UPDATE: FULL INTERVIEW ADDED – Paul Ryan’s first interview as VP candidate with Brit Hume

Paul Ryan seemed a bit nervous and a little shaky when talking about the specifics of Romney’s budget, which is understandable because even he admits in the interview that he hasn’t run the numbers on Romney’s budget yet to see how it long it takes to get to a balanced budget. Plus Hume wanted to discuss his House budget and at one point Ryan made crystal clear that he’s running on Romney’s budget, not the House budget. Just feels kinda awkward but I think it’s something he’ll soon work out rhetorically.

But outside of that I think it was a great interview. Watch below:

UPDATE: You can watch the full unedited interview below:

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51 thoughts on “UPDATE: FULL INTERVIEW ADDED – Paul Ryan’s first interview as VP candidate with Brit Hume

  1. Hume is an ass for repeating the question of Mitt Romney’s plan. Paul could hardly memorize it in a few days.

    Does anyone listen to Rush? Who are the republicans that want R&R to lose? Rush said it on Tuesday and it was on Hill and politico. I would love to know who they are and go after them? I’m not sure if they’re consultants, or members of congress.
    PS-Thanks TRS for this, I love Ryan as VP.

  2. He is not right seller of dead parrot (Rmoneytax). He can write users manuals, but he can Not sell this dead parrot for mainstream voters.

    He have to take some lessons from GOV. PALIN, so everybody understands in plain and simple words main selling points of our nominee – dead parrot (Rmoneytax)

  3. Hume I know you are smarter than this why are you so confused. Let me break this down, the savings that the one gets is after the 710B dollars is cut from current medicare spending levels, so in effect after the savings you are back to square one, medicare is still unsustainable. Ryan gets his savings from current spending levels not after blowing a hole in medicare, in effect putting medicare on a sustainable path. What about this don’t you get it is basic Math for crying out loud.

  4. Ryan did seem shaky there a couple of times. I agree. Ill guarantee you one thing though. It’ll never happen again. This man is anal when it comes to having his ducks in a row and I could see frustration in his eyes because he wasn’t yet prepared for the questions. Unheard of for this man. Its someone else’s policy though. I promise you he went home and straightened that $hit out quick.

  5. Hume kept pressing Ryan about when Romney’s plan would balance the budget. Ryan didn’t know because Romney’s plan doesn’t result in a balanced budget.

    Perhaps Ryan and Romney should adopt a true conservative, limited government budget plan like that of Ron Paul, whose plan balanced the budget by year three…OF HIS FIRST TERM.

    Time to stop kicking the can.

    1. Maybe Ryan didn’t know because…after just 4 days of being pick as a running-mate, he and Romney didn’t get into specific numbers about his plan.

      Brit Hume was basically asking if Romney’s plan has been scored by the CBO yet.

  6. It wasn’t so much as Ryan being nervous or shaky, it was the fact that Brit Hume was trying to get Ryan to talk/answer questions about the House Budget plan (His budget proposal) and Ryan trying to differentiate between the Romney-Ryan Budget plan vs what he advocated in the House.

    Romney doesn’t agree with everything in the Paul Ryan-House passed budget proposal. And part of the reason why is because the Paul Ryan-House passed budget had to incorporate Obamacare (law of the land) aspects into that budget.

    When Brit Hume was trying to do a gotcha “Well the $716 B is also taken out in your budget proposal…” Ryan was trying to explain, why he’s for the repeal of Obamacare, and the budget proposal Romney-Ryan will come out will incorporate the repeal of that law, the House Budget doesn’t. Instead Ryan looked into Medicare and found where/how he can make Medicare pay for that cut with savings from waste-fraud and other reforms within Medicare.

    Besides Ryan has been the VP nominee for what? 4 days now? I doubt he and Romney sat down and say “Lets put a budget proposal now.” So the guy can’t be as specific (when does your plan on reducing the deficit) on the Romney budget which hasn’t been drafted yet…

    With regards to tying Medicare to Obamacare. That is a brilliant move if done right.
    Google Obamacare timeline and you see what it does to Medicare:

    2012: The federal benchmark payment to Medicare Advantage plans that now cover an estimated 20 percent of seniors will be reduced. • Further payments changes then will be phased-in over several years.

