Out-of-wedlock childbirths are becoming the “new norm” in America

The breakdown of the traditional family in America. Marxists everywhere would be proud:

CBN NEWS – More children are now being born outside of marriage, according to a new study by the National Marriage Project and the Institute for American Values.

The report focuses on what it calls “middle-America,” the nearly 60 percent of Americans who complete high school but not college.

Among that group, 44 percent of children are now born outside of marriage. That’s up from 13 percent in the 1980s.

“Marriage in middle America is at a tipping point, with unwed childbearing threatening to become a new norm,” study co-author Brad Wilcox said.

Research shows children born or raised outside of marriage are more likely to suffer from a range of social and emotional problems.

“The retreat from marriage is both a cause and a consequence of increasing inequality in America,” report co-author David Blankenhorn, president of the Institute for American Values, said.

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63 thoughts on “Out-of-wedlock childbirths are becoming the “new norm” in America

  1. We are extremely conservative, but we have chosen to not get married because of the ties to the government. It was explained that a marriage license is basically permission from the government to enter a legal contract of marriage between you, the other person, AND the state you are married in. That gives the state the right to exert it’s different treatments of you during the marriage and control the dissolution process should it ever need to occur (and, oh yeah, collect money from you to help pay for that control over you), your marriage basically belongs to the state. We do not need the government’s permission and intrusion in that personal of an aspect of our lives and have chosen to keep them out of it by remaining legally unmarried, but while sharing a full commitment to each other and our daughter. We see it as the lesser of the 2 evils. Do some research on it, there are a lot of websites available to explain it all as the complexities go much deeper than this quick explanation… It is very interesting and very scary!!

  2. We get more of whatever government subsidizes. Currently, government is subsidizing poverty and failure. The result is we get more poverty and failure. I have never understood why women vote themselves, via their choices, into proverty with their behavior. I guess hormones trump economics, genitalia ATM, is a bad life style choice.

  3. This is just great.
    The State is the Father.
    Back when, a woman would fight to keep her man.
    Now, they fight to keep their Welfare.
    Pretty stupid.

  4. I wouldn’t call it “normal.” It’s wrong, it’s anti-women (part of the War on Women is to make it harder on women raising kids–they don’t get any help from a man in their lives), and it’s stupid. It’s not necessarily Marxist, either, although some Marxists inexplicably attach a lot of non-economic-related items to their agendas.

  5. The new most asked question….”Who da daddy be?”
    The answer….”Evidently, for most practical purposes, the US taxpayer….that is, until the money runs out. And oh, by the way, the money has now run out.” TD01

  6. This is the Marxists dream. Break up the family and it’s only the government you rely on. Just look at Western Europe.

  7. People,

    Don’t we have better things to talk about than the breakdown and defamation of the fundamental building block of society? I mean, come on, we’ve got to get stricter gun laws in place ASAP. No need for the rest of this nonsense.

    1. Actually these sorts of breakdowns in social/moral norms are a huge part of our societal problem.

      No God, no morals, no families, no common sense…

      1. I was being sarcastic. I of course agree. Just think it is beyond stupid that more people can’t draw the same conclusion in our country

  8. I grew up in a small town of 6,000 in New York in the 60s and 70s where was divorce was a rarity. People simply stayed together, especially if they had kids. Then the consequences of the “free love” thinking took hold. I remember having my eyes opened when I was a counselor at a YMCA summer day camp in 1984. I was shocked by the number of kids who were now coming from broken homes. I hadn’t seen this before. I remember one 10-year-old kid in particular who told me his “mommy’s boyfriend” was picking him up that night. He then paused, looked up at me with a half-smile, and said, “I wish it was my daddy instead.”
    The number of unwed mothers is our own fault. We no longer stand up for what is right, lest someone be offended.

