PATHETIC: Obama supporters answer “where will Obama rank in presidential history?”

This video by Dan Joseph with MRCTV exposes how out of touch, clueless, and indoctrinated these Obama supporters are when it comes to knowing their president – and even previous presidents in recent memory. Not only that, but they might as well have drool buckets hanging off their necks. This is truly pathetic display.

That said, I almost feel out of my chair laughing just after the 2 minute mark. You’ll know when you get there:

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144 thoughts on “PATHETIC: Obama supporters answer “where will Obama rank in presidential history?”

  1. I had to play it twice. The first time I just couldn’t stop laughing. What his followers are saying is totally the opposite. Have main stream media to thank for that.

  2. What a bunch of uninformed koolaid drinking morons….He’s the WORSE POS to ever step foot into the WH…He’s divided this country, put it into so much debt that we’ll never get out, almost at bankruptcy, turned against God and Israel, crawled into bed with the muzzies, known as the “freebie president”, refuse to release his real birth certificate and college records, covered up the murder of an ambassador and 3 Navy Seals, and I could keep going on and on…..He’s the worse president to ever darken the door of the WH. BTW: He’s only 6.5% black, 43.5 Arab%, and 50% white…..To compare him with Lincoln or Washington is a disgrace!!!

  3. how dare they put him in the category of Lincoln and then to top it all off he’s the smartest LOL LOL OK…..he has not even served the first day in any armed services dept nor could he get the right amount of states …and i quote “i have been to 57 states and 1 more to go and 2 i can’t go to hawaii and Alaska” unquote… a total of, add them up 60 United States of America LOL LOL

  4. That one woman said it for all.

    She said she liked clinton too “cuz I had more money when he was in”.

    Me, I’ve lost every good job I’ve ever had when a demoncrat was in office.

  5. I don’t care what the scale is, during whoever’s lifetime we’re talking about…..He is going to be: DEAD LAST!!

  6. Ugh, my video quit loading halfway through. It’s not letting me advance the video after reloading, and I’m not watching this idiocy again to see what’s said at the two minute mark.

  7. That whole clip is one big fat “duh”. No 1 ? In what? Failure, debt? Dividing Americans along lines of class, race and gender? What a bunch of blind mice.

  8. Can you say ‘useful idiots’.
    Over 90% of Blacks voted for Obama in both elections, why would this guy expect to get any other reaction to that question? Obama could have been Idi Amil, President of Uganda, slaughtering his own people and as long as he was Black, it wouldn’t have made a difference, to Black America.

  9. He only asked one white person who said he would rank up there on social issues but other than that she didn’t know. Everyone else was black and said number one. How surprising. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most of them voted for BO because he’s black.

    I’m not sayin’ I’m just sayin’….

  10. Lincoln: Ended slavery, brought together the nation after civil war
    Washington: Fathered our country through our infancy.
    Kennedy: Started us on the path to the moon.
    Reagan: Stood tall against the evil empire of the USSR.

    Obama: by the time all is said and done, 20 trillion in new debt and free phones.

    Yeah, can see why these losers would think he’s #1.

  11. I really don’t understand how any American would consider anybody other than Lincoln as the greatest President, ever. He freed the slaves and killed Zombies. Equal accomplishments. BTW, I’m waiting on “Obama the Movie”, to see if I want to change my mind.

    1. The ability and desire to obtain an education at some point, becomes the responsibility of the individual….

      1. The ability and desire to obtain an understanding of sarcasm at some point, becomes a pointless exercise. You either “get” it, or you don’t…

  12. ALL minorities have NEVER had Freedom. US Southern Border is proof BUT the same people who are coming….illegally…are the same people who have never had a US President who SHOULD stand for TRUE Freedom. They not only bring their bodys across the Border but also thier MINDS…which have elected corrupt politicians, dictators and socialists.

