***UPDATED – Palin: Rage against the machine, vote for Newt!


Sarah Palin says that it tells you something that both party establishments and the media are trying to crucify Newt right now, and thus she is once again encouraging voters to keep the vetting process going by voting for Newt in Florida:

How can he say he’s not a part of the establishment? Well, look at the players in the establishment who are fighting so hard against him. They want to crucify him because he has tapped into that average, every day American Tea Party grassroots movement that has said enough is enough of the establishment, that tries to run the show and tweak rules and laws and regulations for their own good and not for our nation’s own good. Well, when both party machines and many in the media are trying to crucify Newt Gingrich for bucking the tide and bucking the establishment that tells you something.

And I say, you know, you got to rage against the machine at this point in order to defend our republic and save what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation. We need somebody who is engaged in sudden and relentless reform and isn’t afraid to shake it up, shake up that establishment. So, if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for Newt. Annoy a liberal, vote Newt! Keep this vetting process going. Keep the debate going.

She also answers the question as to who would be best suited to defeat Obama in the fall. She says it’s the candidate that most articulates conservatism, and they will articulate that conservatism in debates. Therefore, Newt!

Here’s a clip from the interview:

I’ll post the whole thing when it becomes available.


UPDATE: Here is Sarah Palin’s full interview from last night:

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364 thoughts on “***UPDATED – Palin: Rage against the machine, vote for Newt!

  1. Thanks for posting the entire interview. Sarah’s annoyed, tight lipped smile at the end speaks volumes.

  2. What is the “establishment”? Alan Caruba has a post, in part reviewing a book by Charles Murray:

    Saturday, January 28, 2012
    The New American Elite

    ” The culture that Americans shared uniquely and in contrast to much of the world, warns Murray “is unraveling” as “America is coming apart at the seams—not the seams of race or ethnicity, but of class.”

    Murray defines the new upper class “as the most successful five percent of adults ages 25 and older who are working in managerial positions, in the professions (medicine, the law, engineering and architecture, the sciences, and university faculty)…”

    As of 2010, about 23 percent of all employed persons aged 25 or older were in these occupations, which means that about 1,427,000 persons constituted the top 5 percent.

    They are not the “millionaires and billionaires” that President Obama is always blathering about. They are the new “establishment” that determine much about the nation’s culture, economy, and future.

    “Rolling back income inequality won’t make any difference in the isolation of the new upper class from the rest of America.” They are wealthy by most standards and Murray expects them to become wealthier over time. Thus, all the talk of “fairness” and “a fair share” is meaningless.

    “Fairness” as many point out, is just another word for “class warfare.” It has always been the siren call of communism.

    The system, of course, is free-market capitalism, deregulation, and lower marginal income tax rates, all within the context of the U.S. Constitution. It is under attack by the President of the United States and a cohort of civil service and industrial unions, along with liberal members of Congress.

    It is why the Republican primaries have been, in part, a desperate effort to educate Americans to the reason America is in peril and why Americans must strive to restore the values


  3. Poor Sarah. So little influence and no power to speak of. She should just be happy it’s not her out there about to suffer a crushing loss in Florida.

    I mean with Romney beating Newt in debates, imagine the how badly he would have destroyed her. She’s no where close to Newt’s IQ.

    1. Rick Santorum must be genius level because he smacked Mitt down pretty good in the last debate, don’t you think?

      If that had gone on much longer Mitt would have been reduced to a sniveling pile of Jello before he collapsed into a weeping mess on the floor. Did you see his face? Whoa. Nobody programmed him to respond to truthful statements about his record. I almost felt sorry for the poor guy.

    2. Do you cheer willingly a man who will enslave you to more government, or are you trying to convince us to give up the fight?

    3. do you have any idea of gov. Palin’s background and achievements? She is a principled conservative with more backbone, charisma and moxie than Romney will ever have. He is totally wrong for a resurgent conservative movement.

      1. Sarah Palin knows how to do just like Newt, Romney and many other conservatives including John McCain whom she thought so much of politically that she accepted the role of VP running mate! Please don’t talk to me about backbone and moxie when she is incapable of staying the course. Those are not conservative values!

        And if you are going to list the things she did in AK that were positive-and there were indeed those be ready to list the things that she did that brought herself down within the state as well. Charisma and beauty yes she has,(which is the ONLY reason she remains somewhat relevant).

        She took her devoted fans for a ride this summer but no worries she got a great bus trip out of it and taught us all a little American history along the way according to Sarah!

        1. Who are you a devoted fan of? Or are you going to tell me you’re an independent? You seemed very mis-informed.

          1. Why am I misinformed because I don’t agree with what you say?

            I just think that I would rather gamble on any of the current candidates rather than RISK 4 more years with Barack and Michelle. I honestly see good things with all of them and negative things with all of them. And IF SP had run and had been the Presidential nominee I would have supported her as well. I just am not sold out on any of them to blindly follow them without questioning what they say and do. Campaiging and governing are two different things-living life and getting to the age I am at has taught me that things never quite work out the way you want or plan-this won’t be any different! But I am still hoping for good things with any of these candidates more so than if we get another 4 more years of this current admin.

            1. I recommend the Movie “The Undefeated” — Check it out with an open mind and it will inform you on the Real record of Sarah’s service to Alaska. I wish you well !!

            2. Sarah isn’t sold out to any of them either… She actually is on record as saying she wants to hear more from all of them and the primary shouldn’t end in Florida. If Romney takes Florida, it’s pretty much the end of the primary.

              And I’m tired of hearing people gripe that Sarah or Allen West or Rubio should be running. SP is perfectly capable of governing, but like a couple other notable conservatives has decided this isn’t her time to run. We need people in the trenches just as much as we need them in the leadership positions. People like SP, Allen West, Rubio, Ryan, etc. If we don’t have strong roots (governor’s & congress) then a ‘perfect’ candidate doesn’t get us much.

        2. you have no idea what conservatism means if you equate palin to romney or mccain…they are RINOs. Do you actually know what she was up against in ALaska…I sense a mole.

          1. No need to call names! I do understand your desire for someone to take up the sword and to charge into battle-but for now it isn’t Sarah Palin-I listen to her words and weigh them but she says the same thing all the time-and this time (at least in the first clip) if you listen closely she said what Rush said and did not confirm Newt as a staunch conservative-just that he was able to articulate the cause but that he needed to answer any future charges that might come his way about not being conservative-very smart move on her part! as with Rush!

            1. I think you’re jealous of Sarah. Either that, you’re a fake here to divide and conquer. Which is it?

  4. I believe SP’s strategy is to at least gain a brokered convention with Newt, Santorum and Paul gaining enough delegates to deny Romney a majority and possibly the nomination. Santorum is a great retail politician as he proved in IA. His message will resonate well in the midwest (MO, KS, NE, ND and SD. I’m changing my mind that Paul is a liability in the race as his supporters will never go to Newt or Romney. Paul is concentrating on the caucus states which is smart given his campaign budget. I’m still predicting Newt will sweep the south including TX, regardless of the Bushies. I’m hoping that this will be enough to stop Romney. I believe that is why SP is encouraging the candidates to go through the process and not give up.

  5. Judge Janine was smirking and contemptuous of every Tea Party conservative from Cain to Newt…she used exaggeration “he wants to turn the moon into the 51st state?”

    What a four-plus jerk that woman is.

    Reminds me of when Beck interviewed Newt all the while using snide facial expressions and then went on to interview Bachmann and take him apart.

    I’m disgusted with the pundits… very few of them are worth giving any attention.

    1. They shall reap what they sew. And it shows up eventually where it hurts them the most, in their pocketbooks. That is how we will eventually get the media we want.

      Al Capone was not jailed for murder, but for tax evasion. It’s the little things that bring them down.

  6. Fellow Tea Party soldiers in Florida, you must show up and politically beat the crap out of Mittens on Tuesday. Let’s really make them hate us, just like the British hated the Patriots who came before us. They’ll be with us in spirit.

  7. Mitt Romney=Socialized Medicine
    Mitt Romney=Cars with AAA memberships to welfare recipients. Even allowing them to keep them if the went off of welfare.


    Mitt Romney worked with John Holdren who now works for Zero’s EPA. John Holdren thinks it’s alright to put something in the water to sterilize people.


    Mitt Romney is endorsed by George H.W. Bush and Jeb Bush. I saw a photo yesterday of these two in the Oval Office meeting with the man who’s trying to turn our country into a communist nation. My question is, why would they associate themselves with someone as evil as Zero, and endorse someone who couldn’t even bring himself to call Zero a socialist?

    These people are up to no good. They can’t be trusted.

  8. That’s what we plan to do Sarah. Watch them get enraged when Romney loses Tuesday. First the voters are hicks who like cock fights, what will they be in Florida? Any guesses? They’ll be foaming at the mouth.

    F. Chuck Todd said Romney has to wrap this up. He said a poll taken by NBC shows Zero at 51%, Romney at %47, and Gingrich at 27%. Yea, sure. They want Romney. Don’t fall for it.

  9. “What we saw with this ridiculous opposition dump on Newt was nothing short of Stalin-esque rewriting of history. It was Alinsky tactics at their worst.” – Sarah Palin

    The Reagan contemporaries, who actually worked for Reagan and helped defeat the Soviet behemoth, cut taxes, etc. are now being labeled Stalinist by Sarah Palin, because they support a non-Newt candidate. Sorry Sarah, no matter how much you guys bully, we still get to vote, and your guy is losing and will lose. This is your last go around. You lost in Alaska with Joe Miller and this will be your final and conclusive defeat.

        1. Yeah. Explain to me the mentality of someone who supports Mitt Romney so much that they’re willing to lower themselves to call Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich “Stalinists”.

          Seriously. Are you that easily bought?

              1. Palin compared Reagan white house allies like Abrams to Stalin. Stalin murdered more people than Hitler. Please read it again or go back to high school.

                1. Right, because I cannot answer someone who calls me a racist bigot for no reason whatsoever. Okay I’m done with that thread as well.

      1. Reagan was a party builder, not destroyer. That’s the difference between a winner and a loser. The Newt/Palin ticket is a loser and it will be proven on Tuesday.

    1. Reagan had many inside his administration fighting him as does any President. The Rockefeller big government elephants and the media destroyed Goldwater with a fervor that would have made Stalin and Alinsky blush. They tried with Reagan too and planted many seeds of destruction in his administration, Bush-1 being the most prominent.

