Our Lord has Risen! HAPPY EASTER!

The resurrection our Lord is everything to the Christian faith. If Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead he would have been just a man and not the Messiah he claimed to be and there would be no Christianity.

But Jesus did rise from the dead after suffering a horrifically cruel death at the hands of people who were filled with bitter disgust and hatred for him. The brutality of which Jesus willingly endured, at the hands of the Jewish leaders of his day, was so ruthless that it honestly makes he wonder why he would suffer like this for me.

Yes, I do know the answer to this in my head. “For God so loved the world…” But the mystery of why God, who literally breathed humanity into existence, would love a self-centered and greedy people to this degree is incomprehensible to me and something I still grapple with in my heart.

But despite his unfathomable mercy, I say thanks be to God that he did suffer for me because now I know that I will spend eternity with the one who created me, a God who is pure love.

So on the Church’s anniversary of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is absolutely the Son of God, I bid you Happy Easter with tremendous joy in my heart and hope you too experience his overwhelming love.

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