Paul Ryan: Obama vetoing Cut, Cap, and Balance is vetoing limited government

In an interview with Mark Levin today, Paul Ryan said that if Obama vetoes Cut, Cap, and Balance then he is vetoing limited government:

What this shows you is that basically he’s going to veto limited government. He is going to veto the idea that government out to live within its means and that government ought to be limited in its size. And so I think this little episode today is so revealing of the governing principle that we see here which is a government with no limiting principle. And that’s what this episode is all about. The fact that we’re here talking about this is because it’s been 810 days since the Senate ever bothered to pass a budget and if one house doesn’t pass a budget, then no budget passes. So we’re going on two years now where the government has literally been going on auto-pilot with no budget. When the President had his own party running the place, the first year they locked in their budget massive spending increases, new entitlements, the regulatory state doing what it’s doing now. But since they got that all locked into place, they’ve just kept everything on auto-pilot [with] no budget. And so we have this big debt crisis coming. If you want to take a look at what it looks like down the road, turn on the TV and look at Europe.

Paul Ryan goes on to say that the situation is so fluid that he’s not sure what happens if this doesn’t pass.

It’s a clash of ideologies, limited government versus huge socialist government. Yeah, it’s not big government anymore and we all know it. And it’s this very struggle what will define our nation as it goes forward. That’s why the GOP needs to stand firm on this and not let the President win.

The rest of the interview is great as well so be sure and listen to the whole thing. Ryan reveals what percentage of the stimulus went to those shovel-ready jobs that we heard endlessly about that would stimulate the economy. I’ll give you a hint on the percentage number. A one year-old starting at zero could count this high:

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