Oregon school board members to mandate BLM, ‘Progressive Pride’ flags be in EVERY classroom

A local school board in Oregon is now attempting to mandate that every classroom have both a BLM flag (or poster) and a ‘Progressive Pride’ flag (or poster) to accompany the US flag:

DAILY WIRE – An Oregon school board updated a policy to mandate that each classroom in the school district display a Black Lives Matter and “progressive pride” flag or poster.

On May 6, the Gresham-Barlow School Board in Gresham, Oregon, updated the district’s “Flag Displays and Salutes” policy to reflect the progressive values of the board. The proposal would require the school board to provide an American flag, pride flag, and BLM flag for each classroom.

“The district shall obtain and display a U.S. flag, a progressive pride flag or poster and a Black Lives Matter flag or poster of an appropriate size for each classroom,” the policy reads.

Robyn Stowers, one of the more progressive school board members, insisted the board require all three flags to be the same size.

Stowers also demanded that any tribal government also be allowed to put a flag in each classroom upon request. The school board agreed that flying a flag at a local Oregon school district was not at the top of most tribe’s “to-do lists,” but insisted on adding the provision anyway.

Daily Wire included a video from the school board where this flag issue is being debated, and I encourage all of you to watch at least some of it. The video begins just before 51:15:

The two young women on the school board, Robyn Stowers and Amanda Orozco-Beach, are basically a couple of totalitarian fascists. Kris Howatt, another board member, is trying to get them to understand that mandating something like this will only cause problems. But these two don’t even want to debate the issue. They accuse Howatt of trying to stall the decision and even accuse her of indirectly pushing white supremacy by stalling. And when she brings up the fact that some teachers may not want these flags in their classrooms, the fascist twins declare this as ‘adult prejudice’ and believe that it’s not even worthy of discussion. They don’t care how their teachers feel about this and believe the school board should mandate it anyway because they want to be inclusive. It’s really incredible to see.

If you do watch it, and I highly suggest you do, wait until you get to the part where a ‘white man’, John Cook, speaks up and gives his input (at 1:01:30). He’s instantly ridiculed for being white and not having a ‘lived experience’ on the issue or something. He calmly calls Stowers’ attempt to silence him inappropriate and another board member chimes in to try and move the meeting forward. Again, just incredible.

I believe the final vote on the flag and other issues will come this week on the 27th. I bet that’ll be another barn burner…

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