Oregon Obamacare exchange created dummy webpages to keep getting federal funding…

Not only is Oregon the worst Obamacare exchange out there, but now it looks like they were bilking the feds taxpayers out of millions of dollars with dummy webpages to make it look like their exchange was working:

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19 thoughts on “Oregon Obamacare exchange created dummy webpages to keep getting federal funding…

  1. Imagine the degree of amorality required to cheat your fellow citizens this way. People who commit crimes like this are empty bodies – no souls inside. Zombies.

    Socialists to left of us, rinos behind us,
    Zombies in front of us, walleyed and blundering.
    Stormed at with shot and shell,
    Boldly we rode! What the he!!
    Into the Valley of Debt
    Rode the six or seven hundred of us who are still Right…

    … er, ah, sorry. Sometimes I am overcome with a twisted kind of deja vu.

    The Oregon governor who didn’t do anything is a democrat. Wow. Shock. Where did I put my heart medication…..

    The project manager “resigned for personal reasons”. I can’t stand these repeated shocksssszzzzz.. snort … zzzzzzz……

    Not only do democrats lie all the time, they are so crooked that the ghost of Al Capone is petitioning the Vatican for sainthood.

    The Founding Fathers made one terrible mistake in designing American government. They should have required the inclusion on EVERY BALLOT, at EVERY level of government, the choice :none of the above”. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We could vote out the rascals and close down the government at the same time!

    To quote Dogbert waking up from a beautiful dream: “Reality: what a gyp.”

  2. Everything related to the democrat progressives is a fraud. They even pretend to be patriotic Americans.

  3. Considering the state of Oregon’s economy, and what party controls the state, It’s a democratic stronghold. So the corruption, fraud and outright theft of federal money just proves it !

  4. This is just too funny…in a sick sort of way. Thieves stealing from thieves. I can envision a movie made out of this insanity…the only question is…Will the Feds go after the other thieves? BAHAhahaha!

  5. Most likely the FBI is too busy to pursue Leftist graft/corruption as they continue to concentrate on going after Conservative stubbed toes.

  6. The essence of lying is in deception, its not in words…..

    Oregon liberals hustling Obamacare—you gotta love it!

  7. Well, well, well, I wonder what the DOJ and Holder will do?! And what about the IRS? Gretchan is great.

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