Paul Ryan defends his RNC speech on Today Show

Paul Ryan went on the Today Show this morning and defended against claims that he lied in his RNC speech from Matt Lauer who tried to suggest Ryan was at least trying to mislead people. As if like clockwork, Lauer brought up the phony charge that Ryan blamed the shutdown of the Janesville plant on Obama as well as the supposed ‘debt commission hypocrisy’ charge and the fact that Afghanistan didn’t come up in either his or Romney’s RNC speech. But Ryan had strong answers for every charge and I’m glad those watching the Today Show got to hear it:

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74 thoughts on “Paul Ryan defends his RNC speech on Today Show

  1. It’s just amazing the difference in how they interview Republicans VS Democrats. Notice how frustrated he was that Ryan blew thru the first two interrogations, he had to rip off the glasses and announce oh yea well you guys didn’t mention Afghanistan, great journalism.

  2. Yep…

    Ryan knows that he knows what he knows… ’cause he knows his own heart.

    Q – Matt Lauer at 21sec. –

    “… would you concede that while many of the things you said … some were not completely accurate?”

    A – Paul Ryan –

    “No, not in the least, actually.
    “What they’re trying to suggest is that I said … .”


  3. Notice how NBC edits the footage to show images while Paul Ryan explains the facts, to further distract people. They are a despicable, global elitist organization.

  4. PR is more than competent, he is brilliant, capable, and respected on both sides of the aisle, unlike the current big government elitist in the White House.

  5. Paul Ryan is brilliant, competent, and capable, unlike the big government elitist in the white house, and obliterates the leftists at NBC.

  6. This is why Paul Ryan will make a fantastic vice president. He is razor sharp and he will not take any flack from the mainstream media. Just think about how foolish he’s going to make Biden look in a debate. Ryan gives quick, concise, answers and he always backs up what he says with facts, something Obama doesn’t even know how to do. Ryan was a great pick and this interview only proves that.

    1. Does he shop at home depot? Or go to a dunkin donut shop and speak with an Indian accent? If, no, then he ain’t no Joe Biden!

  7. If Obama would make himelf available for these types of questions, would they ask them?

    Of course not. “What’s your favorite color?”. Now that’s a hard hitting news organization!!

    1. Libs give 2 kinds of interviews

      Version 1(For Republicans)

      Many have made accusations that your comments regarding ……
      were false and perhaps deliberately misleading. How do you defend yourself against such charges?

      Version 2(For Democrats)

      Some of your political opponents have tried to make the claim that your comments regarding …… were incorrect or misleading. How do you plan to respond to these attacks in order to set the record straight?

    2. One point of order…. The question to Obama was “what color pepper do you like” – relevant at the time because it was harvest time – not “what color do you like”. If we’re gonna demand truth from others, we gotta keep our own honest as well.

      1. That’s fine but I never said that question was asked. I was just making a point that they don’t ask him tough questions or ones that would put him on the hot seat.

  8. Mr. Ryan:
    do an “Algor” on reporters – whatever their question, you don’t answer that; just keep on speaking out your agenda.

  9. Paul Ryan is a Bull Mastiff compared to Matt Lauer – who is like a Shiatsu.

    This will be the heart of the Democratic campaign… “that Republicans lied”. Why? Because they know that if most Americans wake up from this nightmare and understand that it has been the sucking Democrats in fact who have been lying, then Obama and his flying monkeys are cooked. And the waste of life LSM is fighting hard to save their savior… because when they are found out to be his sniveling, lying lapdogs (which they are), then their ratings will go further into the tank.

    Obama is unable to win this election purely on social issues. Too many Americans have woken up to the hard reality that they are seriously hurting financially and that their future is in jeopardy… and no amount of fluff or candy coating will make up for that. The Democrats have NOTHING to run on this time around… so flat out lying and pointing the fingers at the Republicans is going to be their childish response.

    And keep in mind, Obama already has the 50% of so-called Americans who don’t pay taxes, most illegal immigrants who will vote illegally for him, most welfare recipients and single mothers, most blacks, most Jews, most youths (yewts), all of the public sector unions, and the rest of the ignorant dumbmasses who don’t know no better. This will be an uphill battle. But I believe the Tea Party is stronger and MUCH more on fire to beat this devil and kick him the hell out of the White House than Obama’s parasitic minions are. We will prevail with God on our side. Pray for His grace, mercy and strength and keep fighting the good fight!

