PANIC THEATER: Look at these JOURNOS twisting story in REAL TIME to make people think they are at GREAT RISK

They talk about misinformation and disinformation a lot these days. Well one kind of disinformation is taking a fact and presenting it in a way that makes it seem worse than it is. That’s something reporters and especially CNN and NBC do all the time with covid as part of their deliberate ongoing effort to spread fear.

Isn’t there a word for intentionally terrifying people? Terrorizing them, if you will?

What’s the word for people who cause terror? There’s like a name for it, it escaping me.

Anyway, here’s a few of those [fill-in-the-blank]ists posing as journalists who spread fear in just that way, taking a fact about so-called “breakthrough” infections and blowing it up like it’s some emergency.

Twitchy said it’s a “Choose your own adventure,” but I think “Choose your own terror” has a nice ring to it, too.

First, the story without any hype, from Greg Pollowitz.

“The 125,682 ‘breakthrough’ cases in 38 states represent less than .08 percent of the 164.2 million-plus people fully vaccinated since January.” That’s in the blurb visible in the tweet.

Now look at the spin doctors.

They are trying to make it TERRIFYING.

Here’s the only way to treat them.


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