PANTS ON FIRE: Politifact defends Joe and Kamala, claims they never distrusted the COVID vaccine

Politifact is defending Joe and Kamala today, claiming they never distrusted the COVID vaccine that began under the Trump administration even though we have video proof that suggests otherwise:

FOX NEWS – PolitiFact appears to be shielding President Biden and Vice President Harris from criticism over their past rhetoric expressing distrust in the coronavirus vaccine during the Trump administration.

Amid the Biden administration’s struggle to vaccinate Americans, a video surfaced comments made during the 2020 election cycle by the then-Democratic ticket that cast doubt in a vaccine developed under President Trump.

Biden suggested back in August that any vaccine that comes along is “not likely to go through all the tests that need to be done and the trials that are needed to be done.”

“Who’s going to take the shot? Who’s going to take the shot? You going to be the first one to say, ‘Put me — sign me up, they now say it’s OK’?” Biden said in a September interview.

Biden repeatedly indicated only if there was enough “transparency” would he take the vaccine and that the “American people should not have confidence” in the vaccine developed by the Trump administration if his concerns weren’t addressed.

Harris was heard during a CNN interview that getting a vaccine that’s approved by the Trump administration would be “an issue for all of us” and “if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I’m not taking it” during the vice presidential debate.

Here’s how Politifact protected Team Biden:

However, PolitiFact issued a so-called “fact-check” with the headline “Biden, Harris distrusted Trump with COVID-19 vaccines, not the vaccines themselves.”

PolitiFact contributing writer Tom Kertscher insisted the clips used in the video were “selectively edited to take the statements out of context.”

“The parts that are left out make clear that Biden and Harris were raising questions not about the vaccines themselves, but about then-President Donald Trump’s rollout of the vaccines and the risk that the effort would become rushed or politicized,” Kertscher wrote on Friday.

“Trump was publicly touting the promise of a rapidly developed COVID-19 vaccine as early as March 2020, when fears of a global pandemic were just beginning to flare, and said he was urging researchers working on the vaccine to ‘speed it up.’ Scientists and drug makers, meanwhile, were urging more caution on the timeline and said they were emphasizing safety and effectiveness over speed,” he later explained.

Of course they didn’t trust Trump. They hated Trump and that’s part of it, sure. But Trump wasn’t developing the vaccines in his backyard using a chemistry set. These were well known companies developing the vaccines while doing many drug trials to make sure they safe. This is what Biden and Kamala cast doubt on in their comments. And they were doing it to make Trump look bad for the election. It was completely irresponsible and I think you can blame some of the so-called ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in this country on their comments.

Ted Cruz says this is ‘brazen dishonesty’ by Politifact:

Here’s a bit more reaction:

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