***UPDATED – Palin: Rage against the machine, vote for Newt!


Sarah Palin says that it tells you something that both party establishments and the media are trying to crucify Newt right now, and thus she is once again encouraging voters to keep the vetting process going by voting for Newt in Florida:

How can he say he’s not a part of the establishment? Well, look at the players in the establishment who are fighting so hard against him. They want to crucify him because he has tapped into that average, every day American Tea Party grassroots movement that has said enough is enough of the establishment, that tries to run the show and tweak rules and laws and regulations for their own good and not for our nation’s own good. Well, when both party machines and many in the media are trying to crucify Newt Gingrich for bucking the tide and bucking the establishment that tells you something.

And I say, you know, you got to rage against the machine at this point in order to defend our republic and save what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation. We need somebody who is engaged in sudden and relentless reform and isn’t afraid to shake it up, shake up that establishment. So, if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for Newt. Annoy a liberal, vote Newt! Keep this vetting process going. Keep the debate going.

She also answers the question as to who would be best suited to defeat Obama in the fall. She says it’s the candidate that most articulates conservatism, and they will articulate that conservatism in debates. Therefore, Newt!

Here’s a clip from the interview:

I’ll post the whole thing when it becomes available.


UPDATE: Here is Sarah Palin’s full interview from last night:

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