Oversight committee SHREDS Democrat talking points over Smirnov and “Russia disinformation”

Last week the DOJ’s David Weiss charged a credible FBI informant with lying to the FBI about both Joe and Hunter Biden getting individual $5 million dollar payments from the CEO of Burisma.

Now Democrats and the media are using this to undercut the reasons for impeaching Joe Biden.

For example, Oversight Committee member Daniel Godman put out this garbage yesterday:

“DOJ must investigate whether and when Grassley, Comer or Jordan knew that Smirnov was spreading Russian disinformation. But now that it’s public, Comer and Jordan clearly will be conspiring with Putin to interfere in the election if they continue with this bogus impeachment.”

But James Comer’s Oversight Committee account responded to Goldman and shredded his argument:

We can clear this up for you.

1) We never knew the informant’s name

2) We never talked to the informant

3) The FBI never gave us his name and redacted the FD-1023 because they said he was so important to an ongoing investigation

4) The FBI told the committee, including Democrats, the informant was highly credible

No one is falling for this Russia Hoax 2.0 you’re peddling.


And here’s how the media is trying to twist this into a credibility issue for Republicans. Watch the full clip:

@GloriaBorger: “Given this new information about somebody who is acting more like a Russian operative than anything else, I think [Republicans] are going to have to pull back [on impeaching Biden]”

David Weiss is clearly doing Joe Biden’s bidding here to protect him from this impeachment since he’s caused so much grief for the Biden family already. Of this I have no doubt.

I’ll leave you with what former federal prosecutor and defense attorney William Shipley said about what Weiss is doing here:

As a general proposition, the FBI is 100% against indicting sources in the manner that Smirnov has been indicted.

A source found to be untruthful is usually just closed out and “black-balled” — there is an entry made that the source is not eligible to be re-opened because it has been determined that the source is not reliable or credible. That would dog the source anywhere he/she went to try to provide info for money.

Indicting a source makes recruiting sources much more difficult. They are told their IDs will never be revealed, and there are processes in place to make that true. I know Agents who refused to tell the US Attorney the name of their source even when that prevented a case from going forward. That was the promise that was given for the information.

So I don’t think the FBI is a big fan of what Weiss has done here. And laying out all the details about Smirnov they way they have in the detention memo is a huge red flag waving in the wind for anyone now being recruited as sources by FBI agents.

It is also a tool that foreign intelligence services can now use to tell people they are recruiting that “See, you can’t trust the FBI and DOJ. They will sell you out when it is in their interest.”

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