Pastor plans Woodstock-like outdoor Easter ‘blowout service’ to protest shutdown of churches during pandemic…

As we’ve reported, two pastors have been arrested this week for continuing to hold large church services despite restrictions on large gatherings during the pandemic. The arrest of the megachurch Tampa pastor apparently struck a nerve with Evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth, who is now going to hold an Easter “blowout service” that he likens to the size of Woodstock:

NY POST – A Pennsylvania pastor said Tuesday he plans to organize an outdoor “Woodstock”-like service in protest of coronavirus stay-at-home orders and following the arrests of multiple pastors in the US for allegedly violating such orders.

Evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth said he will hold an “outdoor Easter blowout service,” even though Florida pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was arrested Monday for holding services the day before, potentially placing attendees at risk for COVID-19.

“I’m gonna announce it. … We’re gonna hold an outdoor Easter blowout service. Not online. A national gathering. You come from all over, like Woodstock. And we’re gonna gather and lift up Jesus Christ,” he said.

“I’m not ashamed that Dr. Rodney got arrested. I’m ashamed that when they wanted to arrest preachers for having church, in an entire state, there was only one to come for.”

That’s quite a bold move, and one that many would call reckless.

Referring to the Tampa megachurch pastor who was arrested on Monday, Shuttlesworth tweeted…

In a video he called “A prophetic word concerning what’s going on in the world”, he exclaimed “what are we going to become the underground church in four weeks?” He then quipped “unzip your wife’s purse and go find your balls.”

Shuttlesworth hasn’t given an exact location yet, but I’m guessing it will happen somewhere in Pennsylvania, which is the 9th highest in the number of coronavirus illnesses with 5,805 cases, and 12th highest in the number of deaths with 74. If they do hold the service and draw a large crowd, check back a week or so afterward and we’ll see if Pennsylvania has risen in rank because of this Easter ‘blowout service’. I pray it doesn’t but the way this coronavirus is spreading, it just might.

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