Overwhelming majority of Americans want Senate to move forward with SCOTUS nominee

It turns out that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe the Senate should move forward with Trump’s Supreme Court nominee:

NY POST – Most Americans, regardless of whether they are Republican or Democrat, believe the Senate should move forward with confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court Justice this year, a new poll says.

The Marquette University Law School poll found 67% of respondents believed confirmation should proceed in 2020 while just 32% said the chamber should hold off.

The survey was conducted between Sept. 8 to Sept. 15 — just days before the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg from cancer Friday evening.

The poll did not suggest a strong partisan divide over the issue, with 68% of Republicans and 63% of Democrats holding that a nomination vote should take place. Independents supported going forward by a 71% margin.

As you can see this poll was done before Ginsburg’s death, but only right before. Which means it is very relevant to the situation we have now as a result of her death.

It’s also very relevant to the hyperpartisan times we are living in at this moment, showing that even 63% of Democrats were okay with Trump nominating a SCOTUS judge in 2020 and the Senate taking a vote on it as of the last two weeks.

To say this poll is timely would be an understatement. However I do wonder if they repeated the poll now in the wake of Ginsburg’s death, with angry Democrats staunchly opposed to any nominee, if they would get a different result. Before it was just a hypothetical. Now it’s a reality.

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