Peak stupid on Biden stairs fall: Joking about it could lead TO ASSASSINATION, says MSNBC moron

Maybe the reason the media has spent so much time not paying attention to the President tripping and stumbling repeatedly while trying to navigate a simple set of stairs is that everyone is just plain USED to him failing up.

Uh-oh, that sounded like a joke didn’t it. And y’all, jokes are possibly deadly, or invitations for deadliness, according MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance, who hilariously is referred to as an “intelligence expert.”

But seriously he says that. He was on with very very far left SiriusXM radio host Dean Obeidallah, and they talked about this hilarious Donald Trump Jr. Tweet.

So great.

“Is that a joke or is that dangerous when you’re Donald Trump, Jr. does that?” asks Obeidallah.

“Well, it’s dangerous because what he does is he makes light of the potential of injuring people,” says Malcolm Nancy. “Look you know one of the things that I do is I monitor right wing extremists’ internal communications. I watch their chats, I watch their Telegram channels and their Parler tweets and go on the forums that they’re very prevalent on. And some of the forums that are prevalent are gun forums, and let me tell you, you want to see some seething hotbeds of violence–you know potential violence – and some of these people have long range shooting skills.”

That’s one heck of an escalation there. From a meme video to “long range shooting skills”??

It gets worse. SO much worse.

“This is the sort of thing that they would, you know, they would see that video, and it would turn into a discussion of whether they use a .338 Lapua, or whether they use .50 caliber BMG to get that shot, right?”

That shot he’s mentioning is with a golf ball. He’s saying gun enthusiasts would have a good ol’ time figuring out how far their golf ball guns could fire their golf balls, I guess.

“That is joking about murder,” Nance then says. He means the hypothetical gun nut conversation on an unspecified “channel” where “prevalent” right wing extremists would be comparing how far they could use their golf ball guns to hit Joe Biden walking on the stairs.

“And you know the thing is so long as it’s not directly stating you know I want to do X,Y or Z to Joe Biden, they can get away with that,” he says, ruefully lamenting the potential for people to joke about golf ball maximum firing distances in relation to a parody video and GET AWAY WITH IT.

“But the point is it mainstreams the potential for danger,” he finishes. You can’t hear the audience laughing in this sitcom, but … come on, you know they were.

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