Oreo Cookie now pushing the Woke LGBT agenda with a new ‘coming out’ film

Oreo Cookie has gone woke, putting out a short film today about ‘coming out of the closet’ and how it’s a journey or something:

They may have been doing this in the past but this is the first I’ve seen of it. Regardless, it’s one more company run by leftists supporting the LGBT garbage and they are making clear they are all in.

Honestly, I watched the film and I’m not sure I got it. Seemed a bit confusing to me but that’s probably because I didn’t give it my undying attention.

Some of the responses however cracked me up:

Exactly. They are supposed to just be a cookie company.

But as Ben Shapiro points out, “every woke corporation now believes it must become an activist LGBTQIA+-%6& outlet.” He’s right and it’s a new company every day.

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