      Palin is referring to Romney, his henchmen, and the complicit media. Just because they wear elephant suits does not mean they are not Progressives, and well versed in the politics of destruction.

    2. It is a real leap you are trying to make. It is not their choice that is in question, it is their methods to achieve their ends. It sounds to me like you have the Alinsky model well embedded in your thinking.

      1. What’s the leap? She is comparing Reagan era people like Abrams, of whom even Rush said had “impeccable integrity” to Stalin and Alinsky. This shallow woman doesn’t know Stalin or Alinsky from a hole in the wall. Cannot believe intelligent people fall for this rubbish.

        1. Re-read your own quote. I never saw her label anyone. She referred to the tactics that were being used. Alinsky tactics. Let me re-direct you attention to the Drudge report. You last post spoken like a true liberal. If we cannot talk about the issues, we will attack the person, “this shallow women “. Sounds like you have another problem.

        2. I heard Rush say that about Abrams and I was shocked. Anyone who watched him during the Iran Contra hearings and still says he has integrity is blind. I revere Rush Limbaugh but he is dead wrong about Abrams.

          Elliott Abrams picture should be in the dictionary next to the word weasel.

    3. How does Mitt win, when everyone he runs against, winds up hating him? Can he buy or intimidate every member of the base? Shouldn’t you be more concerned about your candidate than you are an independent lady from Wasilla Alaska, who has successfully annoyed another liberal?

      1. The people Romney fought against the last time are for him. That shows me he brings people together. But if a dead ender like Palin thinks it’s in their best interest for Obama to win, it will be hard to bring those types together for the common purpose.

    4. Willard has not won the nomination. Lots of states yet to vote. Fyi Governor Palin did not lose john McCain lost the election. His campaign manager said if it wasn’t for Governor Palin john McCain would had lost by a larger number.
      Governor Palin is not finished she has only begun.

  10. I am done with this site I have been on this site and I have advertised for this site, which I will no longer do. I have spent time and effort supporting and helping this site grow for the time I have been here. After the way I have been treated on this site. TRS has not kept to their high standard of being Neutral. Most on this site don’t want to hear another point of view. I will leave you to all boast together in your greatness.

    K-Bob you should go back and read. I am the one who gets called names. I am the one who has been getting attacked personally. I have kept to Ideas and stories. It is other people who attack me because I point out a different point of view. I don’t want to be associated with people like that. If you only want people who agree with you congrats. You are succeeding. If you keep this up you will lose more people to your web site than me. I will take my talents, my time and my research capability ells ware. I know other people will too.

    I have been treated with higher respect on left leaning blogs. I am ashamed of this site and its people.

    1. “I have been treated with higher respect on left leaning blogs. I am ashamed of this site and its people.”

      You must be a real lowlife if what you wrote there is true.

      1. I’m afraid the fault is mine. Last night, I offered him a free online dictionary site so that he might be better able to communicate with us (communication is the key to success). I even went as far as to offer the proper spelling of the word ‘else’, but alas, to no avail it seems.

        For my efforts, I got flagged by him. I suppose I wasn’t as congenial as I should have been for his liking. My apologies, first to TRS, as this site is a well run, well moderated site, and second, to the posters here, who try so very hard to bring forth honest, straightforward debate.

        1. What do you mean you got flagged? I saw some edited comments on that other thread and if that’s going to be the norm around here then this place will die pretty quickly.

          1. The moderator handled it properly. This guy likes to flag people when he believes he’s been personally attacked, which is just about everytime some one strongly disagreed with him. Granted, I have a tendency sometimes to be a bit sarcastic, so I have to watch that as well.

            1. How do you flag somebody? All I see is Like and Reply.

              Hell, if sarcasm and rudeness is all it takes to get a moderator on your ass they may as well ban me right now.

              1. Little red flag in bottom left corner of any post. Please don’t click on mine to test it out, tho.

              2. Moderators on this site are very good. Getting flagged doesn’t get you in trouble. It just brings things to the attention of the moderator and they decide what’s best. So far, I have absolutely no complaints about what they do.

    2. Your mistake is being critical of Sarah-and I guess now Newt-it isn’t tolerated well here…mostly the commenters here reaffirmin what they believe, think or feel about all things political, there is little “discussion” mostly agreement…that is just the way it is!

      I like RS because he puts forth current political information out there rather quickly. I don’t necessarily agree with all of his interpretations though much of it seems accurate and I do see the bias at times but I do appreciate all the hard work.

      Blogs are whatever the owner wants them to be!

      1. Have people been banned for criticism? No. Only for being rude about it. Just because your arguments in support of someone get refuted, often testily (Scoop isn’t running Robert’s Rules of Order here), doesn’t mean you have to denigrate the site or the people who come here to discuss things. Scoop has been quite open about how his decision-making has gone.

        Obviously he didn’t just settle on one person at the outset.

        Your comment reminds me of how some folks mistake “compromise” to mean “you must agree with me.” I know you don’t mean that, but it’s the same logic error.

        For criticism to be meaningful, it needs to have a strong component of fact, coupled with reasoning about the facts. If it’s just complaining, boasting, accusation, or snark, it isn’t “criticism.”

        As to all of that “agreement” you mention, that’s only because many folks have been here a while, and don’t need to put up an essay about someone else’s writing when they trust the author (based on experience). So they often shorthand it to a one-liner, either agreeing or chiming in. I’m guessing it’s all of that “chiming in” that bothers people who don’t agree.

        Besides, a discussion doesn’t have to be all “contention.”

        Besides, besides, look what happens when you go to a lefty site and try to have an honest disagreement.

        1. Actually I have been banned once before, but I appealed to RS.

          Oh I think this is a pro Palin site and criticism of her even in the slightest is not tolerated very well and unfortunately those that criticize her respectfully sometimes are taken aback at the backlash and then fight back, then THIS happens (moderator intervenes)

          I hope that if nothing else my comments are seen as respectful to both the person I am commenting to and about whom I am commenting. I just don’t happen to agree with the many on here about SP! And it seems as if the same is happening when one disagrees about supporting Newt! But I certainly don’t see this site as neutral!

          1. As long as folks resist the urge to make bizarre accusations and leave out the namecalling, everything is well, and will be well, in the garden.

            We can’t catch them all, though.

    3. Soapbox Time!

      Anyone ever think that “neutral” applies to therightscoop? I sure didn’t expect to find “neutrality” in a place with that label.

      As for that last paragraph, I’m guessing there’s a reason why you were treated with higher respect by the left, but I’ll let that go. Let’s talk about “treatment.”

      I spent a lot of years–decades, in fact–trying to argue with leftists at several fora, newsgroups, and politics-related websites. Despite strict adherence to the following several rules I developed for myself over the years, I assure you I was never treated as well as you have been here. Not even in the last decade, where I decided to live by them permanently. (Before I developed them, I made all the usual dumb mistakes.)

      Here are the rules I live by in contentious debate:
      1) Never use snarky nicknames for people when arguing. (Fooling around, it’s fine, as long as you don’t go hardcore.) If a political figure has a title, I use it. For example, in many long debates in 2004, I always referred to Senator Kerry as Senator Kerry. Every. Single. Time.
      2) Never tell someone what they think.
      3) Never accuse people of being stupid (or any other form of incapacity).
      4) Argue the ideas, and not the opponent. For example, It’s okay to tell people that Ron Paul’s idea of National Defense is bizarre, dangerous, and suicidal. It’s NOT okay to tell people that supporting Ron Paul is bizarre, dangerous, or suicidal. It’s extremely bad form to accuse someone of being–themselves–any of those things.
      5) Don’t quote scripture to justify your position. Use the faculty of Reason that God gave you. Scripture is important, but you simply cannot win (political) arguments with it. (Quoting scripture for general enlightenment or sharing is different.)
      (5.1 Likewise, use of dictionary definitions. Those are for people learning words, not discussing big ideas)

      That’s about it. It helps to accept criticism and admit your logic errors and mistakes.

      Despite scrupulous adherence to those rules, I assure you that I never got treated as well as you have here.

      By the way, this isn’t preaching, it’s a logical exercise.

      Caveat: Fooling around is fooling around. I’m not running for office, so if I choose to chide someone online, or engage in a little snark from time to time, it’s my problem, not anyone else’s. But in serious debate with a hardcore opponent, I maintain strict fealty to those rules and to Reason, and review my logic before hitting “send.”

      One last point: I am obviously not the center of the universe. I try not to take myself too seriously, so name calling doesn’t bother me. It simply means the person I’m arguing with has run out of arguments. I do take ideas seriously.

      All of this doesn’t make me a swell guy. It’s just some simple stuff that works. Like learning to cook. Anyone can do it.

      (If you approve of this comment, please don’t hit the “like” button. Go up and hit the like button at the bottom of Scoop’s article.)

