Parkland parent Ryan Petty’s POWERFUL commentary on Biden USING anniversary of the tragedy to push GUN CONTROL

Ryan Petty is a dad in pain. He always will be. He lost his daughter to the madness and evil that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

The terrible loss was compounded, then and now, by those who tried to take advantage of it, from CNN’s ambush “town hall” to Democrats fundraising on gun control promises, to President* Biden’s push this past week on the third anniversary.

But though Ryan Petty is a man in pain, who has suffered grief and loss, he is not silent and won’t be silenced.

“The narrative put forward by the White House and the media would make you think every person touched by that horrific act, and gun violence writ large, is in on board with Biden’s gun control agenda. This is simply not true. The Biden gun control agenda won’t stop gun violence,” says Petty.

He wrote about this new, sadistically opportunistic push by the Biden White House on his site. And he spoke with Laura Ingraham about it last night.

From his article:

So, I choose to speak against Biden’s gun control agenda because it won’t stop the next Parkland, reduce community violence or crime. Not in my name! For any that choose freedom over safety, as my daughter Alaina would, we have a duty to speak up and speak out against bad policy. We have a responsibility as ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment to preserve for future generations this precious right, codified by our Founders and paid for by the sacrifice of far too many.

How can we make our communities and schools safer, preventInternet another Parkland, Sandy Hook, or public space attack? Well, beyond removing infringements on our Second Amendment rights, the best preventative solution is Behavioral Threat Assessment. Ironically its how the US Secret Service protects the President. The answer is literally standing in front of him.

It is a powerful piece, I suggest reading the whole thing.

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