Paul Ryan breaks down how to save Medicare

This is excellent. Please pass this around.

Paul Ryan first explains what is wrong with Medicare, why the costs are too high, and then explains how the President wants to fix it versus how Republicans are proposing to fix it.

This is exactly the kind of stuff Republicans need to be doing and I’m glad to see such a high level of quality coming out of the House Budget Committee. They really need to get this on TV somehow or it needs to go viral or something. This is what Americans need to see.

“This video lays out the clear choice our nation faces on Medicare: Will Medicare become a program in which a board of bureaucrats manages its bankruptcy by denying care to seniors? Or will leaders work together to save and strengthen Medicare by empowering seniors to choose health care plans that work best for them, with less support for the wealthy and more help for the poor and the sick? House Republicans have advanced solutions to save Medicare. Instead of working with us, the leaders of the Democratic Party have opted to play politics with the health security of America’s seniors.”

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