      1. All you guys are bigots. Please provide EVIDENCE of me ever saying “Forcing anyone to ever agree with me or ells)? there is none because I have done none. This is an allegation by Nuke. Who started in last time on me. Whenever I write a thread I put research time in to it and logically think it out. That is why my thread I usually write pretty long threads. Because, I try to back up what I say. You guys are the ones that don’t listen to compromise. You guys are the ones who push people off that don’t agree with what you are saying. That is what I meant when I said. “YOU CAN ALL BOAST IN YOUR OWN GREATNESS”. I have been treated with much higher respect on left leaning blogs. But when you have a moderator, agreeing with other people on this site saying that I don’t compromise. Please provide me the evidence. It is simply untrue. I have always tried to up hold the highest standards here. I have been a member for at least 4 years. Maybe even longer. What I don’t compromise with is liars which Nuke man obviously is. Kbob obviously did not read all my posts. The only reason why I came back to check is because I used my laptop as well. The link was still on my lap top. I will never come back. Kbob all you say in your thread I try to up hold. It is the other people on this site that has dogged me! Simply disagreeing with them and making a valid argument. Look how long my threads are. That is what I meant I have helped this site grow. I brought valid arguments that I usually tried to back up with proof. I did not make a fast decision on wither to leave this site or not based on name calling, all though that contributed. I based it on I lost sleep over it. How you defended and accused me both of working for the Romney campaign simply because you cannot believe anyone would vote for Romney over McCain-Newt. K-bob you are a hypocrite. The way you guys have your site set up is good, I like how you accept long posts and you don’t wait to post them, and when you do they are unedited. However the people that you OBVIOUSLY want on your site does not want to hear any argument against. “When Jesus was alive he was most hated”, You don’t make friends debating, I know that, Wouldn’t you agree though there has to be a mutual respect all the way around. That however is not going to keep me with a bunch of narbs. I do go to left sites, Because I like debate. You say how you have debated for many years liberal idealists. Well so have I. I am looking to go in to a field of politics. I have learned to hold my temper not withstanding this argument, I still have a ways to go. My point being. K-bob. You sided with Nuke, with no evidence, You accused me of being a “PAID ROMNEY” supporter which I am not. I am not affiliated with any candidate. That sir. Makes you nothing but a hypocrite, and a bigot, in my eyes. I will not support a site with people worse (in some cases) then the left leaning sites. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. If anyone wants to go back and read my thread please find where I said anything LIKE “If you don’t agree with me then you can go to hell. Or You have to agree with me, because I provided the proof. Where have I written anything like it? Exactly. When I have responded to people “EVEN NUKE” I have given them the upmost respect. I applaud you for your fast response about “lets ALL take a time out” request. But, then you had to add. “People from a Romney camp must have got a link or something. People I want you to give them room” Accusing me without even knowing the facts which are written at the top of this page. For everything that you have called me k-bob, you are much, much worse. If you were my employee I would fire you without hesitation… Even though this site has a great layout I have recently come to the conclusion that it is no longer a viable website and the people here have become just as corrupt and do the same things that the left does. That is why I no longer want to be part of that community. I hope I have opened your eyes here. If I haven’t you will lose more people as time goes on due to the derogatory statements of some, that you seem to want to jump in without reading or knowing the facts. That is why I did not jump the gun and write it that night. I slept on it. When I came to the same conclusion after prayer and a night’s sleep , I know I did the write thing. I am now deleting this off my Laptop so goodbye. I will go help other sites grow or start one up myself. You have accused me of doing what this site obviously does and that is to support NEWT. Anyone who disagrees with your logic is automatically a spy for a corporation or something. It boggles my mind.

    4. You have been treated in a fashion befitting the treatment you have given others. You have received from the moderators here, a considerably larger amount of respect and restraint than you have shown them or, have shown others. As for you getting attacked personally, as I explained to you on a previous thread, you took other posters challenging your stance as personal affront and called them liars (an actual personal attack), then when moderators stepped in and asked all parties involved to take a step back, you essentially accused them of bias against you, which was not the case.

      As to the site and it being “neutral”. Well if you haven’t picked up on it by now, you likely won’t, so I’ll spell it out for you, blogs are essentially opinion based. The content posted reflects the opinions and position of the sites publisher, their politics, their opinions. Do my opinions,politics, Et cetera, line up 100% with Scoop’s or K-Bob’s? Probably not, but we are mature enough adults to see the common ground we share is much larger than areas we differ on. You happen to hold a political opinion that is in the minority on this site (as you have become aware of by now, I’m sure), however, unlike some who post here with minority opinions, it seems that you lack the maturity to accept that. I am speaking of intellectual maturity, not chronological maturity of age, as I really don’t know how old you are (nor do I care).

      I am going to be brutally frank and honest with this, you are carrying on like a petulant child that has been told no by their parent and refuses to accept the parent’s answer as given. A child that thinks that by stamping their feet or threatening to hold their breath until they get their way. Like a child that threatens to run away if the parent continues to refuse to capitulate to their demands. No one is making you stay or go that choice is yours to make. You can suck it up and deal with it as a mature adult or you can run from the room caterwauling like a spoiled child that has been denied, your choice. Make your decision, either way, but do not expect to be begged to stay or have your demands catered to.

  11. Now John Ziegler had just unleashed an anti-Palin hit piece:

    If Romney beats Obama she is immediately irrelevant. Her entire purpose at this point is to throw bombs at a liberal President with whom she is obviously linked through her 2008 VP run. Not only would there be no one left in power for her to be the brunette Ann Coulter against, but her chapter of American history also becomes instantly ancient.

    Even worse than that, unless she decides to go completely rogue and humiliate herself by being Romney’s primary opponent in 2016, she would have no, even theoretical, next political act until 2020 at the very earliest. That will not be nearly enough to sustain her career as a commentator/speaker/author at anything near its current levels.

    1. Well, Rush will also suffer too. Rush is scared to the core of his being that the so-called “moderate” (conservative in 2008) Romney will do a bang up job, get the economy going, and then all the dead-enders will have egg on their face.

    2. I do think Sarah will support whoever the nominee is! And I don’t think she will ever run for president-it just isn’t her-remember she doesn’t like to be confined! At least she knows herself!

  12. As far as I am concerned Sarah Palin is a sell-out or else she follows her husband’s directions. To claim Gingrich has anything to do with the teaparty is a joke. He is a Washington insider and a big government hypocrite and immoral. He is the machine!She has really jumped the shark.

    1. Talking about jumping the shark, you’ve launched yourself into the deep end when you did it. Even Fonzie had enough sense to land on firm ground. Why is it you can’t understand that she sees Newt as the only way to stop Mitt’s coronation? Why is it that a coalition of Tea Party chapters are backing Newt? Do you believe that a sinner can receive redemption? Can a sinner repent?

      1. Redemption is only for the Beck’s and Obama’s of the world. Those nasty conservative sinners are lost forever. (satire)

          1. How do you know? Newt will agree with and say anything that will get him votes. That’s his problem, he has no ethics.

            1. How do you know? You don’t have any more knowledge of what is in his heart than any one else does. I think that is between Newt and God, as it is with anyone else, don’t you?

              In addition, whether Slick Willy repented or not, just what makes you believe that anyone here would support him for anything, much less political office?

    2. Newt Gingrich was one of the first to appear at Tea Parties. You don’t know what you’re saying. He’s embraced the Tea Party from the beginning. Go away.

    3. Did you ever think about using facts instead of talking points in your post. You sound like an NBC BACK BENCHER .

  13. I think Saran Palin and Herman Cain understand the following:

    Willard Romney = The empty bucket candidate. Bob Dole never understood the joke. A man trying to win the Presidency without a motivated base is like a man standing in the bucket trying to pick himself up by the handle.

    Now we hear one of Romney’s advisers tried to redistrict West out of his job and what comes to mind is the following Reagan quote:

    “We had rabbits when we needed tigers” -President Reagan

    Newt/West 2012!

    1. Great post. I loved it. The same people that put Obama in office will also put Romney in office if we do not fight them tooth & nail. Love the Reagan quote.

  14. Gov. Palin is right as usual. She has said she is not outright endorsing because wherever she goes controversy follows which inevitably would hurt the candidate. I think when her husband endorsed that was a back door seal of approval for her. She knew they wouldn’t go after him and they didn’t. You can only take so much crap being thrown at you before you say screw it. I think that was a good part of why she didn’t run.

  15. The Tea Party Patriots are coming!!!
    The Tea Party Patriots are coming!!!

    Alas, no British in this age and time but the end result will be the same: the Tea Party will win!

  16. If that is not an endorsement of Newt Gingrich without coming out like Rick Perry did and use the word “endorse” I don’t know what is. I agree with Sarah because in order to defeat Obama, the liberals and the establisment we must first defeat them in the Republican party. It’s time to rid ourselves of the good ol’ boys in the GOP who have compromised our values to keep their status quo. We must work together and right now Newt is the answer given to us by voters. Florida: vote Newt!

  17. Sarah is a sharp young lady and tells the truth

    As Jack Nicholson said: : (The Country) “You can’t handle the truth”

    That’s why the MSM is the main problem – They don’t like facts

    I believe she is waiting for the cycle of 2016

    Assuming the Republicans don’t screw this up and actually get elected and do a good job

    She will be ready – will run and should win –

    By 2016 – The MSM will have had the snot kicked out of them –

    and she will be ready to do a great job as POTUS

    She is smart not to get in now – I can’t imagine any sane person wanting to tackle this mess Obama created

    Sarah is too smart to be sucked into vortex of insanity and will serve us better from the outside where she can scream and yell and lift our spirits to kick some butt

    If she does not run – she is watching from the sidelines and now living the good life –

    just sayin’

  18. Just what we have been waiting for, Sarah Palin in attack mode vs the establishment rinos and leadership!
    They have been waiting with bated breath hoping against hope that this moment would never come. I for one am glad to see her back on the attack. The establishment was MIA for the most part as Palin was being trashed along with her family.
    To borrow a quote,” I didn’t walk away from the republican party, the republican party walked away from me!” May I also mention that they’ve walked away from the very principles Reagan espoused, not to mention upholding the Constitution they vowed to serve.
    There is little to no difference between the repubs and the dems anymore. Both are the party of a massive government, and the concept of government rule over the citizen, master rather than servant.

    1. Take a look at the latest Allen West speech here at Right Scoop, and then tell me what a Palin/West ticket would not only do to the liberals in this country, but what it would do to the gope as well. ♥♥♥

      1. Now Mom, you already know that would be my ideal ticket! Two hard core Warriors for the Constitution leading the nation! Can we say,” Sudden and Relentless Reform”, personified!!!
        Of course, things will get messy as liberal and gope heads explode! VG

  19. I,too, dumped Drudge after writing him a nasty email. I wonder what graft he got from the Romney campaign.

    Hot Air is also in the tank for Romney even though their parent company is evangelical. Dumped them, too.

    Almost seems there is a Republican journolist developing all promoting Romney at any cost.

    I was hoping Palin would mobilize the Tea Party before Romney got too much of a lead.

    I’m counting on Mama Grizzly to come in with guns blazing for Newt!

    1. Romney’s financial empire spreads further than you can imagine…he even owns FTD.

      He has close/deep ties with the establishment in China… which may prove to be another scandal exposed very soon.

    2. Me too, she needs to charter a flight outta gorgeous Alaska and get her butt to Florida and stump for Newt. The machine is grinding away, and people need to see her in person fighting against it! We only have till Tuesday. Giuliani need to get out her as well to rally the former New Yorkers!

