PATHETIC New York Times deletes INSANE tweet with smear against Kavanaugh, Trump slams em!

The New York Times was caught tweeting an absurdly obscene accusation against Brett Kavanaugh, and they got a lot of flack over it.

These are unsubstantiated accusations but they ran with it anyway, just to nail Kavanaugh. And they had to delete it because who the hell puts that in a headline unless they have absolute proof of their claims?

Yeah, kinda. But the article itself doesn’t have much new.

And that’s not all!! The New York Times is having a field day, or month, with crappy tweets.

Here’s the three ridiculous tweets they’ve had to delete this month:

Notice anything? They ALWAYS make “mistakes” that benefit the liberal narrative, that pushes a liberal narrative. Weird coincidence huh?

Trump noticed:

This is why so few trust the media, it’s just constant lying. And without blogs and others on the right pointing it out, they would completely get away with it….

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