PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor grills Psaki on why Biden is hidin’ from Haitian crisis at border [VIDEOS]

Get your popcorn ready. PBS reporter and liberal hack activist Yamiche Alcindor turned on the White House today, demanding to know why Biden is in hiding right now on the Haitian crisis at the border and not using his bully pulpit to condemn the treatment of Haitians that she likens to slavery:

Now of course Alcindor is approaching this from a perspective we disagree with. This is not like slavery at all, which is an absurd comparison. This is about enforcing our laws, but that’s not the point of posting this.

No, my point is to show how Biden’s absence on the Haitian illegal crisis, regardless whether you are on the right or left, has reached such absurd levels that all sides are asking WHERE IS HIDIN’ BIDEN??? The White House is refusing to allow Biden to answer questions or even speak on this issue and even liberals are finding this intolerable.

On one hand I love seeing the liberal media turn on the White House. Hence the comment about ‘popcorn’. But on the other hand, this is exactly what these media hacks lied and pushed for last year in order to get Trump out of office, and I loathe both the garbage media and the Biden White House. Neither side actually cares about this country, just their own agendas.

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