  20. Good for Gov Palin

    I am not sure why I am commenting but John Zeigler is someone that needs to go away – his hatred of the Governor is so sad – he needs to get a life.

    1. Zeigler is a sad little man that tried to hitch his wagon to Sarah’s and when that didn’t work he is now coming out against her to make his living.

  21. And the Political Class’s heads Explode ! Sarah took her ba77s out of her purse today and threw down the gauntlet! She’s been somewhat tolerated by the Establishment to date because of their fear of her ardent supporters, however, after this, I would look for a re-living of the most vile and wretched kind of dirty politics against her that we’ve ever seen. God be with you Sarah! Long live “We the People!”

    1. They’ve already started. Ace’s has a vile post up by Gabriel Malor that trashes Palin, the Tea Party, and Newt for being hypocrites for complaining about Alinsky tactics when they have embraced Alinsky tactics.

      1. Problem is – Sarah & her supporters are immune. She’s been thru hell & came out unscathed & stronger than before – vindicated, in fact. She’s fearless & I respect the heck out of her.

      2. The old ‘The Tea Party are terrorists’ line.

        As if a balanced budget and stopping spending ourselves into oblivion was a subversive terrorist scheme.

        They are projecting their own inner dung on others. Their paid OWS crowd pooping on police cars, their diseases, rapes, vermin, disrespect for property and costing cities millions (of taxpayer dollars), shows the liberals for exactly what they are – it reveals their contempt for the laws, society and economy of our nation.

      3. Ace has gone from supporting Perry to Romney…how can he jump from a true conservative to wishy-washy snake-man Romney? He lost credibilty with me as well as Huckabee, and anyone else that espouses conservative principals and then supports Romney who has done nothing for the conservative cause.

        1. That’s what kills me about Ace and Allah and the other so-called “conservative” blogs. It’s one thing to support Romney because you don’t think anyone else can win, I have those moments myself, but to go out of your way to trash Sarah and Newt is just too much. No matter what you think of them, they are true conservatives.

          You want to support Romney, fine. But what motivates someone to trash someone else in defense of Romney? You know what I think it is? It’s a knee jerk need to take down anything a lot of other people show a passion for. The bashers don’t really believe in anything passionately themselves, so they ridicule anyone who does. It makes them feel bigger.

  22. Newt is not part of the Republican Establishment for the same reason the founders of The Weather Channel and Greenpeace are no longer connected with those organizations.

  23. Sarah you are SO pathetic. Who says you get to say what we should do. You left your governship only after 2 years in office.
    It’s all about you. If Romney wins you will sidelined because he will have none of what you offer as it is pathetic. Be quiet, no is listening. You don’t know what you’re talking about either.

    1. No one is listening? Have you been under a rock for the last 3 yrs. or just had your head up your but.t?

    2. You are entitled to your opinion as is Gov. Palin. The difference is that your opinion doesn’t hold squat while Sarah’s voice resonates across this great nation.

    3. it appears no one is listening to you as indicated by all the posts in favor of what she says, espouses, and believes. Please go over to the Daily Caller and post..they hate Sarah over there, and I think you will find yourself in good company.

  24. Nice comments and you’re right (literally): If the establishment and media is for one of our candidates, then that is the candidate to eliminate from the running (Romney). If our GOP nominee scares Maobama, Reid, Pelosi, DWS, Axelrod, etc. AND Boehner and McConnell, then we’re doing something right (literally)

    Rage against the demoncratic and repubican machine.

  25. Everyone is ignoring the third guy in this race…Ron Paul. While Palin and Cain back Newt, and Coulter and Christie and Dole back Mitt, and the nasty million dollar TV ads fly in Florida, Ron Paul is quietly campaigning in states where he could actually win, such as Maine and Nevada. Before you laugh, realize that those two states combined carry more delegates (52) than Florida (50).

    The GOP Establishment has chosen Romney as their candidate. He will go into the convention with the most delegates, but there will be one man with enough delegates to stop him from getting the nomination on the first ballot…that man is Ron Paul.

    There are four caucuses in the first week of February. If Newt beats Mitt in Florida and takes those 50 delegates, Ron Paul could actually be the leader in the delegate count by the middle of February. Of course, the media and both party establishments will continue to pretend he doesn’t exist.

    1. All manner of Progressives, Socialist, Communists, Marxists and Labor aligned under the Democratic Party. After Truman they all ran as Democrats and aligned under a common ideology.

      We have to do the same. Our strength is that our common ideology is the core principles of the Constitution, Limited Government and Individual Liberty upon which the nation was founded.

      Their scheme lives in the shadows and depends upon deceiving Americans. Ours thrives in the light of day and depends on the truth. This will not be easy.

  26. Santorum 1st, Newt 2nd, Romney never. I was disgusted with Pirro’s shilling for Romney throughout the program, and how she cut Palin off at the end (you don’t show that part of the clip) when Palin was starting to allude to Romney’s liberal tendencies. Forget annoying a liberal, I want to annoy an establishment Republican!

    1. The left/establishment attack on Gingrich was orchestrated by Bush I and was found baseless. Gingrich paid the cost of the ‘investigation’ was exonerated by the IRS and yet the media reported the investigation on the front page and the exoneration/findings of the investigation on the back page.

      The conservative electorate/voters are not fooled so easily – they do their homework.

      Why just this week, Reuters had to recant five charges against Rubio… probably on their back page in fine print…after suspicion had been cast.

      Yet they do not expose Romney’s lies (3 in the last debate alone). They do not expose Obama’s many lies and crimes. They did not catch that Pam Bondi has been bought, neutralized as her state’s agent against Obamacare yesterday by Romney’s promise to give her a big role in his administration (God forbid!) fine-tuning and implementing Obamacare (socialized mandatory nationalized health care).

      The media are useless leftist tools paid for by Soros and used to promote social and political agenda excrement…dung.

      Soros is behind the movement to sell Islamic law to the voters and people of the USA. To support Islam is to support treason. Islam violates the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Laws of the US, violates human rights, decency, justice at every turn. It promotes racism, hatred, misogyny, coercion, injustice and evil doing…even rape and sexual perversion.

      In a sane America, Soros would be persona non gratis…and long ago have been deported or expatriated (if he is a citizen.), but then, so would Obama and his alien family who have come here and ignored the law.

      1. America and our Constitution are the final obstacle to the globalists. All the power and money is aligned against us. We know who will fight back. We need to use our vote and remove the few hundred traitors we call the three branches of government.

    2. One reason Washingtonians are so scared of Newt is because he knows the system and the dirty tricks they pull behind closed doors. It is like an ex-mob joining the force.

  27. Ougch! Mustn’t attack mama bear. Interagator must still be bleeding. Trying to feed mama bear words, gets you too close to teeth. Delightful Sarah turned it around so fast, the rep must have head spinning. DNC has learned well, they fight dirty, and use anything, to stop the conservative movement. They are trying to cut Newts roots, and seem to be doing that well. Even here on RS, you see the DNC news believers.All polls MUST show Newt losing. Ve shall see!

  28. Agreed but isnt it telling that all they can do is argue without facts.

    I keep asking a simple but basic question of the Romney trolls. She me what mittens has done to advance conservatism…..anything substantial…


  29. Thanks Sarah, for continuing to stand with us and the America we know and love and being LOUD about it! Leftists don’t need to shut up or put up, they need to get OUT!

  30. I’m with Sarah, kick willard’s ass VOTE NEWT… Which candidate understands? One that does not support a mandate on a state level or a national level.

      1. Cain always seems to do tone-deaf stuff like that. I don’t get it. He’s decent on the stump speech, though.

        1. Ya, I agree. He ticked me off a bit with that SC stunt. It could have cost Newt the primary. But, after his endorsement, I swallowed my ire.

          1. Cain may have gotten too enamored of media attention…Cain may be ultimately for Cain. I hope Newt will watch out. Of course, he’s seen a lot of Cains and Romneys come and go.

    1. I set up parental controls to block myself from viewing the Drudge Distort, and threw away the password, so I will never visit that POS’ propaganda site again.

      1. DRUDGE is owned by a company that is owned by Bain Capital. Drudgereport is nothing more than a left-wing social agenda Romney shill. Drudge has personal issues that put him on the side of the left. His bud, Breitbart serves on the board of a gay-marriage supporting organization. Don’t be fooled by CINO/RINO people.
        Even American Thinker and NRO have gone over to the dark side defending ‘diversity’ aka the alphabet of sexual disorientations that Obama is trying to institutionalize and promote on our children’s minds, hearts, souls.


        It would be easy to set up a RIGHT-WING RIGHTEOUS COMPETITOR that he so richly deserves.

        BTW – one group Media Research Council – MRC (Brent Bozell) is trying to challenge the MSM (leftist pravda) – give them a look. http://www.mrc.org/

      2. I still like Drudge. I don’t go there for Romney or Gingrich stuff but I do really like the diversity of stories that he posts.

      3. I don’t know that it’s a great idea to completely shield yourself from dissenting opinions, Doors. Use them to challenge your own ideas and thinking, then see where you end up. It will strengthen your argument in the long run. It frustrates me that Drudge has gone all-in for Mittens, but to only look and read things you agree with prohibits growth in some manner. “Know your enemies” is all I’m sayin…

        1. Sorry, but this is war.

          Drudge had gained our trust, but just like a sleeper cell, launched a surprise attack that caught us off guard. He chose his relationship with Romney over the relationship with his readers and the conservative rebellion against national decline.

          Conservatives are already pinned flat against the left wall. There is no more room for compromises leftward. These leftists within are destroying our country and those who aid them have chosen the wrong side of history. As far as “know your enemies” goes, an enemy within is the most dangerous kind. They need not be tolerated and condoned. Drudge has sold out our trust to the leftist machine within the Republican party to help his friend Romney: honesty, trust, and America be damned.

          Moreover, there’s nothing special about the Drugged Distort’s “news”. CNSNews.com and many other sites are great alternatives for the right news. As Mark Levin might say, I say to Drudge: GET OFF MY INTERNET YOU CREEP!!!

          1. “Sorry but this is war….There is no more room for compromises leftward”

            Well said. This is war – the final battle for the Republic. That is exactly how the Progressives, globalists and their useful idiots are pursuing its end. To view it as a rich spectrum of views is to lose.

            Time to choose sides. Drudge chose his and betrayed us. That is permanent.