    1. I’m equally tired of women who screw first (with no responsibility for birth control) and ask questions later.

  9. We have, as a nation, a huge problem with accepting personal responsibility. It is caused when there is absolutely no moral compass. The beginning of this tragic mentality started in the 60’s and it has degenerated ever since. If you point out that there is indeed a God and He did give us a guide, the Bible, the liberals are ready to ridicule you into a hole. However, they want to pull God out of the box when a tragedy occurs and act all pious. We have several generations now that are unable or unwilling to acknowledge that there is a right and a wrong and are entirely focused on feeding their incessant whims and to hell with the consequences…literally.

  10. Too many people in my generation are just pumping out kid after kid and not having any shame of not knowing who the father is. If ANYONE even dares say that the amount of single mothers in our society is causing the out of control behaviors you’re seeing among teenagers and young adults you’re called a sexist. Just face it if you are raised by a single mother and don’t fail in life you’re an exception not the rule.

  11. Contraception is free and these young adults still don’t use protection because they like to feel the sex. The problem is you have this young generation thinking that everything should be given to them. My sister has the same problem like most of this generation. They expect to get money, house, job, etc… and NOT EARN IT. They spend their money on entertainment and expect their family members to bail their a-s-s-e-s out. If problems occur, they drop their responsibility (e.g. marrying the baby moms) and place it on the grandparents and others to raise their children. It use to be a pariah status to have a baby out of wedlock. Now, folks want it to get food stamps and free stuff. LBJ’s Great Society has come home to roost.

    Just pitiful. It is definitely not racial either because I see people of all colors doing it. Just sad.

  12. $6000 for 4 kids, if she does not reveal the fathers’ name. Our money. Why work?
    70% of those kids will have problems with the law.
    Safety net had become a hammock and, very possibly, a factory of criminals.
    Everybody in congress knows it and insist on increasing those spendings.
    Vote buying.

  13. Isn’t that what the feminists want? They always said that men were not necessary when it came to raising kids, so now they can live with this. That cartoon strip the Obama people released during the campaign called “The Life of Julia” is now all too accurate, which means you will have even more people dependent on government for just about everything, from housing and schooling to health insurance and pensions. Hey, in the last election, it’s what the majority of Americans voted for, so now they’re stuck with it. Elections DO have consequences, so now these single moms can deal with it.

  14. Blankenhorn is not worth quoting. If he really cared about preserving real marriage, he wouldn’t be supporting “gay marriage” as he now does.

  15. Well, this is the consequence when sex has become the focal point of existence; when it is deemed ‘healthy’ to have it, as many times as possible, but unhealthy when not.
    This is what happens when generations of kids are taught that sex is just an itch which can and should be scratched – and when love, true love, not romantic falderal, has been cut off from sex and indeed from any personal encounter.
    This is what happens when growing up, becoming an adult, taking on responsibilities, has been obliterated by both government (‘we’ll give you the money, don’t worry about having a kid’) and modern ‘life style’ propagated by Hollywood, the corrupt MSM, and leftie academia. Eternal kiddiehood, without responsibility, without thought, is what they want. And there you have the low-information voters who want free stuff without effort, without paying.

  16. Well of course – how dare anyone imply that having a child out of wedlock is low class – we wouldn’t want anyone to feel had about their lack of morals.

  17. It may be for financial reasons that some don’t marry but a lot of it is the fault of men and women alike for being irresponsible. This is not new by any means. It has been the norm for a long time.

  18. Rampant sin and corruption are becoming the new “normal”.

    With the family unit eroding, kids are growing up in this new, depraved environment and they never really get exposure to family and good values or morals. As a result, this cycle feeds itself and grows worse day by day. Thank you Hollywood. Thank you leftists.

    And this is the environment that helps outright lawless criminal scum like Obama to thrive.

    Pray for America. All of us must help to stop this trend… and with the Lord’s help, we will.

  19. “Out-of-wedlock childbirths are becoming the “new norm” in America”.

    The obvious outcome of the ‘If it feels good, do it, free love, generation”.