    2013: The law will eliminate the existing deduction for the subsidy for employers who maintain prescription drug plans for their • Medicare Part D eligible retirees.

    -The law will increase the Medicare Part A hospital insurance tax rate by 0.9 percentage points on an individual taxpayer earning • over $200,000 ($250,000 for married filing jointly). It will expands the taxable base to include net investment income in the case of taxpayers earning over $200,000 ($250,000 for joint returns). This is a new category of income for Medicare taxation.

    2014: The law will cut federal Medicare payments to Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) program, but it will lower the ten-year reduction by • $3 billion.

    Also read the GAO report:

    Under the new law, cuts to Medicare Advantage funding would force many
    seniors off their preferred health plans. This aspect of the law was
    originally intended to go into effect before the election in November,
    but fearing the political backlash, the administration launched an $8.35
    billion “demonstration project” that would effectively delay the cuts until after the election.

  7. I really think that they need to do a couple of town hall meetings with seniors explaining that Obama took $740B+ from Medicare that seniors contributed over their lifetime to Obama care giving to people who have not contributed anything. Furthermore, Romney/Ryan need to explain that those cuts are affecting seniors now because less doctors are accepting Medicare patients because of the $740B+ cut. Furthermore, in that town hall meeting Romney/Ryan need to have Ryan’s mother sitting in the front row to show sincerity.

  8. I like the fact that everybody in the mainstream media and all liberals demand to know exactly what Ryan’s and Romney’s economic policy is, right down to the last number, while Obama hasn’t even passed a budget in over THREE YEARS!!! The mainstream media never, ever, asks what Obama’s economic vision for the next four years is. Never. Yet Ryan is expected to know every detail about a plan that will, even if he’s elected, be changed dramatically by Congress. Amazing.

    1. Its almost like he really doesn’t comprehend. I mean how many times does someone need to say something before he gets it. I guess one just needs to know when to say when. Ryan should look at this as practice because he needs to have a townhall meeting with the seniors to explain Medicare and what Obama did to their money.

  9. Didn’t seem nervous to me, he was simply avoiding Brit’s attempts to take the conversation off topic.

  10. Now that Ryan has a megaphone, he should be more specific on why they have a better plan. Let the Obama campaign continue with their rhetoric.

    What are the solutions? Seniors need to know the specifics on Medicare. Explain the train wreck of the debt, 16T and counting. How is it going to affect everyone. Get specific.

    Leave the rhetoric home.

  11. I am a sticker for certain things when it comes to our financial situation, so I was listening closely to his words to determine what the scope of his interests are. He used the word “our dollar”. We don’t have one, and congress doesn’t control the one that we are strapped to. They need to start being honest about the Fed Note, and call it what it is.

    Politicians like to factor “savings” into their plans and budgets. I have never seen this pan out as they expect, even when they get what they want. It doesn’t seem smart to me to factor this in, because there is literally no way to know what inflation will be, and what new expenditures they are going to add over, say, ten years. (wars, etc.)

    Ryan has said nothing about phasing out social programs. In fact, they keep talking about preserving social programs, using phrases like “for generations to come”. The GOP believes that they have a golden moment to cash in on the Obama Care vs Medicare situation, and they are right, but they have to abandon any conservative, anti socialist ideology to do it.

    Ryan appears to be a decent guy. He is smart, but I have to wonder whether or not he understands that his solutions have no real probability of reversing many decades of fiscal terrorism by government, and on the American people before the entire system collapses in on itself.

    Do these guys believe that because of Obama being so bad, that they have the conservative base tied up, so they are now trying to appeal to moderates and those democrats who don’t like Obama by pushing a social system continuation for generations to come?

    So depressing, it is.

  12. All in all, NO ONE will be able to “master” Paul Ryan on this subject or other ways back to sort of sanity for our budget, which the underpinning of our great AMERICA! He is young, fresh and battle tested. BHO has treated him about as mean as it gets, in PUBLIC. So, the battles are on. Thank God for a youngster willing to be brave!

  13. Let’s not be too hard on this guy when we the other sides vp is a dunce. There is a profound point that current seniors will be denied care by the rationing board in obamacare. This is very important, R/R need to turn the medicare issue into the obamacare issue make this a debate about obamacare.

