OUCH: Former Fox star Eric Bolling puts Fox News on BLAST over cancel culture, wokeness.

Eric Bolling was a big star at Fox News and Fox Business, and after he was fired over supposed harassment complaints during a MeToo purge, he moved on to his own show with The Blaze and now Newsmax.

His new show hasn’t premiered yet, but he’s filling in as guest host on other Newsmax programs, and he’s got words for his former home network on the issue of being “woke.”

Fox News seems to hate ‘woke’ cancel culture agenda, he says. “But do they really?”

“Fox News, like me, loves to call out the woke cancel culture warriors for what they are — frauds — playing the race card whenever and wherever they can,” says Bolling in this clip, filling in for Greg Kelly. “But where were they when MLB ‘canceled’ the All Star game over being woke? They were silent. Silent.”

“Now I wonder why Fox was so quiet on the All Star game flip flop. After all, they claim to be against the leftists ruining the country by constantly playing the race card here, there, and everywhere, and against the cancer that cancel culture is, why were they silent when it came to the All-Star game?”

And he has the answer to that question, in this brutal segment.


But he’s right, you know. What a mess it is over there. They still have a lot of good points – at least in comparison to alternatives – but Fox is a corporatist mess.

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