Pelosi just upped the DRAAAMA over risk to Ilhan Omar from Trump’s Tweet: ‘I have spoken with…Capitol Police’

Oh my, things must be very serious indeed. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has conscientiously (or do we mean ostentatiously?) “spoken with the Sergeant-at-Arms” to make sure that Capitol Police are on top of any threat Ilhan Omar faces now that President Trump has tweeted about her comments marginalizing 9/11 as just some stuff that happened this one time.

I’m so sure the people who protect our government officials needed a reminder from Pelosi to, you know, DO THEIR JOB.

Pelosi released her statement on Sunday, probably trying to make up for the fact that some Democrats thought her first tweet wasn’t anti-Trump enough. Not to mention that some Dems on Sunday talk shows suggested that the part of her first tweet, where Pelosi said that “any discussion” of 9/11 “must be done with reverence” might accidentally apply to Omar.

Wait, could they be saying Omar wasn’t reverent? WHAT? ARE THEY TRYING TO GET HER KILLED????

You always want every single member of Congress to be safe. Sometimes, like when someone tried to assassinate Republicans not that long ago, they end up being not safe. When that happens, we look back and try to figure out what went wrong, and forward about what to do next. The people who are paid to do that are experts, they are tough, and they will mess you up if you mess with them.

They do NOT need Speaker Pelosi to tell them how to do their jobs. This is nothing but a stunt for attention.

Utterly shameless.

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