  14. I kind of thought that Hume was hitting on an irrelevant point. Whatever Ryan’s plan was, it’s in the past. And he tried more than once to point out that he was on Romney’s team and that was the only plan that mattered. But, yes, I thought he needed to nail down the answer a little bit better. Having said that, every sentence Paul Ryan uttered is a sentence Obama is incapable of understanding or saying with any level of coherence.

  15. I like that he continues to state that he joined Romney’s ticket. He knows he has to get the focus back to Romney. He is the top of the ticket. Which is exactly what they did to Palin.

    But having said that, he doesn’t show any signs of no wanting to take on the fight and argument how Obama dismantled Medicare. Not Ryan. Great stuff. He learned not to make the focus about him. I think he will do just fine.

  16. Good ad buried in there. But they have to stop using the $716 Billion number. Anything amount over a million is too abstract. It all seems like funny money to most people, and in a 30 second ad, $700 billion does not register in people’s minds any harder than $700 million.

    $700 Billion is HUGE. OVER ONE THIRD of the Medicare budget. They need a simple graphic to show one third of a multi trillion dollar budget, one third of our doctors care, hospital services, being slashed and stashed.

  17. Yeah, Ryan may have been a little nervous, but I can certainly understand that. I don’t think there’s anyone in the country who wouldn’t be a bit nervous at his/her first interview as VP candidate. He’ll be fine. He just has to get a little more comfortable with being, for all intents and purposes, half of the center of the world at this juncture. After all, the entire world is watching this election with tremendous interest.

  18. Ryan doesn’t strike me as nervous at all. I think he had answers for everything and looked poised throughout.

  19. Can you imagine the kind of “coaching” he’s getting right now about how to answer questions & address issues? I worry about him getting over-coached. I don’t want to continually draw a line back to Sarah Palin, but they over-managed her & pretty much dug a ridiculous ditch for her that she’s still trying to dig out of.

    I trusting that Paul Ryan recognizes that he’s best when he answers questions in his own way – honestly & forthright(ly?). That’s his strength – communicating complicated things in a manner that anyone can understand. Let him run with that!

    1. I’ve no doubt Ryan already knows the problems with ROmeny’s campaign promise. I could never see where or how what Romeny had on his website could work without significant tax revenue increases.

      Ryan is about cutting the size and scope, and moving misplaced government services to the private sector. Romney is all about fixing the government we have, better ideas for government, making it “smarter”.

    2. he danced away from the question Brit asked about what the diiference was with his plan. Bill Kristol summarized the correct response during tha panel discussion

  20. The Gekko/Galt ticket is a loser, hopefully we can nominate someone with a backbone and who can win in 2016. Congress did its job in foiling Obama, and then we nominate Gekko, unreal.

    1. We don’t have until 2016, Chester. We have to do all we can this year to take our country back, even if it is just a start, at least it is a start. We are facing many cliffs, not only the obvious fiscal cliff but just as importantly the lose of our liberties cliff. The land is crumbling under our feet daily as we stand at the edges of both. Once we go over them, it will be very difficult to restore our country.

      As a side note: Your Gekko/Galt reference says a lot. I won’t post my opinion as to what I think that means, as that would just my MHO, so I won’t jump to conclusions.

  21. Paul Ryan has got it nailed. He has been honing in on his message for 30+ years. I watched an interview with his High School Government Teacher on Greta last night. They disagree on policy, but his former teacher is not surprised with his rise. And believe or not…neither is Politico! Take a look—–>”Obama’s spin doctors are salivating at the chance to dissect the Wisconsin Republican’s conservative record and politically disembowel him with it.”


  22. Actually, I thought it was a pretty darned good interview. My goodness, he’s only known that he was on the ticket since 8/1. I’m sure they’ve spent a great deal of their time since then planning out the campaign stops, how best to announce and what unified message they wanted to convey. I seriously doubt that Ryan’s had time to score all of the details of what will be their fiscal reform plan.

    It was refreshing to me to see such an honest response (quit different from your typical politician that will pull some BS out of thin air). You can ask the same question 3 times in 3 different ways. If he doesn’t know the answer, at this point in time…… so what!

    1. I agree, MaxineCA it was a good interview. And now I see why Romney chose him because he really has an intrinisic understanding on economics from a budget stand point to a philosophical standpoint. And he can communicate that which I thought was something that Mitt Romney lacked.