    2. Drudge doesn’t write the news, it just serves up the links. Still, no one should depend on just one new source.

  31. I love it, the GOP dumped all over Palin in 2008, and now she is a total thorn in their side. Yeah, keep it going! At the very least it will help whip Romney in shape/scare him to the right.

    And for god sakes Newt, get back to the SC debate that prompted your second boomlet. NO LUNAR COLONIES!

    1) Repeal O-care
    2) Balance Budget
    3) Link joblessness to spending/deficit
    3) Dump on media hacks
    4) Dump on RINOS who are in the way
    5) Rinse and repeat

    1. I agree. We have too many pressing issues to settle here before our country can enter into a joint venture with private equity to build condos on the Moon — especially when we have oodles of vacant single family homes here on planet Earth.

      We should wait until our real estate market recovers before we go off planet to build more homes.

      I wonder if a burst real estate bubble could ever recover on the Moon after it completely deflates.

      Could Newt be in bed with the home builders association?

      Perhaps that’s what Princess Pelosi was talking about.

      1. Condos?

        This reminds me of how the left distorted the whole WMD thing to assume “WMD” meant massive underground bunkers, filled with hundreds of gleaming, stainless steel missiles all aimed at Israel, the US, and Hitler’s secret cave in Argentina.

        Remember, the first “bases” in the New World were little more than hastily roped together stockades near a river. Newt isn’t selling a massive, dome-covered city of the future here. Nor is he saying taxpayers should bear all the cost.

        Let’s wake up that rust-covered pioneer spirit.

        1. Bases or depots are what is of strategic interest now.

          In addition to rare earth elements, which the ChiComs have a corner on today, we seem to have over looked the discovery recently that there is water on the moon.

          The moon also has an abundance of intense solar power which is quite efficient at separating water into hydrogen and oxygen, also known as rocket fuel.

          Nearly all of a launch vehicle’s fuel is used to escape earth’s atmosphere. Imagine if the moon was a refueling station.

          1. We can freely mine the Moon, too. No elk herds to disturb. No air to pollute. Liftoff from the Moon is cheap. The soil is full of bound oxygen (which can be cooked out by solar and nuclear based energy). They recently found titanium deposits, too.

          2. One possible reason to believe in God would be the lovely setup we have for getting into interstellar space.

            Astronomers don’t expect to find many planets in the galaxy like ours, with a moon the size of Luna. And Luna is the first step to mining the asteroids, which are full of metal. That’s the next step.

            The moons of Jupiter and Saturn seem like obvious places to build bases to help us obtain everything we need to make it to the cometary halo, which is evidently rich in Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen: the stuff of life.

            It’s like a stepladder to the stars. I wonder how many planetary systems have it as good?

        2. Wow! That was a giant leap of circular logic K.

          What have WMD’s have to do with condos? You may want to give the way over used Nazi rhetoric a rest. Cute thought you comparing me to leftists and Hitler. Hehe very funny.

          Once you take flight Pilgrim, I will salute you and your pioneer spirit as you make your way to your new home.

          No matter the subject K, I will continue to express myself rightly or wrongly but always freely.

          1. Obviously I meant It’s the same old trick. Take a statement the guy made, and expand it beyond all rational bounds so it sounds silly. Then laugh at it as if that was what he said. No need to bring up Nazis. Wow.

            A base doesn’t have to mean anything more than something like the first (doomed) Spacelab, or the first version of the ISS, or something cheaper. Why blow it out of proportion like the lefties did with WMD?

            Glad to hear you will continue to express yourself. Not sure why you bring that up, but hey, it’s cool. We’ll all be here expressing ourselves, too.

            1. I’m for Newt but if he insists on another big government project I’ll have to rethink my support of him. I know Newt says it [Moon base and exploration] would be “mostly” funded by the private sector but when you have Big Government involved in any project when have they ever used restraint when it comes to spending taxpayer monies.

              If Newt is really for smaller government and a balanced budget why on Earth is he talking about additional spending before that is accomplished.

              An A.D.D. riddled electorate might think this cart-before-the-horse idea is good but I do not.

              I am starting to understand why Newt is currently focused on Mitt’s finances, negative ads and a U.S./Corpation Moon base instead of the issues that need fixing right now.

              Shinny objects don’t distract me unless they are about to run into me on the road.

              My position is small not smaller government and fiscal responsibility starting with a balanced national budget.

              Newt is starting to spend more borrowed Peoples Republic of China monies before he’s even won the Republican Nomination.

              Shouldn’t we be focused on getting the Keystone Pipeline built before we start counting how many tons of titanium we can bring back from the Moon?

            2. I’m for Newt but if he insists on another big government project I’ll have to rethink my support of him. I know Newt says it [Moon base and exploration] would be “mostly” funded by the private sector but when you have Big Government involved in any project when have they ever used restraint when it comes to spending taxpayer monies.

              If Newt is really for smaller government and a balanced budget why on Earth is he talking about additional spending before that is accomplished.

              An A.D.D. riddled electorate might think this cart-before-the-horse idea is good but I do not.

              I am starting to understand why Newt is currently focused on Mitt’s finances, negative ads and a U.S./Corporation Moon base instead of the issues that need fixing right now.

              Shinny objects don’t distract me unless they are about to run into me on the road.

              My position is small not smaller government and fiscal responsibility starting with a balanced national budget.

              Newt is starting to spend more borrowed Peoples Republic of China monies before he’s even won the Republican Nomination.

              Shouldn’t we be focused on getting the Keystone Pipeline built before we start counting how many tons of titanium we can bring back from the Moon?

              1. I’d say that’s all in total agreement with everything Newt said in his speech. Does the Moon thing come first? Nope. Eight years.

                Pipeline? Day one. He said so.

        3. Why do you believe the lying media? Despite the missle trucks, the chemical weapons caches, and actual bunkers, found, the media says, fail fail fail. Yeah, all Bush did was stop another 9/11, therefore he must be vilified.

          1. Not only that, but the only time the word “stockpile” was used in the official descriptions of Saddam’s misdeeds was when Colon Powell mentioned the very well documented stockpile of yellowcake.

            I wish Bush had only made WMD a peripheral issue, since that’s exactly what it was. It’s only one of the thirty-one-or-so items in the AUMF-Iraq.

              1. Man, that reminds me of something.

                After Colon Powell made his big speech to the UN in Feb of 2003, he had been assured by the French that they were going to vote with the US to unanimously tell Saddam to step down, with the idea that some country like France would take him into protective custody and he and his family could live out their lives, like Idi Amin did (wealthy and comfortable).

                Behind Powell’s back, though, de Villepin, the French UN dude voted against the US, killing the entire effort.

                A united front could’ve peacefully avoided the Coalition action against Iraq in 2003, but France decided to hedge its bets (since trade with Iraq was a huge economic factor).

                At that time, over in Geneva, the press reported that a staffer claimed Powell was “incendiary with rage” over being lied to.

                Now, I think that was a pivotal moment in history.

                I used to be able to find news reports of it by searching for “powell incendiary rage” any time I wanted, so I could show it to folks.

                Now it’s just gone from Google’s search. It would probably take a Lexis/Nexis search to find it. Or microfiche.

                How are people gonna know this stuff?

      2. Maybe, if we forced people to pay the rent or house payments, we would be okay economically. DNC will not let that happen. Obmy is making them another present. A vote for Hussan, is a free home.

    2. The internet, the computer you are using, and packet cellular technology for your phone all were the grandchildren of the space race.

      Heck yeah, back to the moon! (One of these days, Alice)

      Mitt’s answer “we have enough problems down here” has been a mantra for big government since they ended the Apollo program. Time for government to get off the back of space exploration and let the race begin.

            1. She’s a scary San Fran isn’t she. What’s up with her eyes? Looks like she is in a constant state of crazy or she’s trying to focus on the cameras aperture.

      1. My head explodes every time I hear liberal talking heads ask why we are wasting money on space travel and then claim (always) that it needs to be spent on education.

        We often lose sight of what a small part of our budget manned space flight is.

        Less than a month after Hussein cut $1.1 billion to end out manned space flight program, he sent 0.9 billion to Hamas through the State Dept.

        Compare that $1.1 billion, to the Department of Education which had a $71 billion budget last year plus another $23billion in “Recovery” funds. So….. $94 billion to brainwash, destroy minds, and fill union coffers vs a mere 1% of that to lead the world in manned space technology and exploration.

      2. I have nothing against the space program, but the debt/GDP ratio is now over 100%. History says this doesn’t end well for a Republic.

        When JFK spoke of going to the moon the GDP/debt ratio was under 50%.

        A President doesn’t get bold spending without signing legislation that has bold spending for enough legislators to pass the bill. I’m sick and tired of Presidents showing up wanting to build monuments unto themselves out of the self serving desire for immortality after they are dead.

        I want a President that shows up tearing down institutions in DC, not building more. I want a President to protect me from every one else’s congressman.

        If Newt shows up wanting to create new things, congress will force him to create things for them as well. For instance, Reagan wanted to rebuild the military. Yeah, he got the money, but he had to go along with a bunch of vote buying spending for Tip O’neil in order to get what he wanted.

        1. Fine. But exploration is not a monument. It’s what Americans do.

          Or at least we did do it, until the Big Government types sold the “we have problems to solve down here” mantra so they could build monumental government programs to take care of all of those “problems.”

          Space will happen, but not as long as Big Government sits on the neck of anyone trying to get up there. Newt just wants to massively cut spending on “muslim outreach” and “social engineering” at NASA, and get back to geeks with slide rules, and men who take real risks.

        2. It starts with a vision. It doesn’t have to be in 8 years (ya, I know he said that, but all politicians say things that sometimes only get started instead of finished). If it just got started we would be on the way.

          I remember Cinton putting the kibosh to drilling in the ANWR because it would take 10 years to achieve. Ten years later we were desperate for oil. Go figure.

        3. Ironic isn’t it that the Progressives dismantle the one agency that is proven to be essential to our security and global competitiveness, while they spend orders of magnitude more on agencies that government has absolutely no business being in.

          I want massive dismantling of Federal agencies. While NASA does needs to extract itself from, political manipulation but it is a unique exception. Without government indemnification and capital protection, manned space programs and core technology development for commercial space ventures (especially satellites) would never happen.

