PBS indoctrinates kids with GAY WEDDING to start new season of animated children’s show – [video]

Have you heard of an animated children’s show on PBS named “Arthur”? It’s in its 22nd season now and if your kids are watching it, you’re gonna wanna turn it off because the writers are now pushing the gay agenda on your kids.

The new season opened with a gay wedding on the animated show and while the word ‘gay’ wasn’t mentioned on the show, it was clear to viewers that Mr. Ratburn was marrying another man.

The children watching this show can’t be much older than 5 or 6 years old, yet this is what PBS thinks is appropriate content for little children?

It’s bad enough that Hollywood pushes the gay agenda in adult shows, but many of these kids aren’t even in kindergarten yet. They don’t even think about such things as relationships and marriage – at least not at any substantive level.

Hollywood wants to indoctrinate your kids to believe that homosexuality is okay when God, the church and the holy scriptures stand adamantly against such evils. They don’t want Christians pushing their faith on others but they will do their damnedest to push their pagan lifestyles on us. It’s evil and God will have the last word on all of this.

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