  23. He wasn’t nervous at all. Brit didn’t know what he was asking. He kept trying to put Ryan to a standard that no one can reach. Ryan kept answering with the facts, but Brit didn’t like it and wanted no part of comparing Ryan’s plan to Obama’s plan. So Ryan was simply trying to figure out what part he wanted to talk about. Ryan would answer anything he wanted.

    Having said that, it is something Ryan should be aware of. Give a smoother delivery and if interviewers start shifting, just provide information to the public that would be helpful. I think Ryan is probably the only candidate politician out there that actually answers question with such brutal honesty.

    1. Brit near exactly what he was asking. Ryan’s budget plan called for approx. $700B cut in Medicare-same as Obama. Hume was asking him about this and he would not answer. Sorry, but that is what happened.

      1. No. Ryan wants to make it sustainable. In other words, to make Medicare cost less. That’s where the $700B comes from. When things cost less, then you need to put less money into it. Dems are choosing to call this a “cut”. Romney/Ryan have a plan for a better economy, lower unemployment, investment programs, etc. Also, the Medicare money for people 55 and up isn’t touched. Those below 55 can opt to get private insurance that the government will pay for, but only an amount that makes the program sustainable. If you look at how any social program crisis has been dealt with in the past, it’s exactly in this fashion. Ryan’s plan is not new or bold as Dems claim. It’s just that at the federal government, the rhetoric by Democrats is so vile, that any mention of making a social program sustainable is attacked violently. And Demacrats have traditionally been on the winning side of that argument for obvious reasons. Spending is easy and people love free stuff.

      2. i had the same misgivings. someone must , QUICKLY, put Mr Ryan in a room with a bunch of Joe the plumbers, and not let him leave till they understand what the problem is with our present corse, and how Romney-Ryan will correct the problem

      3. Ryan tried to explain it to Brit but he clearly didn’t understand. the Ryan budget passed in the house takes into account current law. since obamacare is current law the $700 billion cut to medicare is in the Ryan budget. the bills to fully repeal obamacare are their own stand alone legislation, and Ryan wholeheartedly voted to repeal obamacare including the cut to medicare.

  24. He’s a good man, a good addition to the ticket. I WELCOME the sanity, the focus on fiscal issues, the competance he brings to the race.

    I pray for him and his family as he’ll be a bigger target than Romney as his competance, his knowledge make him a bigger target than Romney.

    Godspeed Paul Ryan!

  25. “nervous and a little shaky”? Well, you know where this is going to go don’t you? If the media catches on that you are even a little bit intimidated, they will exploit it and explode into something far bigger then it should be. It would be Sarah Palin all over again. But hopefully, the American people have caught on (knock on wood) and won’t buy into the BS the media loves to throw at us (again emphasis on KNOCK ON WOOD)

    1. The reason Ryan seemed shakey (from what i can gather) is because Hume was asking questions that didn’t make sense, so Ryan didn’t know how to answer them. Hume was asking about the House budget which takes into account current law, including obamacare. so yes the house budget includes the 700 billion cut from medicare, because it’s in obamacare. the house budget that was passed didn’t repeal obamacare, that was it’s own stand alone legislation… Hume didn’t understand when Ryan tried to explain that though, so Ryan went back to “we’re running on the Romney plan” line and Hume didn’t like that answer.

  26. Just have Ryan and Romney iron it policy out before getting on the air again. I felt the same way that Ryan seemed a little off. Not a big deal. Let’s remember what happened in 2010 folks. A lot of seniors voted than ever before because of the 500 billion being confiscated from Medicare to Obamacare. What the hell has changed? Nothing. Get rid of these bums in November!

  27. Bill Kristol made a great statement. (I can’t believe I just said that) He said Romney-Ryan has a way to finally be on the side of Medicare. The unpopular Obamacare put Medicare on the side of Republicans.

    Now, the message out of Romney should simply be; ‘To save what you have, means we have to get rid of Obamacare. Medicare as you know it, as we all know it, will stop existing in 2014 when Obamacare takes over. Period. That is what you get if Obama is re-elected.’

    1. After all the accusations by the Obama regime, the truth comes out that Obama took $716 billion from medicare to pass his Obamacare. Obama always was and always will be a LIAR!!!!

      Paul Ryan gave a great interview.

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