      1. I’d prefer 50… but 44 would be tolerable.

        And I think you’re right, it should be a landslide. Reaganesque… well said.

  10. Ryan told him, “read the speech”, to which Lauer did not respond. Because he knows he doesn’t need to read or watch the video of the speech because someone else tells him what it says and what he is to say. These talking heads are just that: talking heads. They are not journalists or reporters; just automaton talking heads who can read a script. Never give them credit for independent thought.

  11. Thanks for the reminder why I haven’t watched MSM for several years. Great smack down by Ryan.

    Geez…. all they do is take a “talking point”, add editorial comments, state it as though it was a fact, and then ask a question after the point is made. These people are pathetic.

    1. I’m disgusted with the so-called fact checker sites.

      Obama said “…if you own a business, you didn’t build that.” Romney pointed it out and they called him a liar because that’s not what Obama meant. Uh, dumbasses, it’s what he said so you can’t call someone a liar because he points out what Obama actually said.

      We are up against a tide of butt kissers that have Obama stamped on every side of the dice.

  12. What is really amazing is that on twitter all the Democratic hacks are crowing about how awesome it is that Matt Lauer called Ryan out about his “lying” Cannot wait until they are stunned into silence November 7th.

  13. You can actually hear Lauer’s spite for him coming through. It’s good that the media question the candidates thoroughly and I can’t wait for them to do the same of O/Biden…………




  14. Lauer asks Ryan how the people can elect Romney to be Commander in Chief when he doesn’t even mention Afghanistan in his acceptance speech. How absurd! Lauer had to reach for nonsense to use against Ryan.

  15. Liberal media talking heads like Lauer could care less if Rome is burning down around their ears. They will continue to carry Obama’s bucket of failure all the way to the end.

  16. Lauer’s claim of “independent fact-checkers” is ludicrous. He’s referring to Politifact and other Democrat-friendly spin artists that equate disagreements of opinion with “lies” and regularly make excuses for the left.

    Lauer repeats the false claim that the Janesville plant closed before Obama became president. He switches to Afghanistan because it’s obvious that his “lies” meme is getting sliced up by Ryan’s calm, collected restatement of the facts.

    Lauer projects the kind of insincerity here that you get from disinterested service employees. I was almost surprised he didn’t conclude the interview by saying, “Buh-bye!”

  17. I get the feeling that Matt wasn’t even listening to Rep. Ryan’s answers, but was just waiting to pounce on him with another question.

  18. Libots like Lauer are mindless talking heads that cannot compete with the intellect of a Ryan. The naivete’ of the mainstream media is being exposed by their fanatical support for policies that have failed miserably. The mainstream media’s perception of reality is so flawed, they expose their superficial agendas in such elementary ways it is becoming comical.

  19. Lauer refers to
    “…the closing of the plant, which you know, obviously closed before he [Obama] became president”. Obviously you’re not as well informed Matt, as we are here at Right Scoop. Scoop and many posters have already vetted this issue in previous posts. The plant did not fully shut down until 2009 after Obama became president. Lauer needs to be bitch slapped.

  20. As far as Afghanistan goes, I don’t think Obama has thought about it for several months either. Maybe he can take a “break from his campaign trail” to make a phone call and see how that is going from time to time…

    1. Yeah, and this punk asks the question of Ryan as if he and Romney are trying to hide something. Gues what Lauer, Romney and Ryan have had no influence on what is happening in Afghanistan. Why? Because neither of them have been president for the past 4 years. The president is the one with the power to set and execute policy regarding military actioin, not a congressman or a presidential candidate who hasn’t been in government for the past 4 years.. As you pointed out, Obama sits in his office and stares at the clock for his entire presidency and rarely if ever talks about Afghanistan, or anything else substantive for that matter, but that’s not a problem for Lauer.

      Was there something Ryan or Romney said in regard to Afghanistan that was contreversial? No. But in Lauer’s form of “journalism” asking a question in an accusatory manner is what you do when you don’t have anything substantive over which to accuse a Republican.

      Ryan needs to get a little tougher with punks like Lauer. He defended himself well, regarding the facts, but he needs to turn the tables on these libs and point out when they lie, as Lauer did regarding the Janesville plant closing.