          “The American public perceives the NASA budget as commanding a much larger share of the federal budget than it in fact does. A 1997 poll reported that Americans had an average estimate of 20% for NASA’s share of the federal budget, far higher than the actual 0.5% to under 1% that has been maintained throughout the late ’90s and first decade of the 2000s” Wikipedia

          We spend $12 billion a year on perfume. 10 times what Hussein “saved” by cutting our manned space program, and only slightly less than NASA’s entire $19 billion annual budget.

          1. NASA has to be taken out from the hands of bureaucrats and technocrats. If they change it to private(mostly) and public partly (tiny part) partnership, you will reduce public liability. There are also ways you can make money out of it, by asking payment for any use of research made and done by NASA, exempting of course those that are important for national security.

      3. One of these days, Alice…perfect.

        Yeah, we’ll have even more trouble down here when after a string of whimpy leftwing/moderate presidents who let the military and space capability languish, all of a sudden China surprises everyone with an effective satellite weapon system…

        Its almost 30 years ago now that Reagan gave his SDI speech…

    3. I agree. No lunar colonies. You can have a space program without having men or women on the moon. I’m worried about the Chinese building weapons of war. Defense mechanisms and such. If they can defend themselves against attack from space and we can’t then that could get ugly real quick. So, no lunar bases, we have way bigger problems and one of them is the Chinese getting ahead in space. That would be disastrous.

      I don’t want anymore programs or expenses unless it’s absolutely necessary. No more Dept.’s of Whatever.

  32. Thank you RS, I have Fox News rerun on and Huck and Judge Janine are almost making me toss my dinner as they go over and over how well Mitt has done this week! I’m turning it off.

  33. K-BOB, I see what you mean.

    Are people making fun of Rick’s child?
    Kids ARE off limits and Rick is a good guy and does not deserve what he gets.

    There is some talk close to the edge.
    I enjoy the fun, but not when people make it too mean.

    I was rough on Beckster, he has rolled over so many regarding NEWT, it upset a lot of folks but taking him down a peg…. but maybe not?

    1. I mostly meant the overly salty language. But “blue” comedy of any sort, or black humor, should be saved for sites where they love that sort of thing.

  34. Careful folks. This ain’t an R-rated, “rowdy” site. (We do have our fun.) I suggest Ace’s place or The Hostages if you have to engage in that sort of writing style.

  35. Has her endorsment become a MEGA endorsment?

    I don’t mind but I can’t seem to make MULTI-endorsment fit.

    And people said she was stupid?
    Looks like she has figured out away to get in the enemy’s face, when ever she wants.

    Payback is a b……ummer for those who tried to run her over.

    I have never have seen anyone of her “stature” use thier endorment to gve some POP to every PRIMARY.

    Pretty cool, huh?

    We can call it getting PALINED.

    This has the Beckster in convulsions as his cash register is running low.
    The other day he threw out his back, picking up a pencil….sure dopester.
    Yes. Genny, God works in mysterious wasy to bring down SCAMMERS and HUCKSTERS.

    Amazinfg that Herman waited to use his endorsement at a good time too.
    CHECK, on the team now.

    When Rick gets out, RUSH and LEVIN (and Sean) can pipe in for Granpa Newty.

    OH, I can’t wait to see MSM breakdown and Mitt go Ape Sh$t not being able to buy these people.

    Newt is wheeling and dealing, what else can he do?

    I wonder if Levin would accept Attorney General to get in there and clean things up.
    I mean hs has sais lot on the raio (rerding ) the left will howl about, but what do I care, I love the guy.

    What he said is true.

    If only we could get Cheny.
    Offer his daughter a job in the white house as some big deal.
    Come on NEWT, work faster, time is running out and MITT has a lot of thug money to corrupt some more decent people.

    At this point, Rick can get whatever he wants VP, Sec of DEF, of State, and if Mitt does not get to him, this could be crucial. Mitt has people (friends) turning on Rick, so maybe we have a chance. Rick and NEWT are friends, and seem to NOT be mad at each other….. yet.

    1. “I wonder if Levin would accept Attorney General to get in there and clean things up.”

      A century of methodical Progressive dissevering, has taken a grave toll on the Constitution, the Judicial Branch and the Rule of Law.

      Who else understands that profoundly enough to apply triage, stabilization and emergency surgery?

  36. 2 quotes…

    In this TRS video, at 1min. 29sec. –
    “… rage against the machine … .”

    In this video, starting at 4min. 27sec. – Tom Sullivan and Sarah Palin –
    >> http://youtu.be/Yv0pagjTCao

    “… especially for TEA Party Patriots … who aren’t … establishment… part of this machine in the GOP … the progressive movement in the other side … what we desire … we want to see a fighter … .”

    Speak Sarah Speak…


    1. I loved it when Sullivan asked Sarah, ‘how do you get independents?’ and she fired back, ‘…it’s common sense…’ No more need be said.

    2. Sarah, in her own words:

      At 50sec. –

      – – – – – – – – – –

      “How can he say he’s not a part of the establishment?

      “Well, look at the players in the establishment who are fighting so hard against him.

      “They want to crucify him
      because he has tapped into
      that average, every day American
      Tea Party grassroots movement
      that has said enough is enough of the establishment
      that tries to run the show
      and tweak rules and laws and regulations
      for their own good
      and not for our nation’s own good.

      when both party machines […”both”]
      and many in the media
      are trying to crucify Newt Gingrich
      for bucking the tide and bucking the establishment
      that tells you something.

      “And I say, you know,
      you got to rage against the machine
      at this point
      in order to defend our republic
      and save what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation.

      “We need somebody who is engaged
      in sudden and relentless reform
      and isn’t afraid to shake it up,
      shake up that establishment.

      So, if for no other reason,
      rage against the [socialist… progressive… Republican…] machine,
      vote for Newt.

      Annoy a [socialist… marxist… progressive… Democrat…] liberal,
      vote Newt!

      “Keep this vetting process going.
      Keep the debate going.”

      – – – – – – – – – –

      My emphasis added in the brackets [].


  37. Now I know what the Mayans meant when they said the planets would align in 2012. It’s all coming together now. Look out, Barry. The world will end as you know it.

  38. Newt 2012! He is the man to take our great Nation back from the commies..Mittens go away, you bother me!

  39. The fog is beginning to lift now. The forces arrayed behind each candidate are the clearest metric to judge who should get the nod. Cain and now Sarah.

  40. what’s that??? I thought i just heard the bugle boy playing his tune on top of the Mormon Tabernacle Church! Hey you good mo’s & mittens better get your shit and run for cover..Joseph smith tells you so! haha

  41. I love this phrase: “somebody who is engaged in sudden and relentless reform”

    Romney keeps sounding like he plans to engage in sodden and relentless compromise. It must be why John McCain is endorsing him.

    1. “Romney keeps sounding like he plans to engage in sudden and relentless compromise. It must be why John McCain is endorsing him. ”

      K-Bob, that is one hilariously good line….

  42. good lord. Is she looking even hotter than last week?

    Sorry folks. Couldn’t help noticing.

    I can see why women on both sides of the spectrum hate her.

    1. hot as always, and so very very furious

      and I am a man , hot and freaking furious at the establishments.

      thank you sarah.

      Newt / West 2012

  43. False dilemma. The establishment on both sides (Todd’s wife being part of them) have and are marginalizing Mr Paul, who is the only one that can prove his submission to the constitution, by his actions. The woman is a figure head of the Teo-con party that is a glossed over establishment group. Mr Gingrich is a big gov. person, and he ignores the constitution by conveniently adhering to it in word only. The Teo-cons are perfectly represented by this woman; style over substance, impressed with a sharp tongue, rather than a man ruled by conviction and submission to the law of the land.

  44. Did you notice that Sarah didn’t have to look down once to read from talking points like this media person did to answer and knock out of the park her responses?

    I have to LOL when watching the fox personality try to maintain a cohesive sentence while reading her talking points…

  45. I respect her decision. To me it sounds like there is still some bad blood there between the two from last election cycle.

    Say what you want about Romney. At least he is not being backed by the DNC like Newt is? makes you wonder hu???

    1. DNC backing Newt? What are you talking about? Please provide some facts and links, otherwise, I’ll just disregard your comment as coming out of the thin air.

          1. why on earth what do you mean? Please elaberate, and tell me how you really feel about Mitt or Willard.

            1. Christie is a also big government elephant who went after unions. The Soros and the Hussein administration used Labor to win and gain absolute control, but Labor has a stranglehold on government. Government prefers to keep a lease on big unions.

              Time for an elephant to knock Labor back down to size.

      1. Not Directly No. But Forbes magazine the one that broke the story “again” about Damon corp.
        Who was the one that wrote it? It was none other than Rick Ungar. Who is Rick Ungar. Rick Ungar is the CEO of Marvel Comics. He has been a long time Democratic contributor. Who is now a NEWT contributor and supporting Newts super Pac, the one who paid to put out the ad against Romney.
        Look at the Boston Globe. A Liberal Media outlet who took the story and Ran with it. The Boston Globe has a 20 year long history with Romney degrading him every chance they get. Do I really need to provide proof on that subject. If I do I will let you do the research on it all you have to do is research that link above to find more about the story.

        Here is another one, Read the whole article if you want but pay particular attention to the 4 paragraph down.




        All fingers (behind closed doors of course) are pointing to DNC supporting Newt. Even Nancy Pelosi has said TWICE now she knows something that will bar him from being president. So let’s pick Newt. Than when the time comes she will come out with it, (If that is the case she should be arrested for Obstruction of justice) than we will be left with no candidate hence Obama wins re-election. Or he sways only 4 percent of the population to vote for him again. He wins re-election. Are we really listening this election cycle or are we that swayable? Just look from the beginning of this cycle how everyone rallied around every candidate up there only to find that we have this garbage to choose from? None of these candidates are god, our savior. These are the choices we have to make. Look how easily peoples minds are swayed from one candidate to another. Hell we were even for Chris Christy, and Donald Trump Both who are not even running as president. I am tired of people saying Romney is the Devil, Because for everyone that says that I can find one that says that about Newt. I have a great Idea!!! Lets drop both of them and support “”SANTORUM””. Just think about it. If we stopped squabbling over these two buffoons and just supported one candidate what would that do to the DNC to Romney, To Newt who are “BOTH” ESTABLISHMENT… We won’t though because it is human nature not to. So we will continue to be split on this issue all the way up to the election

        1. Wow, I can see that the Romney team has supplied you trolls with your talking points. Too bad we can see right through you and your co-conspirator. You Mittbama-bots might think we are stupid but we can spot a paid operative from a mile away, duh!