  20. And tied very tightly to the fleeing of church and from God. We have no where to go but down the drain with this particular trajectory.

  21. My sister who is in her twenties, did not marry the father of her children even tho they have been together the entire time , because….there is no financial benefit from being married, not in taxes , not in insurance.
    They own a home together, they have bank accounts together, they can do anyhing a married couple can do. They do better filing separately on their taxes then they would filing jointly
    They are also , even tho they dont apply, more apt to get qualify for government assistance by being legally single then married because when applying for welfare, their finances are not combined, which would set them both higher income than indivudally

  22. “The retreat from marriage is both a cause and a consequence of increasing inequality in America,” report co-author David Blankenhorn, president of the Institute for American Values, said.
    What does this last statement mean? This guy is blowing smoke.

    Yes, we do have all of these out of wed-lock births because no one teaches their kids how to behave in any circumstance. They expect the school/government to do it. They expect anyone but them to do it. Parents abdicate their responsibilities way too easily. As soon as government steps in they let government do it. The slippery slope started with government funded school cafeterias and we were off to the politicizing of education. We are coming up on the third generation of this nonsense and the results are disasterous for families and our country. The family is the survival unit in any society and the government/Dems have been chipping away this tenent since the Great Society. Start by feeding your own kids and stop letting the school/government interfere with your life. They are really bad at raising your kids. You can do a much better job.

  23. I teach at a community college, and I can tell you that it is usually safe for me to assume that an unmarried female student has a baby, and there is absolutely no stigma associated with it. Kids tell me proudly that they’re expecting. We have sooo many pregnant students that I frequently address it on the first day of class (i.e. absences due to child birth are not excused, etc.) It really is different from when I went to school. Oh, and I’m in the Bible belt.

    1. Surprised Gloria Allred hasn’t formed a class action lawsuit again the community college for not providing “reasonable accommodations” for these “disabled” pregnant girls….

    2. I see the same thing in my college classes in Illinois. Last semester, I had three young men from Chicago in the same class who had kids. Marriage? Surely, you jest. Marriage isn’t even considered. The societal norm has been flipped. You are no longer expected to make any sort of binding commitment to a husband or wife… or to your children. After all, a committed husband and wife team are no longer needed when the government becomes your child’s provider with WIC, food stamps, welfare, school lunches, etc.
      I really don’t recognize this country anymore.

  24. This country is rapidly sliding downhill and that’s a shame. I don’t see anyone standing up for American values and so the slide will continue at an even greater rate. I’ve try to figure out when it all started and it had to be in the 60s when everyone decided to do their own thing without regard to social norms/mores. It seemed that young people rebelled against so many things, including marriage and religion. And not too many years later it become routine for people to have babies out of wedlock. No more hiding unmarried pregnant girls and women because of shame. Pregnant teenagers participated in high school graduations and they were accepted. Young boys impregnated girls and went on to other girls without a backward glance. Parents weren’t as involved in the kids’ lives as they should have been. God was taken out of our society in so many ways….taken out of school prayer, taken out of courthouses, kicked to the curb basically. This country has no anchor, and the foundations are horribly cracked and neglected.

    1. Good analysis, Army. Thank goodness nothing ever stays the same in this earth. Change will come when the tribulation becomes violent.
      Until that happens we can still enjoy personal freedom to pray for God’s protection. We can be obedient to God to qualify for that protection Doing the eight thing has never been more important.
      I thank the Right Scoop for providing a venue for us to express ourselves. The leftwing media won’t. I can’t imagine your views being printed in Letters to the Editor. Freedom of the Press has evolved in becoming Freedom for the Press. If you agree with their views, you stand a chance, otherwise you don’t need to bother.
      Thanks for writing.

  25. As long as our “rich” Uncle Sam takes care of us rather than the parents (one father and one mother you can NOT produce children with two mothers or two fathers) nothing is going to change.

    If you are mature enough to produce children then you must to be mature enough to raise children as a married couple.