      1. Gues what Lauer, Romney and Ryan have had no influence on what is happening in Afghanistan. Why? Because neither of them have been president for the past 4 years. The president is the one with the power to set and execute policy regarding military actioin, not a congressman or a presidential candidate who hasn’t been in government for the past 4 years..

        Lauer is betting, correctly so, that the majority of his audience do not know this.

      2. Lauer the Lib is over his head when talking to anyone about serious commentary. He should stick to the Annual Tulip Festival interviews. I agree that his tone was accusatory and unnecessary. While I would have liked him to respond with the facts as well, I like the way that Ryan answered. He was calm and honest and this allows the Libs who watch that awful show to see that he is not a rich blowhard SOB that just wants to argue. I think that hurt Gingrich. He would have been great and tough, but was a little too abrasive and scared some people off. Maybe we will catch one or two from the other side with the honey of the truth instead of the vinegar of hostility.

        1. That’s a good point. Still, I think it would help if he would correct Lauer or anyother lib interviewer when they lie. He could do it with a smile, which would make it all the more effective. The thing is, I’ve seen him do that sort of thing in past interviews very effectively. I hope we see a little more of it in the future.

  21. RS:
    You know why its clockwork, right? Lauer got the DNC talking points and is just following their lead. It’s all about collusion and working to ensure that Obama wins a second term.

    Ask Matthews, he, at least, comes out and states it. Someone like Lauer (and Stephanopolous) will still lie about it, and claim there is no “bias.”

  22. Ryan did not Simpson Boyles because Obamacare language was KEPT IN THE PLATFORM and Ryan did not support Obamacare…THANK GOD!! I mean HEY MATT….Obama’s Job Commission or Council has not met in over a year!! WHAT ABOUT THAT MORON???

  23. Does Lauer offer even 1/10 of this level of scrutiny to any Democrat who comes on his show? I don’t mind challenging the candidates or their surrogates, but almost the entire 5-minute segment was about fact-checking.

  24. I know I mentioned this before, but I have to make a point about the fact that I graduated from Janesville Craig high school as well in 1990 (Paul Ryan graduated in 1988).

    I bring this up now because of a point I wish Paul Ryan would make.

    The closing of the GM plant in Janesville severely affected the high school. Most high schools in the nation that are near a specific industrial area have vocational programs that teach volunteer students a particular industry so they may choose to work in the local industry when they graduate, retaining local talent and keeping families together.

    For instance, farming communities have large 4H clubs in their high schools.

    In Janesville, there was not just a metal shop class; there was a complete auto servicing center operated by students. You could drive your car in to get an oil change, tire rotation, etc. High school students who were interested were being certified in general automobile service, among other things. The fee for service was less than anywhere else and the proceeds went to support the program.

    They got to learn much more about automobiles than the average high school kid tinkering with their own car (though tinkering is a great way to learn – if it’s your car 🙂

    High school graduates in this vocation were readily employable at GM. Closing the GM plant removed any incentive to train at this vocation in high school for a job that is not there when they graduate. I do not know if Janesville Craig high school still has this program, but it may be worth researching from the Romney camp.

  25. Opposites there…. Moron & one of the brightest….. DNC mouthpiece & one of the RNC’s best hopes…. Big Gov’t Dreamer & Limited Gov’t Realist….

    Ryan and Romney are looking better every day, despite the distractions… the distraction game, I think, I hope, will backfire on the left!

  26. Did anyone else get the feeling that Lauer’s question about Paul Ryan’s family was less of a question and more of a warning? He was like a snake hissing “You know we’ll go after your family pal. I’m warning you now to think of your kids and wife… We’d surely hate for somebody to get hurt…”

    1. And I don’t mean to imply physical violence, but the Ryan family will definitely be “Palinized”.

      1. I’ll imply it. If union thugs can bite the finger off of a black conservative at a Tea Party rally, yelling at him to know his place, and get ZERO liberal press coverage, then yes, I fear physical harm to the Ryan family from the liberals.

    2. You betcha! It was exactly like saying, “nice little family you got there… wouldn’t want to see some bad journalist drag them through the sewer like we did happened to the Palins.”

    3. I am disappointed that Ryan did not respond with,

      “I expect — I demand — the media to treat my family with the same dignity and respect that they treated the families of Obama, Biden, Kerry, Edwards, Gore, and other leftists.”

      1. Or, how about this reponse:

        “Only the tabloids will try to smear my family. I have no doubt that professional journalists will treat my family with the same dignity and respect they treated Obama’s and Biden’s family.”

