Pelosi accuses Trump of trying to make America “White” again –[video]

Nancy Pelosi yesterday accused Trump of trying to make America “white” again over his attempt to add the citizenship question to the census:

How exactly is a question on the census supposed to ensure that only “Trump’s people” vote? It’s just a question. Anyone who is a citizen can vote and the census won’t do anything to change that. Unless Nancy Pelosi is suggesting people who aren’t citizens should be able to vote?

Also why is it disgraceful to try and accurately count our citizens so we know who is a citizen and who isn’t? Pelosi makes no sense. It’s as if she’s trying to say something but doesn’t want to say it directly, so she’s hiding behind accusations of racism and politics.

Guy Benson wonders if Pelosi is also accusing all of those Americans who think the citizenship question should be on the census of also being racist and disgraceful:

This is about as ridiculous as Democratic opposition to voter ID laws. Democrats are dead set against them because it would prevent non-citizens from voting, and I think their opposition to the citizenship question is on the same grounds.

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