Paul Ryan: I’ll eat my tie if ObamaCare reduces the deficit


Chairman of the Budget Committee Paul Ryan called in to Mark Levin’s radio show to clarify that there is no way that repealing ObamaCare will add to the deficit. And it’s because of all the gimmicks within the legislation to manipulate the CBO into scoring it as a deficit reducer. But Ryan gives a short summary of what the gimmicks are and why the outcome will actually be if ObamaCare gets implemented.

I just wonder when someone in Congress is going to have the stones to call these Democrat phonies the liars that they are. Yes, use the word ‘liar’. I’m sick and tired of them getting away with this crap and it seems like the only way the MSM is going to pay attention is if we up the language. It’s pathetic! ObamaCare was based a pack of lies, manipulating the CBO, and it’s time the Republicans call them what they are: LIARS!

Note: Ryan had more to say on the debt ceiling in the next segment and I’ll have that ready in a bit.

UPDATE: Here is the reset of the interview on the debt ceiling. Ryan says we pretty much have to raise it because the consequences are too grim.

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