Pelosi repeatedly REFUSES to say Dems won’t SUE to stop Covid Relief to Americans

Nancy Pelosi, on both CNN and Fox News Sunday (clips below), absolutely would not say whether the Democrats plan to go to court and sue to stop the American people from receiving the coronavirus relief that Trump signed on Saturday.

After getting furious at Chris Wallace for saying she “messed this one up,” Pelosi also did not answer about the possibility of legal action. And on CNN, she not only wouldn’t answer about whether Democrats would sue to stop the relief, but she wouldn’t even say that Democrats were willing to go back to the NEGOTIATING table. Bash asked if the negotiations would resume and Pelosi said “we hope so” but actually claimed over and over its Republicans who are making that impossible.

Amazingly, CNN’s Dana Bash almost actually challenged Pelosi by asking her why they aren’t working and negotiating RIGHT NOW.

Watch all three clips.

Just unbelievable.

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