    US Blacks….who claim to never have Freedom in the US….NEVER HAVE! Including before they were put on ships and sold as Slaves to US Profiteers. They WERE SLAVES before they came here and sold by Blacks in Africa which will NEVER be taught by the Dept of Education.

    So, in a sense…..THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN FREE and the stupid are much easier to manipulate/brainwash in an Election Cycle, on Internet, in Mainstream News, on Television.

    They DIDNT vote for a US President….They voted for a King!

  13. This is proof brainwashing works. Jedi mind trick… suggest something and it becomes a fact in the weak minded. LOL.. Obama will be remembered for “bringin’ America out of debt”

  14. He will be remembered for getting us out of debt, saving us from Bankruptcy. Oh yes he is better than Lincoln, and Washington !!

    Oh he brought the Country together no matter your race or your religion. he has energized Americans.

    Under Clinton I had money and was doing good.

    WHATEVER DRUGS THEY ARE TAKING I WANT SOME NOW !!!! If that stuff they are taking can make you ride that Unicorn, I want some !!! Because I would love to be able to forget all about this man and Ride with a smile on my face.

    The stupidity of some people will never cease to amaze me. But I don’t think they are as stupid as they look or sound.

  15. I understand that the educational system and the media in this country keeps the truth from people. However, I’m just not giving people like this an excuse. Everybody is responsible for getting the correct information. If I can access it, how come these people can’t? What excuse is there for being this stupid? Laziness. Just plain laziness. Any dolt can look around and see this country is falling apart in every direction. To see it and simply pretend it isn’t happening is the height of laziness and stupidity.

    1. I agree, but will say many Democrats from all races can be void of common sense, low information voters, and just trusting. They take what people give them and don’t question where the stuff comes from. Some think it just Obama cash.

  16. I just started thinking this is why the marxists are screaming racist 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day. Projection and distraction from the true racism.

  17. After fifty years of indoctrination in public institutions, it’s fair to say as a conservative, failed miserably but on the other hand, if you’re a progressive piece of scat then of course a resounding success.

    Call me a racist, Nazi whatever floats your boat, either way I really hate stupid people.

  18. The only solice I get from these videos is that it is impossible for these people to get any dumber.

  19. Ronald Reagan would not be elected by today’s electorate. All we can do now is, (as Margaret Thatcher once said about Socialism) wait to run out of other peoples money. How can the GOP reach out to this?

    1. No need to intervies them Whites. These lovely folks were articulate, direct, educated, un-biased, objective, xpressin dare free speak.
      Give me a moment please. I have to wipe the tears from my eyes, and get some prozac.

  20. It’s not that they are stupid, it is that the media has an embargo on the truth about this administration. Of course she thinks he lowered the debt, because no one has told her otherwise.

    Bush could say the sky is blue, and there would be stories all over the networks how the sky is not blue in most places. Mean while, Obama could be eating babies and the press would report that he has just started a high protein diet.

  21. As the English Journalist, Malcolm Muggeridge once said: “We have educated ourselves into imbecility.”

    Some of the stupidest people in the world can be found here in the US.

      1. And the knew the best way to bring it to fruition was through the public school system.Thus,the Dept. of Education was created.

    1. And those stupid people would be the ONES PAYING FOR Obamaphones, cable TV, computers, food, transportation, doctors care, abortions or dleiveries of babies, lap dances for those who don’t work?

  22. Guys its hard to watch this and come to any other conclusion than: “America, its over!”

    I’m black and British but sometimes I look at my people and am tempted to think did Dr King fight in vain; Have we not failed the likes of Olaudah Equiano and Mr Frederick Douglas?

    I am dismayed by this clip beyond words. My friends and family just watched this clip with me. They’re laughing. I’m almost crying.

    1. By ‘my people’, I’m speaking of fellow blacks.

      Of course, my real brethren are those who do the will of my Father and my Saviour in Heaven.

