Outstanding thread on the REAL situation and PROBLEM in Texas. Hint: It AIN’T Ted Cruz.

We have a real problem in the Lone Star state. But it ain’t Ted Cruz or Greg Abbott or “climate denial” or even a lack of AOC hanging around.

One of the most important sentences in the below thread from Twitter (sorry y’all), is this: “Once it was clear that the polar vortex would engulf the entire state of [Texas Gov. Greg Abbott] declared an emergency and asked President* Biden for an EPA waiver to allow power generation facilities to operate at full capacity until the emergency passed.”

That’s a helluva good start. It establishes exactly where the problems did NOT begin. Where DID it begin? Well right here, as outlined in the second tweet: “Biden’s EPA refused Governor Abbott’s request and instead offered to allow certain power generation facilities a waiver if they raised the prices they charged to Texans to more than $1,500/MWh resulting in massive statewide power outages and a failure of the grid.”


See, “the truth is that the federal government controls how Texas generates electricity,” writes the @Amuse account, home to the deplatformed.space creator. “The mix of sources and the capacity of each. The EPA requires that Texas’ fossil fuel power generators operate far below their maximum output.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So to speak.

Tweet #8 is close to my Lone Star heart, too. “If President Trump had refused to provide disaster relief for 177 counties the Texas Tribune would be in each county sharing the stories of average Texans struggling to stay warm, feed their families, and pay their bills. Since Biden refused to provide relief: silence.”

Biden hasn’t even dropped by for a visit. We don’t bite. But he don’t care.

I think it’s pretty clear where the fault is, don’t y’all?

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