Pelosi names her price on the coronavirus relief bill and it HUUUUGGGGEEEE….

The despicable Speaker of the House has told CNN what her price is for the newest coronavirus relief bill:

CNN – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that she still wants a sweeping stimulus deal this week — but she made it clear she is not budging on the price tag put forward by House Democrats, reflecting how far apart the two sides are despite days of talks.

Asked if she has an idea on the price tag she’s willing to settle for, Pelosi told CNN bluntly: “Yeah, $3.4 trillion.”

That price tag has been rejected by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who last week put forward the Senate GOP plan that would cost roughly $1 trillion and has attacked House Democrats’ $3 trillion-plus bill that passed their chamber more than two months ago. And even some centrist House and Senate Democrats are squeamish about backing such an eye-popping price tag proposed by the speaker.

Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows have already met six times behind closed doors — and are not near an agreement on range of issues, including expiring jobless benefits and extending the expired federal eviction moratorium, according to both sides.

Pelosi, when asked if it’s really feasible to get a deal this week given how far apart the two sides are, said Tuesday: “At some point you just have to freeze the design.”

I told you guys the other day if Republicans wanted a trillion, that Democrats would make it at least two trillion. I apparently shot too low because Pelosi is trying to make it almost 1.5 trillion more than I had suggested. And this on top of the trillions we’ve already spent this year. No wonder the negotiations are stalled.

Here’s the down side. The longer Pelosi holds the negotiations hostage, the more likely Trump will just decide to go with the monster deal to get it passed. At least that’s the fear among Republicans, according to this report:

Pelosi’s comments come as anxiety is growing in the Senate GOP conference that the administration might sign onto a deal that lacks the support of many Senate Republicans. While McConnell is getting briefed regularly on the talks, he has chosen not to join the closed-door discussions, saying President Donald Trump is the only person who can sign legislation into law

Well that would certainly work in the House. But it wouldn’t be as easy in the Senate unless a few Republicans join Democrats….oh nevermind. There are plenty of RINOs in the Senate who will gladly jump on board to keep their political careers going. No problemo.

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