Pelosi claims ‘disgraceful’ Republicans being ‘disrespectful’ to her after attack on husband got Dems midterm votes

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like criticism or even questions and won’t tolerate them, as we know from the countless times she’s lashed out at the media, especially this year, right to their faces for daring to challenge her on anything. The media, of course, immediately tuck tail and seek forgiveness for daring to transgress.

And that is the behavior she demands from everyone. So it’s not a huge surprise that she considered it “ridiculous” and “disrespectful” of Republican candidates to not lay down their arms and quit campaigning because a nutjob commie attacked her husband. Or asked questions about whether it might be the case that Republicans perhaps didn’t collectively hold the wacko homeless hammer as one.

And she told the accommodating Dana Bash that this morning, in her own words.

San Fran Nan is the actual disgraceful one here, still exploiting a crime her husband was a victim of for political gain. And not even by opposing crime!

In the entire interview Bash didn’t challenge one thing Pelosi said, nor even ask any probing questions at all. It was a pure PR visit for old Nancy.

New CNN? LOL no.


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