Paul Washer’s shocking message to America

Paul Washer is one of the most serious men you will probably ever meet and is also one of the few men who will honor God by telling you the truth no matter offensive you may think it is. This message rocked my world a couple of years ago and honestly my world needs to be rocked again. Thus I am watching it again today for myself. But because this message is so urgent, especially here in America, I am posting it here.

I’m sure some of you have watched this before as the original youtube video has over 1 million views, but I would imagine that many of you have not. And I’m sure I’ll catch flack from some of you over me posting this here, but it must be heard. Paul Washer doesn’t pull any punches in telling most of those in the audience that they may in fact be going to hell even though they believe they are saved. Why would he say such a thing? Because many in the audience have been deceived by the American church into believing they are saved when in reality they have never even been close to salvation.

Sound boring? Oh trust me it’s not. I would encourage all of you to listen to this no matter your views on christianity and salvation. I can assure you he will keep your attention for the full hour. But if you want to skip the prayer and the reading of scripture for whatever reason, then jump to 7:30. But you’ll probably never hear a man pray like this, so I’d watch the whole thing if I were you.

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