  27. Matt Lauer and the democrats are so stupid that they can’t see that by bring up Afghanistan and The Simpson Boles commission really shows a lack of leadership by this incompetent President. For example, the Simpson Boles commission was set-up by the President (the imposter-n-chief) and he didn’t even vote for the commission that he set-up! So that really is the point here and not that Paul Ryan didn’t vote for the commission where he was just a member, and as a member, can vote against the final recommendations. Matt Lauer thinks he is so smart when Paul Ryan made him look petty and incompetent showing that he is just another tool for the DNC.

  28. It is so refreshing to hear a Republican make the media stand down when they recite the facts. Paul Ryan has such a clear, concise communication style that I am always impressed with how easily he disarms the attack dogs.

  29. There are some people who are claiming that you played a little fast and loose with the truth.‘ – Lauer

    The reason it’s getting attention is because people like you keep bringing it up. Why don’t you just come right out and say he lied?

    Independent fact-checkers? Come on Matt, aren’t you just playing a little fast and loose with the truth here?

    Why does voting against the recommendations mean that you are not allowed to discuss Obama’s ignoring of that same panel, when it was Obama, not Ryan, who requested the panel in the first place?

    It’s a shame that these so called journalists don’t recognize their own transparency when reading off the White House talking points memos. It’s plain as day for the rest of us and we see right through it. I applaud Ryan for stating the obvious, but it’s a wasted effort with these bozos.

    The banner below the screen said, “Matt one-on-one with Rep. Paul Ryan”. That was a little fast and loose with the truth, as well. It should have said, “one-on-one half”.

    1. Independent fact-checkers? Come on Matt, aren’t you just playing a little fast and loose with the truth here?

      Yeah… it’s funny how that works. Voila! Democrat shilling fact checkers turn into “independent” fact checkers. They throw around the word “independent” very very loosely knowing that the uncritical thinkers watching their “news” shows will never see their sleight-of-hand.

    2. Don’t know how PR didn’t laugh out loud at the fact-checking reference – and independent ones, at that! He did very well.

    1. Think he had to read a desperate little sign someone was holding up behind the camera? Methinks that age has caught up with Mr. Dreamboat.

      Do new people use a teleprompter? Or still that little ear prompter thing?

    2. Then, he took the off to talk about Afghanistan. He did his job as water carrier for the DNC, though. I wonder what his prize from Obama will be.

        1. Wolf –

          I’m sure that’s what Matt is expecting, but as usual he like all the others will just get kicked in the teeth like Chris Mathews and continue to fawn over the empty chair. Like all those trapped in an abusive relationship, they mistake abuse for affection.

          When all is said and done and he’s outlived his usefulness, he, like all the others too numerous to count, will be unceremoniously thrown under the bus without a pang of guilt or stirring of conscience.

          1. My sentiments exactly! The media along with all the corrupt little politicians who enabled the power grab. “Educators” too. In fact…Dem voters! Caw!!…somebody stop me!
            [Here abouts we call him: “Crowbama.”]

  30. It is as if Lauer was working for the DNC!! Oh that is right he does work for the Official State Agency of the Obama Administration. Never once did Ryan accuse President Obama of causing that shutdown…HIS SPEECH clearly said back in 2008 CANDIDATE OBAMA stood in front of Janesville plant and siad with government behind them…plant like this would be around another 100 years….I mean come on…and 4 years into PRESIDENT OBAMA and he has done nothing…plus the VIDEO is out there from yesterday with OBAMA’s own words in front of Janesville plant. AMAZING!!! And here is a scoop Matt….no one in Obama’s Regime talks about Afghanistan because of his failures there…so STICK IT LAUER!

    1. I thought republicans were going to win , but I don’t think they will
      They don’t know how to campaign. why don’t the republicans, Ryan and Romney , talk more about the record suffering of the unemployed, the increase in devasting poverty, in food stamps, more people on disability then getting a job in Obama era….

      They should be shaming democrats ( and their media water carriers) who try to say Americans are better off…. I don’t get it, they have all this ammunition and they don’t use… Watch what FDR did or Clinton, they destroyed the other side reminding Americans that they are lives and people behind the sorry numbers, America was suffering and they ruling party didn’t care, and you never had republicans going on tv saying Americans were better off.

      1. Have you been lost in the wilderness since like March? That’s all they’ve been talking about for the last 6 months.

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