            1. Hey lapitup (that name makes me think of a hungry dog – sorry) What has mittens done for the conservative agenda, cause or movement?

              Waiting to hear back form ya??? What do I hear? ……….. crickets !!!

          1. @JRDI, You’re good at the name calling. Kinda Sleezey like your hero Mr Washington Newt. Just think what you have to do, to support Newt. Check your morals and values at the polling booth. Excuse him for trashing Reagan.. I know the establishment Levin and others have said that’s not true. Check out Lowery’s piece that he wrote today.

            The establishment is Rush, Levin, Palin, and Newt.. I like Rush and Levin, but 4 years ago they couldn’t get behind the best candidate, thus giving us Juan Mccain and he gave us BHO!

            Newt can’t win, he can’t get Reagan Democrats or Independents. The election would be all about Newt and his baggage..

            He’s the only speaker, who had to resign in Disgrace!

            We already had one cheating President, don’t want another one.

            The President represents WE THE PEOPLE

    2. Yeah, just look at all the numbskulls ready to vote for Romney….

      About 30% of the Republican party…

      If Mittens were to become the nominee, there’d be a whole lot more than your 4% who would be swayed against him and/or just refuse to vote for him…

      1. • With Newt playing as dirty as he is I will not support him. I was until that ad came out against Romney full of half truths. I don’t play that dirty. Again when Romney hits back and he will. Everyone will say “Oh this is a distraction” “Oh, they are only hurting them self’s” but when Newt does it everyone is silent. If everything you hate about Romney I can point out something just as bad in Newt. There for I will not be voting for Newt. What he did is dirty dirty dirty. Agree with it or not. That is what I see. I will not vote for dirt.

          1. Since you know so much about me please tell me how and whom I sold “MY” soul? 75 Percent hu? where did you get that figure please provide evidence of that. Or are you spewing propaganda?

            1. Lets say that the rank and file are broadly conservative. Your boy mittens is anything but…..so yes the vast majority do not trust him, hate his lies and attack dogs that are attempting to discredit a true conservative.

              Even if he gets the nomination he wont win. Obama will have him for breakfast and real conservatives will NOT vote for him after all his vile mud slinging.

              Nominate a conservative or we get 4 more years of O !!!

              1. I don’t see Gingrich and Romney beating Obama. If either one gets the nomination, I will be done with watching this whole election go down. No point in watching bad things happen when you know the end result.

            2. Mitt has never broken 30% in any vote or poll. He did worse in Iowa in 2012 than he did in 2008. Three out of every four Republicans are voting for someone other than Mitt. That’s 75% of Republicans **who don’t support Romney**.

    3. The libs want willard to be the nominee. Why they know that Obama can defeat him. Donna Brazil who is a democratic operative said it and George stephanopolis hurried up to cover up what she said. Willard is a progressive, liberal RINO.(his words not mine). Obama and his Chicago machine will chew Willard up and spit him out.

      1. After the debate in which Mitt Romney handed Newt Gingrich is butt do you know who Andrea Mitchell was saying won the debate? Yes. Thats right. Newt Gingrich. Andrea sounded like she was working for the Gingrich campaign.

        1. No she was saying that if Mittbama lost Florida the Bush GOP elites were going to the mats for Mitch Daniels. Got to keep those RINO’s coming in because the plan is for Mittbama or another RINO to lose so America will be ready for another Bush in 2016, Jeb.

      2. I am sorry I don’t know who willard is. Is that supposed to be a name for Romney or something? your too smart for your own good…

            1. For a man that spews a lot of Romney crap, you should at least know his first name. Go look it up. We’ll wait.

              1. Sorry I have been too busy looking up the real issues. Does his first name really matter that much to you?

                1. Nuke. I have tried to be nice to you. Every time all you can do is cut me down. If you want an enemy congratulations you have made one. I have done nothing to you but respect you. Since this is a one sided respect I will not respect you any further. You don’t have to agree with me but it is plainly seeing that you are trying to incite me to anger. I have a few choice words to say to you. I can’t say here. You took offence from me from the start. Sorry you don’t agree with me but it is really beneath you to keep up the attacks as a third grader would. If you respond with a smart ass response I will take offence to it and flag it. You are the one who trolls my threads all the time. I will start flagging you every time you do so. You have made an enemy congrats to you.

                2. You need to do what you think is best. I’ve read your posts. You fight with people all the time, try to start crap and then tell them, when they respond, that they shouldn’t be so angry. You need two things. One. professional help, and two, an ability to see when people are trying to enlighten you to the truth.

                  The last time you claimed I was being combative, I went back and read all your posts, not just those to me. You combat every person here, unless they agree with you 100%. It doesn’t matter to me. You can say what you want, but there is a reason people, a lot of people, are calling you a troll.

                  That’s why I say wake up. Now, flag me for this. It doesn’t matter. TRS doesn’t ban folks for you flagging them. They ban people for acting like you do. Knock yourself out.

                3. That is not true at all. I try and give all respect, I don’t go name calling like you do. I don’t try to incite people to anger like you do. Now you are reverting to lies and untruths and another personal attack. It is you who needs the professional help and I am flagging you attack against me.

                4. You have a tough mission in supporting Romney here. It’s not going to be easy, so your best bet is to try to stay relaxed about it. You guys should stop responding to each other for a while. Especially the escalating personal stuff.

                5. I defend my position, I try to get the facts. You said that last time about me also. That if people don’t agree with me 100% of the time I combat them. I combat them with facts and try to back up my case. Your comments are worthless. They are meaningless to the whole. I hope the TRS either bans me or you.

                6. I’ve asked for timeouts all around. Just don’t respond to each other for a while.

                  I think a link must have gone to Romney central, because we’ve gotten a few new folks who came in here jumping hard on the talking points. If they can’t debate reasonably, they’ll be gone.

                7. You’ve been here longer. But we’ve had some new folks stopping by to support Mitt. I want folks to give ’em some room, as long as they don’t get too cranky. You are getting caught up in it by default, owing to the Florida primary.

                  Just stick with ideas and facts, and let those ideas and facts take the heat, not each other.

                8. Lapitup – you make no sense. You wont argue based on facts but you argue based upon assumptions. That wont work with a conservative. If you love Romney and wont see anything that is so obvious then please dont expect infinite patience. You’ve come to the wrong playground if you only wish to mouth platitudes and scripted lines. That stuff we see from the dems all the time.

                  Many folks disagree on here but there is substance to the disagreement and it is a fair and free exchange of views. You take insult and slight where none are intended and then take umbrage but you are quick to dish it out.

                  Be calm. Study the facts. Argue your case based upon Romneys history. But be prepared to be held to account.

            2. Lots of things you donr appear to know. Like what is a conservative and what is a liberal. By their voting record shall ye know them.

              Willard aka mitt aka mittens voted for a democrat instead of voting for a republican in 1992…..well I’m not surprised. He is a classic lib. He is trying to buy his way into the presidency.

          1. Yeah apparently the GOP doesn’t want you to use Willard Romney’s first name just like in 2008 the GOP didn’t want us to use the Barack Obama’s middle name Hussein.

            1. You’d think they’d teach them that before they send them out with the talking points. Oh, that’s right. It’s at the top of the page. Doh.

    4. “The DNC wants Newt to make it. Because they know something about Newt that will be detrimental to his success as president.”

      Well, as Newt said – “Bring it on.” Oh wait, maybe they’ll have Gloria Alred dig down deep for another bimbo and make false accusations! I just can’t imagine that there is anything in Newt’s life and career that hasn’t already been exposed to the public for scrutiny over the years. But, it’s up to Newt to examine his life and I doubt threats will intimidate him.

      1. Gloria’s coming out tomorrow with a pregnant Pelosi. Seems Pelosi knows something about Newt and I’m not telling. Na nana nana naaa.

        Oww, I hurt my own brain thinking about that. Serves me right.

      2. Same goes for Romney… Look at how one sided your awnser is and how you stick up for Newt. I get called names on this site if I said something like that about Romney. I however will not call you names but rather call you out and say ” it’s up to Romney to examine his life and I doubt threats will intimidate him.”

      1. I love where you get your information from. George Soros that says enough for me. By the way did you even read the full artical or just the headlines? Nuff said…

        1. At least I do my own research instead of being fed Romney talking points. Yes, I read the article unlike you who only read the title.

            1. That was hardly a personal attack, if that is what you consider “personal” I suggest you look to your preceding comment to JRD 1, because to me they look pretty close to the same thing just coming from different sides. You accuse him of getting his information from Soros, while you’re posting links to the Huffington Post, a well known liberal left publication (heavily funded by George Soros’ organizations). You have been hitting it hard for Romney here for a while now, posting pro-Romney links and extolling it as “gospel” and accusing anyone who counters you of lying. When you call someone a “liar” that is a personal attack, to dispute a source or a bit of information isn’t lying, it’s called debate. If you take having your point of view challenged that personally, perhaps it really is time for you to take a good hard look in the mirror and think some things over. That’s just a suggestion, but you may want to think about it.

  46. could that screen cap up there be any more unlflattering?

    In any case, looks like Newt needs and is getting help before Florida. First Cain and this semi-endoresement of him from Palin.

    I’m so sick of reading about Romney’s huge lead in Florida. It’s obviously not the grassroots that are feeling that way.

      1. She looks just fine to me, after all it’s about the substance of her message not her appearance. She is always beautiful in my eyes 🙂

  47. The political love of my life Sarah Palin shines the light of truth on the cockroaches of the establishment. I feel average American’s are finally coming together for the best conservative candidate, President Newt Gingrich!

    1. Sarah is awesome. She just calls it as she sees it. The establishment must just fully loathe her. She nails them to the wall.

      If Romney wins we have a person who has never done a thing for the conservative movement or agenda in their lives except perhaps to attack it and set it back.

      Sarah knows that with Newt we have a chance of taking this hideous Govt apart. Romney will be Caretaker in Chief. If you expect him to do anything more you must be delusional or at best wishful thinking.

