Pelosi claims she can’t explain why Trump isn’t being charged with ‘bribery’ in articles of impeachment

Pelosi was asked this morning by a news reporter why an article of impeachment against Trump was being written up on bribery when she herself has accused Trump of bribery.


Pelosi quickly obfuscates, claiming she’s not a lawyer even though she acts like one sometimes. She then says this was a consensus decision between the committee chairs, their attorneys ‘and the rest’. By obfuscating like this, she’s suggesting she doesn’t know why or can’t explain why Trump isn’t being charged with ‘bribery’ because she’s not smart enough. But this is nonsense.

The reason they aren’t charging Trump with ‘bribery’ is because they have nothing. They never proved their case on the quid pro quo because Trump didn’t do anything wrong. But she just can’t come out and say that because she doesn’t want to make Trump look good.

The only reason they charged him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress is because they don’t want it to seem as though they vindicated Trump. They want to pretend he did something wrong so they can continue their charade in order to try and keep him from getting re-elected.

Andy McCarthy has a piece out today explaining just how weak these two articles of impeachment really are:

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