      1. I’m reading Ethics by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He would often go to Harlem back in the 1930’s. He was a visiting minister at the black churches there. Harlem was such a different place back then. Harlem was a community where the church played a major role in people’s lives. There were very few broken families in those days. I believe part of that was the influence of faith. How life has changed, and unfortunately, not for the better.

        1. Yeah the biggie that’s destroyed so many people’s lives & diminished their faith is democrat policies. The people in inner cities are stuck on the democrat plantation…
          I’d go so far as to say that America as a whole– heck, the WORLD as a whole is much worse off directly because of leftist policies / ideologies.

      1. You should still see it. At least know what kind of people are been spoken about when folks talk of Democrats the GOP have to try and ‘win over’.

    2. Dr. King is rolling in his grave along with all of those who worked for real civil rights.. not so called rights to free crap. I could bawl for the blind willfully ignorant fools of this country who are because of their selfishness are killing the greatest nation on the planet.

    3. I am so very sorry about your tears, but know I have cried many a day with you. Remember one other thing, it is Sin. The Sinful nature of man, no matter who or what they are. We are in age where all Sin is fine and acceptable, and there are no consequences, do not question it, and do not challenge it. Sin is 24/7 round the clock. God is being mocked on every level all the way to the top. But know this, I have read the Ending and guess what HE WINS !! I am glad you have Jesus, for in his name we are together in this battle, and Jesus is walking with us.

    4. If you are with friends and family right now, why not bow your heads together and thank the Good Lord for your Many blessings, ask that He guide us All to be better people, and confirm that HIS will be done…Peace be with you and yours….

  23. I will rate Obama as #1 president in history….

    #1 — Most divisive president ever.
    #1 — Most arrogant, narcissistic president ever;
    #1 — Biggest spending president ever;
    #1 — Most deceptive president ever;
    #1 — Most destructive president ever;
    the list goes on and on and on.

  24. Does anyone else wonder how in the world that lady in the Obama covered hat and scarf open that can of pepsi with those Freddie Kruger fingernails. I am half black with none of these morons attitudes or outlooks on life and I must say these people have driven me to racism. They are all so racist, ignorant, intolerant, uneducated, and hooked to the teat of government that is a sad state to ask were the millions of lives sacrificed in our civil war were not a waste. Because they are all still field hands loving the master who gives them chicken once a week and tells em how much he loves and appreciates them! As The Great One says “empty headed drones”!

        1. That’s what I meant.I should have clarified that it was a stunning statement by this woman in the video.She must be living under a rock.

            1. Your welcome.I realized after I posted that you might misunderstand,but you saw it before I had a chance to edit it. πŸ™‚

    1. It has been brought together for them and theirs. It is them against us. Never doubt that for one minute. They feel vindicated, like they have won some grand victory. They will never see the crash coming, and when this country falls completely apart, they will point their fingers at us and screech that “those people” did it.

  25. Yeah…those inner city union teachers are doing a stellar job. They surpassed stupid and hit imbecile levels with this crew. That is a tremendous achievement. I can bet money that none of them make enough money to pay taxes, and therefore are living off our hard earned dollars. Neat.

  26. Blacks sure love Obama. The obvious moochers sure love Obama. Low information voters sure love Obama. And too funny that they love Clinton too… They have swallowed the bait, hook, line, and sinker.

    Sorry… these are some truly ignorant, morons. What a bunch of lemmings. Seriously, these are some ridiculously stupid people.

        1. πŸ™‚ Good. Now, can you go to my comment in the Kitteh open thread and gimme some more ideas?? Rshill, GreenBeret and TexasPGRider have thrown a few to me already, but I need more! πŸ˜€ Thanks girlie!

  27. The knowledge that there are Americans this ignorant of the facts scares the daylights out of me.

  28. I don’t think these people even know who George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are and that’s sad.

    1. That’s a rude thing to say. Of course they know them..$1 and $5 ….and Ben Franklin… he ranked as a pretty good president too……….. in the top five at least

  29. The perfect example of the low information voters.We all know the truth about why these people like Dear Leader.

  30. Dagnabbit! Now deres a thik lair of stoopid cuvering ebertang in this rume!

    Inklooding miceself.