      Go Newt !!!

      1. And a pretty good chance, apparently, since Newt goes to Washington to get things done, and can do it regardless of whether circumstances are favorable.

  48. Obama and the media have long thought Mitt was the candidate. I think they purposely started OWS to show he’s a 1 percenter. How will they react if it’s Newt? Great hilarity will follow.

    1. Both Dem and Rep establishments aren’t getting much sleep these days. Doesn’t burning all that midnight oil cause man-made global warming?

      1. I do not believe in man made global warming. It’s bull made up to sell green energy and put the US taxpayer on the hook for more companies that go belly up as soon as Obama touts how well they are doing. Solyndra was one, there was a second this week too, but the name escapes me now. It makes no difference, it was made up by Al Gore, the great Al Gore, the man who created the internet and made huge profits from that movie but uses more energy in one day than I do in a year. It is a hoaz that people fell for.

          1. They will have to learn tbe truth or blindly follow the ones that profit from our paying more in taxes for the losing companies. Unless they are the 49% that pay no federal income tax, then they will not care.

            1. Agreed. I also agree 100% with your last post. AGW is a bunch of hooey. I just like to rub it into them every once and awhile.

              Kind of like when Gore bought his $9 million dollar beach front property. Didn’t he say the oceans were going to rise 25 feet or so? Made me hurt myself laughing.

        1. THERE WERE MORE THAN A DOZEN ‘GREEN BUSINESSES’ that Obama subsidized to his cronies that went bankrupt IN LESS THAN TWO YEARS.

          These were and are money-laundering businesses – TAXPAYER MONEY.

          CRIME, FRAUD, CORRUPTION, SCAM. – THAT IS ALL THIS STUPID GLOBAL WARMING IS. They lied. It is a scheme to defraud. Period.

          REAL SCIENTISTS do not and honest science does not support it.

          Algore, Obama, Holder and Pelosi and a bunch of their cronies should be in jail.

    1. Pretty smart way to do it. She’s going to have the media coming back to her, as if to a Confucian hermit-sage on the mountaintop, for her sage advice for every primary until a majority nominee or the convention…

      1. Actually, it is a great place to go. I am surprized the media will even do it. Delightful Sarah has to be a prominate figure in the new GOP government.

  49. ‘Annoy a liberal. Vote Newt!’ — Ha, first West gets me fired up, then Palin cracks me up. Go Sarah.

  50. The only candidate the Democrats are trying to destroy is Mitt Romney. I didn’t see Barack Obama give his entire state of the union speech sprinkled with covert little digs against Newt Gingrich. I haven’t seen Debbie Wasserman Schultz put out press releases against Newt either. Doing what Sarah Palin wants you to do is making Liberals HAPPY.

    1. That’s because you are a novice to politics. Always make people believe the opposite of what you think about an opponent. Obama wants Romney so he’s “afraid” to run against him.

        1. Brer Rabbit’s eyes got very large. “Oh please Brer Fox, whatever you do, please don’t throw me into the briar patch.”

      1. @MJS.. I see you have something in common with BHO, you both THINK you’re the smartest one in the room.. Kinda funny cause the rest of the room laughs at you, for thinking such a foolish thing!

        Newt is Mr Washington, Newt took money from Freddie and Fannie, Newt sat on the couch with Nazi Pelosi.. He’s the outsider lol. He’s the “true” conservative LMFAO!

        I’m hoping under a Romney administration, seeing you have so much free time on here. Hopefully The Romney administration can create a job for you!

        1. Romney will not be elected President. He will either succumb to Newt for the nomination, or he’ll succumb to Obama’s Chicago machine, his record, and a lack of Conservative support in the general.

          LOL…is the rest of the room filled with John Boehner Republicans and Mormons?

          1. Agreed. There are too many in DC who are more interested in their own interests than in ours. This is why Romney has their vote and also why Sarah said Newt is so dangerous; he knows them.

        1. Saying Mormonism is evil might not be acceptable, but saying you won’t vote for Romney because he is a Mormon is perfectly acceptable.

          We all have a right to vote the way we wish, for the reasons we wish….and we also have the right to articulate why we are voting the way we wish.

          1. Like Mohammedism, Mormonism is a perversion of Christianity.
            Mohammedism is Jesus – Subtracting from Jesus as GOD, demoting Jesus to mere prophet, Mohammed exalted himself above Jesus.
            Mormonism is Jesus + Additives…the Book of Mormon, supposedly given to Jos. Smith by an angel and a prophet.

            Here are some comparison of Christianity and Mormonism:
            IS MORMONISM CHRISTIANITY ? http://irr.org/mit/is-mormonism-christian.html
            Symbols in Mormonism – http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-temple-square-utah/
            Dr. Al Mohler’s website always has clear teaching: http://www.albertmohler.com/category/topics/mormonism-topics/

            There are common threads between Mohammedism (Islam) and Mormonism. Dr. Michael Youssef, who was born in Egypt, and is now an American Anglican pastor in Atlanta writes about those here:

            1. I’m not a fan of Mormonism, but comparing it to Islam, which is pure evil, is a disgusting far stretch.

    2. You are so wrong! They want to go against Willard because they know Obama will win. They probably have all the ads ready to go. I will not vote for a fake conservative who happens to be
      In Willards own words a progressive, liberal rino.

    3. Seriously? You want to go with that? The media have mostly ignored Mitt for months. The prominent Dems have been hitting Newt almost daily. They attack whom they fear. It sure as heck ain’t Mitt.

    4. Mittbama’s butt boys started this entire charade once McCain picked Palin for VP. Mittbama’s feelings were hurt so former Bush White House lackey Nicole Wallace had to sabotage Palin and set her up for a 3 flipping day interview with her chubby friend, fat Katie Couric. All of the points Palin scored with ended up on the cutting room floor thanks to Mittbama’s friend Nicole Wallace. Next Steve Schmidt had to start falsely accusing Palin of being a “diva.” Of course this was all in good old boy GOP elite fun to take out Palin as the front runner in 2012.
      It’s payback time for Mittbama. The cat is out of the bag. Mittwit can’t win and you guys know it.
      Mittbama and his supporters are just as despicable and employ the DNC’s “scorched earth” policy regarding their conservative brethren. Read it for yourself. Mittbama is just as bad as the arugula king, why replace him?

      1. From what I have seen Sarah Palin is a Diva. She waited until a few days after the release of the DVD of her movie to announce that she was not running. She had strung thousands of her supporters along for months and then dropped a bomb on them. (after they had all bought their DVD’s of course)

        1. Your Mittbama-bots are employing the same Axelrod tactics and took a page out of the Alyinsky Rules playbook. I live in Allen West’s district Fl-22. No one is buying your Mittwitt BS. No one is voting for Mitttbama.

          And there is not a Sarah Palin supporter that has forgotten what Mittbama did in 2008 to torpedo that election. You gambled and thought that we would forget. You lost. Mitt is going down.


          It appears to the base that Mitt is the diva and that Mittbama’s supporters live in a dreamworld. Your candidate never had more than 25% of the base. Keep living in an alternative reality. You can’t spin it anymore. We know the truth.

    5. Because the Democrat machine sees the Republican machine and says ‘oh so Mitt is who they will coronate’, so they gear their stategy against Mitt. The GOP establishment has called this since long before Iowa, anyone with eyes can see Mitt is the RINO and establishment choice.
      That’s the beauty of NOT giving the Dems what they expect/want and plan for. “Annoy a liberal, vote for Newt”.

    6. I agree with you 100% Brian. I wish she would go away! I wanted her to run, so we can have a up and down vote. She’s too much about herself! I hope she knows, her most avid supporters are getting tired of her as well!

      1. Actually, Sarah is one of the few who has and who has had the chutzpah to go against the establishment. Personally, this is why I did not want her to run for president because I knew she would be a greater voice on the sidelines than in the fray herself. Remember, she knows the good ol’ boys and what they can and will do to accomplish their agenda.

      2. It constantly amazes me that people will repeat the opposite of obvious truth as if it were not obvious, as if people can’t know the truth especially in the age of the internet. As if they didn’t make themselves look like fools when they repeat lies.

        The only thing Palin supporters are tired of is “the same old thing” (from repub side) and marxism (from dem side).

        When people thought Sarah was going to run, she set her audiences on fire. As a Presidential candidate, she was unique and wonderful. As another political analyst, she’s above the crowd, bit so what? Political analysts don’t change history and they don’t save nations in deadly danger.

    7. If Obama wants to destroy Romney, it’s because Romney might draw away Democrat votes. Romney caters to the liberal base, as does the establishment ‘machine’. They think they have conservative voters in the bag, which is why they’ve largely jettisoned the conservative message.

      1. Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for having conservative voters “in the bag”. A rude awakening has come upon them.

      2. I don’t think that Romney is drawing any democrats away from Obama. My liberal sister just registered republican to vote for Paul, and can’t stand Romney. The democrats switching over are mostly anti-war democrats. Romney ain’t that.

    8. Romney is Obama 2.0 – he has been approved and anointed by the establishment RINO/CINOs to tweak, implement and institutionalize to make Obamacare into a permanent socialized medicine program like SS, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.. This is their game plan.

      Obama will lose, but they will grant him (and Soros) carte blanche to propagandize for sexual perversion, abortion and Islam as a religion of peace and introduce Sharia into our courts little by little…until our national law and identity has been so bastardized and polluted it is unrecognizable.

      Romney is the establishment/socialist/progressive/left last hope to keep their game of bowing to agenda groups and profiting by it going on forever.

      Romney’s got all the externals: money, looks, family, etc. But it’s all external.

      He’s the everything, anything and nothing candidate.

      He’s a businessman without scruples. A man of principal without principle.

      Get real – Romney lied three times on the air in the last debate. He can’t keep his stories straight. His attack ads are false. He owns the company that owns Drudge whose site he is using for the nastiest stealth attack anyone has ever seen.

      I hope he hangs from his own gallows, like the Haman that he is.

      I would not, could not vote for Romney or Obama at gunpoint.

      1. I agree with most of your post except Romney cannot and will not beat Obama. With little difference between them the independents will stay with the incumbent and conservatives like you and me won’t vote or will vote third party. This is what happened in 2008. History shows Evangelicals will NOT vote rather than vote for someone like Mitt Romney.

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