Outrageous! ABC News attacks Christianity via Michele Bachmann: You can’t pray gay away

ABC World News decided that the so-called anti-gay views of Bachmann’s husband warranted a special investigation. So they found a gay man who had attended Bachmann’s Christian counseling clinic who told them that Dr. Bachmann had instructed him to pray and read the Bible to overcome his feelings of homosexuality. They referred to Dr. Bachmann’s brand of counseling as highly controversial and suggested it could become a campaign issue. They then proceeded to show video from a gay activist group who just last month went undercover only to find nearly the same thing occurring at the clinic. Of course the gay activist proclaims “the goal was to change me from homosexual to heterosexual”, but what would he expect at a Christian counseling clinic? ABC then ends the segment with this:

The American Psychological Association has told members the idea of converting gays through therapy to being straight is both ineffective and potentially harmful, Diane.

via Newsbusters:

I’m telling you right now that this is not just an attack on Michele Bachmann, but an attack on Christianity at large. With their condescending attitudes they disparage the very belief of Christianity that homosexuality is a sin in an effort to turn the public against Christianity. Just listen to how they belittled Christianity (and Bachmann) with their special report. This is more than offensive to me, this is outrageous. How dare they with their elitist attitudes tell me what to believe! Who are they that they know what’s best for mankind? If Diane Sawyer and ABC are so smart that they know what’s best for everyone, maybe they should write their own holy book espousing their beliefs so that people can follow them. Until then they need to shut their elitist pie holes and leave morality up to God Himself.

Let this be news to ABC and all who have ears to hear. Homosexuality is a sin in the sight of God and I will not apologize for believing that there is healing out there for those who recognize their sinfulness and want to overcome it. In God all hope, forgiveness and healing lies and is available for all who seek it. And if someone were to ask my advice on how to overcome homosexuality, I would not hesitate to tell them the very same thing, that they should seek the heart of God in his Word (Bible) and prayer and allow his healing to change them.

It is only in Jesus that we find hope for true salvation, not in ABC World News or Diane Sawyer.

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