    Gwanna go outcide and freze it off. It be 4 pharonhite out thear.


    Ok, I’m back. This is a test of the Emergency Stupid System:

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

    4 seconds flat!


  31. Wow…Well, as long as we are in fantasyland here, I’ll throw a vote in. I would say that Obama ranks right up there with Chancellor Palpatine. πŸ˜‰

  32. I don’t know Scoop, I’m sure that in some light this may be funny, but for me it is pretty scary. According to the interviewee’s Obama brought this nation together, what? Racial tensions are higher now than ever before, and we seem even more divided than ever. Defender of people’s rights, have any on these people listened to his assault on the second amendment? Has any of these people listened to his want to control most of the U.S. economy? Has any of these fans of Obama asked themselves how this President can invoke executive privilege on anything the press can’t hide, or brings scrutiny to President Obama? Has any of these people asked why it is Ok for Obama to launch one of the worst hateful attack ads during his campaign only to call foul when people even questioned Obama’s own seeded past. And as for the debt, do any of these people have a clue as to the current debt this President has created. I won’t go into his hypocrisy, it would take to long.

    1. Stay grounded there Armyvet10,
      FREE this, FREE that, Free……. but not their freedom. Government Slaves.

    2. Oh C’mon, lighten up…why on Today this morning the fashion experts announced to the nation that Michelle’s choice of dress and coat PROVED her superior intellect. I have never been so relieved. What else do we have to be worried about?

      1. Why thank you, the fact that Michelle’s choice of dress and coat proves her superior intellect has even made me feel smarter. Why just this morning I managed to find and put on matching socks all by myself. I didn’t even have to have help from the FBI or my wife. Thanks for the smile, and have a great evening.

    3. It’s all about the free stuff. My daughter told me they saw the results come in at her school and almost every single one of them yelled “Yay! More free stuff!”. All the sheeple need to remember that nothing in life is truly free, and one day that piper Obama will come to collect.

  33. I’m sure that Dan Joseph did NOT leave any contrary opinions against OZero on the cutting-room floor. I’m sure of it.

      1. Thanks Bob. You guys do great work… I was using hyperbole but c’mon you guys must admit that the material just writes itself for you. How sweet is that!

        P.S. Saw your last interview with Michael Coren… great stuff.

  34. “…bringing America out of debt.” Okay, that is the epitome of obama’s supporters: well informed, intelligent, up-to-date on current events, fair and balanced, etc. /sarc


  35. No surprises here – low info voters, every last one of them.

    Haha! The last comment – “We have it (The movie Lincoln) at home.” While it is still in the theaters. Pirate much?

    1. Heck they may not be stupid… they are just Black and Obama is the first president that isn’t white! If they would have asked Asian, European, White, Black, Indian etc.. that would have been better. But, yea I kind of lean to them being a little ignorant to reality… I would have to wonder if a Black Republican would run… how would they vote?

  36. “…bringing America out of debt.” Okay, that is the epitome of obama’s supporters: well informed, intelligent, up-to-date on current events, fair and balanced, etc.

    1. and “bringing the country together” as well!

      And these are the IDIOTS in charge of running the country.

  37. Zero is like the Wizard of OZ

    He sounds great to those who want to believe


    There is a surprise when you pull back the curtain –


      1. quoting Jarrett in the article takes a bit of translation:

        “progress isn’t compelled by solving those century-long debates about the role of government, progress is compelled by action right now.”
        Translation: We won! We’re in control! Now sit down, shut up and throw that Constitution on the trash heap!

        “but he (Obama) is so humbled by the fact that the American people him reelected him for a second term”
        Translation: He still can’t believe his dumb luck that those rubes voted for him again a second time.

      1. I didn’t know ducks had claws there ABiC. One could get the idea that you were advocatin’ for another party or somthin. πŸ™‚

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