PBS White House reporter tweets one of the DUMBEST attacks on Trump I’ve ever seen…

In calling on Democrat mayors and governors to get tough around the country yesterday, Trump said “these people are anarchists”, referring to the rioters around the country:

Personally I wish Trump wouldn’t turn so many of his tweets into a political attack on ‘Sleepy Joe’ during a time of such nationwide distress over what’s going on. But I digress…

In response to this tweet, PBS White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor actually tweeted the following: “”These people are anarchists,” President Trump says without providing any evidence.”

Has Yamiche been watching the news this weekend? Has she not seen all the fires raging, stores broken and looted all around the country? Has she not seen all the cop cars with broken windows and graffiti all over them? Has she not seen members of the press being attacked? Trump doesn’t need to provide evidence, it’s all over the country.

This just goes to show how far the media will go in their hatred of Trump to defend these thug mobs and Antifa groups.

Ted Cruz hit Yamiche late last night:

Here’s a few more:

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