PELOSI SPEAKS OUT after Omar remarks: ‘Memory of 9/11 is sacred’ and ‘any discussion of it must be done with reverence’

Ilhan Omar’s remarks unearthed remarks to CAIR, where she dismissively and without reverence tossed off a reference to 9/11 by saying that “some people did something”, have been a huge controversy over the last few days.

Democrats have used the justified reaction to this casual dismissal of the sacred memory of 9/11 to claim that Dan Crenshaw is Islamaphobic and that Donald Trump is literally asking people to assassinate Omar. Because the world is insane.

A lot of Democrats have weighed in, likewise making it all about Trump and having nothing to say about Omar’s original comments except to suggest that her words, which were on VIDEO remember, are somehow being taken “out of context.” At last, on Saturday morning, the grown-up in the party, the true leader of the Democrats, weighed in finally with her own reaction. Yes, Nancy Pelosi was offended by the lack of reverence for 9/11, for not keeping the memory sacred. And she directed her comment at the person who she thinks wasn’t reverent.

Oh did you think she meant Ilhan Omar? Oh gosh. How silly.

No of COURSE she directed her demand for reverence at Trump and ONLY Trump. What else would you expect from this leader of Dems?

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