry I just can’t help it. But for a REAL laugh check out THIS piece of hilarity.

“Dr. Paul Cieslak, the medical director for communicable diseases and immunizations with OHA, says making the rule permanent doesn’t mean it’ll be in place forever.”

HA HA HA. Yeah if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that government making something permanent doesn’t mean it’ll last. They are FAMOUS for getting rid of unnecessary laws and pointless red tape, don’t ya know.

“Permanent means indefinite. It doesn’t necessarily mean permanent,” Dr. Cieslak said. “We can repeal it as well, but we are only allowed to have a temporary rule for 180 days, and anything that goes beyond 180 days, we cannot extend it.”

Making the rule permanent allows the state to keep the mandate in place.

Y’all, exactly who does this kind of thing convince? Anyone at all?

They won’t have any trouble convincing the governor to put it through. She’s a true FAN of masking.

That tweet from last year has been going around again for the last month, because that crazy mask is a perfect metaphor. The governor was asked in November when she might end the endless indoor mask mandate (and by the way outdoor one until JUST LAST WEEK) and she gave this non-answer.

“”What’s most important to me throughout this pandemic that Oregonians stay alive and be healthy and safe, that we keep our kids in school with as minimal disruption as possible, and that our businesses are able to stay open and continue to thrive, so that is where we are focused.”

Yeah that means “no plans to end it” in case you don’t speak authoritarian. Which is why the news of their digital “Vaccine Verification System” should scare the bejeebus out of you.

In early March of 2022, two years into the worldwide pandemic, the state of Oregon plans to roll out its first stab at a digital vaccine card.

The $2.25 million effort flew largely under the radar until state Public Health Director Rachael Banks testified briefly about it in mid November in front of the members of the Oregon House Interim Special Committee on COVID-19 Response.

The Oregon Health Authority’s plans call for a QR (or quick-response) code on your phone, that would link back to COVID vaccination records, allowing businesses to digitally verify your vaccination status with one quick scan, instead of peering at dog-eared vaccine cards and matching them with your driver’s license, the current mode often employed by the ever-growing list of restaurants and bars in Portland that are requiring proof of vaccination for entry.

Use of the digital vaccine record will be strictly voluntary and optional, developers at the Oregon Health Authority have stressed repeatedly.

Voluntary and optional. Sure sure sure no no no right right right.

I’m sure THAT will never change, aren’t you?

Oregon was the testing ground for BLM/Antifa riots to find out if they could carry on indefinitely and the press and the federal government ignore it. After they realized the answer was “yes” it went national.

Now they’re testing permanent mask mandates and “optional” digital proof of vaccination that any business or gov’t facility can scan to make sure you’re not unclean.

Super normal. Totally not fascist. Nothing alarming at all, right Genevieve?

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