  26. Wonder what these numbers would be if the 1,000,000+ murdered babies (abortions) were counted/added. Direct result of a Society lowering morals to near extinction.

    1. 1 million? It’s closer to 50 million—-the size of an average country. Talk about a holocaust. America has its own.
      God Bless America?–with all the sin going on that aims at destroying the family? America has never been so unprotected from its enemies. Too many think they can live like hell and obtain God’s blessings, just for the asking.

      1. “Too many think they can live like hell and obtain God’s blessings, just for the asking.”

        This is what Dietrich Bonhoeffer called ‘cheap grace’.
        What many of those people forget, or never have learned is that God, the Seeker of Hearts, knows exactly what they do – and smooth words cannot fool Him, ever. Nor can you bargain with Him.
        Why is it that so many still think He is that nice Grandfather up there somewhere, who can be bamboozled? Why are they not awed by His powers?

          1. Bonhoeffer contrasts cheap grace with costly grace in his outstanding book on discipleship.

            Have a look here: http://www.scrollpublishing.com/store/Bonhoeffer.html

            In fact, I highly recommend his book on discipleship, even though it was written for the seminarists he prepared, hidden from Hitler, for priesthood in the ‘Bekennende Kirche’.
            His chapter on prayer in that book is written literally with his heart’s blood.
            He lived what he taught and was killed by the Nazis on April 9th, 1945, having consoled and supported spiritually all whom he met in the concentration camps. That’s why there is a statue of him, as modern Saint, at Westminster Cathedral.

    2. 50 million plus have been aborted since RvW in1973. Almost time for the DC March for Life (next month). You can see it on EWTN tv, and maybe other Christian stations, too.

    3. Sorry! Meant 1,000,000+ per year. I have docs of over 50,000,000 since R v. W in 1973 but several States stopped keeping records in 2006 saying there were so many abortions to record it was putting too much on their ability to keep records. By the end of 2012, if the trends just stayed at their recorded rates in 2006, we know more abortions but staying with the trends up to 2006 records, the total abortions would be well over 60,000,000.

  27. Is there anything about this country that is not becoming more wicked? Nope. Not a single thing. Every aspect of our nation is on a downhill slide into Satan’s arms.

    1. I was thinking the same thing until a recent sermon changed my mind about what’s going on. When Jesus died on the cross and rose again, he defeated the Prince of Darkness who had dominion over all the Earth. The Earth now belongs to Jesus and He has dominion over every square inch. There is a day coming when the laws of God will be written on the hearts of every man woman and child on the planet. (Oh how I’d love to see that day!)

      In the meantime, the evil one continues his losing battle. He will never regain control of the Earth because it now belongs to Jesus. Because there will come that day when every knee will bow (including Muslim, atheist, agnostic and Christian) and every tongue will confess that “Jesus Christ is Lord.” And when that day arrives, those remaining on the Earth will experience a world where violence and injustice do not exist.

      That is the promise of the gospel. That is the hope we find in Jesus. It may look to us like the world is spiraling out of control but He promises that He is very much in control. Jesus said: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

  28. Not many years back, fathers would do the right thing and get married upon learning of an unplanned pregnancy. And no coercion was needed either. I am one of those fathers.
    No regrets even after more than 30 years of marriage have passed. Men, you got to “man up” and take responsibility. No better time to ask a woman to get married than when she says she is going to have your child. She may even love you more for it.

      1. First of all, I am woman (but I do not roar). In one respect, I feel sorry for men. With so many women/girls living according to the enlightened view of free expression, how are men suppose to know, Is it really my baby? I truly believe women must be responsible for setting moral standards in society. How many murder/suicides do we NOT hear about??

    1. I appreciate you saying that and wish others would do it as well. If she is cool to lay with, then man up or at least be involved in the child’s life.

  29. This is no surprise since the Hollyweirdos are the role models and the government provides financial rewards for this behavior.

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