Video: Palin tells GOP establishment how to keep her from running in 2012

via Many are billing this as “Sarah Palin won’t run if she’s a distraction”, and while that’s true, that’s not the part that got my attention. I mean we’ve heard her say that before. But in an interview with Sean Hannity today, she basically told the GOP establishment how to prevent her from running as a presidential candidate in 2012:

But if within the machine itself, the GOP machine feels threatened – some of those in the hierarchy – if they start attacking my potential candidacy and trying to erode a base of support and discredit and invalidate me and my record and my policies, then I will know that I would probably do more harm that good to the cause…and if I get in the way of that cause, I don’t need a title, I don’t need a position, I don’t need to run for office in order to affect positive change in order to reach the goals we have here in the cause.

Facepalm. Sarah Palin has just given a roadmap to those in the establishment who hate her, to keep her in the private sector. Maybe she doesn’t mind that, but if she has any aspirations of candidacy in 2012 at all, unless she’s lying, then she’s just made her own path to candidacy more difficult.

Now before I get bombarded with comments that I am a Sarah Palin hater, I’m not. I would have no problem voting for her if she won the nomination. That said, this may not have been one of her finest moments.

UPDATE: Based on A LOT of feedback, I’m being told that what she was actually doing was telling the party that the real target is Obama and not her, that she’s calling them out. Maybe that’s true and I completely missed it. It would certainly make more sense than laying out a roadmap for her demise. However if you take her words literally, which I did, then you may come to the same conclusion as I did above.

So there you have it. Either Palin is stupid or I am stupid, and sadly, it might be the latter in this case.

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