Part II Hannity with Ed Klein: Obama knew exactly what Rev. Wright stood for

Hannity played part 2 of his interview with Ed Klein tonight where we learn more about Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright and how Obama refused to allow Wright to be an official part of his announcement to run for president. And much more, including Wright’s thoughts as to whether Obama ever really considered himself a Muslim:

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15 thoughts on “Part II Hannity with Ed Klein: Obama knew exactly what Rev. Wright stood for

  1. I’d vote for a can of orange juice if I thought the can of juice would beat Obama, I’m pretty darn sure Mitt is somewhat more electable than a can of orange juice.
    Mr Romney loves America, but the girlyboy from Kenya is everything Americans should despise.

    Tea Party Express
    Republicans beating up on Mr.Romney is a regression into foolishness, remembering a no vote for Mr Romney, is a vote in the plus column for obama, do want 4 more years of obamaville? this is a good way to make that happen.
    forget Write he already in the smoaking section.

  2. Sadly, Romney is a Central Casting rich elitist twerp ‘choose to lose’ RINO. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  3. The fact that Bob Beckel hates Ed Klein is very telling. Twice now (on The Five) I’ve heard Bob refer to Ed as a “lying SOB”… Bob HATES this man.

    So, what I take away from all of this is that the whole subject of Jeremiah Wright (Bob calls the “Rev,” a liar too) is a pain point for Barack Obama. That because BO rejected Rev. Wright, they’re now scared about what he has to say… because it is likely damning.

    While I’d like the pious Mitt Romney to focus on and beat the pResident up on his abysmal performance and policies (his record), I’d love for Super PAC’s and Hannity (and Breitbart, etc.) to keep slamming Obama on his sordid past and his corruption. The truth hurts BO.

  4. Romney, Obama can’t talk about his record-it’s LOUSY!! Frankly I don’t see why he is playing “nice guy” with Obama-he sure didn’t do it in the corporate world. Were you not paying attention in 2008? The nice guy finished LAST.

    This is not meant to be insulting at all-it’s just a plain and simple fact. There are far too many Americans who are not savvy, intellectual, interested, astute, passionate and brave enough to absorb these kinds of facts. Their rationale doesn’t make it past the meter of reality shows. They don’t want to upset themselves, confront anyone, rock the boat-they are easily intimidated. Everyone is not a “Patrick Henry.”

    We need people like Gingrich, Brietbart, Palin and may other brave souls who tell it like it is and doesn’t give a damn what the media thinks, liberals think or the Republican establishment thinks. Like Dinesh O’Souza who has a new movie about Obama called 2016 coming out this summer. So let’s do a Tea Party on this country for 2012 and be the leader instead of waiting on these suit and tie people to do it. Obviously they are not up to the task.

  5. Really? Even Axelrod is asking Mitt to be like McCain. Well, no kidding. McCain was a blessing for Obama in ’08. Why not let Mitt be the same blessing now?

    Naturally, we don’t want to address Obamas relationship with Wright. We also don’t want to address his relationship with Bill Ayres. We don’t want to know about his seedy College past, his birther issues, his lack of religion, his Chicago dealings with Rezko and ACORN. We certainly don’t want to know whether or not he’s selling us out to the Russians, after his next coronation.

    Why would we want to know any of this? After all, he’s only in the most powerful position in the world. It’s far more important to know if Romney cut someone’s hair in High School or who Obamas NCAA picks are.


  6. So, Mitt, it’s O.K. for you to savage fellow Republicans in the primary, and then start kissing Obama’s butt? What, you’re trying to copy McCain’s brilliant campaign strategy?

  7. Watched it tonight. Interesting.

    Not expecting SRM to pick it up though. They’ll bendover backwards to protect Skippy.

      1. Why yes :). Friend started calling him that after seeing his “skip” when he’s trying to walk like the cool man he is…your nickname for him funny!

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