Pelosi successor tells GOP “you better back up off us” so they can end the era of voter suppression or something

Pelosi’s potential successor, auditioning for the job as leader of the House Democrat party, told Republicans today “you better back up off us” and claimed they were going to pass their agenda and put it on Biden’s desk and end the era of voter suppression:

“We’re not going backward. We’re only going to go forward. You better back up off of us. … We will end the era of voter suppression in America once and for all.”

The only way to solve a crisis when there isn’t one is to first invent one. And that’s exactly what Democrats are doing.

There is no voter suppression in America. Except the suppression that happens when Democrats cheat and suppress the vote of those on the right. That’s the only voter suppression I know of and that will only get worse if Democrats nationalize state elections.

These people are downright despicable and will say and do anything to win. And sadly, they never get called out for the liars they really are because the media is on their side.

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