Pelosi’s hack committee asks Supreme Court to DENY Trump request to block records

It looks like the Supreme Court will end up deciding whether Trump still has the right of executive privilege over his presidential records:

DC EXAMINER – The House committee panel tasked to investigate the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol asked the Supreme Court to reject former President Donald Trump’s request to block the release of records from his administration.

A court brief was filed on Thursday by attorneys from the select committee in an effort to counter Trump’s claim of executive privilege over a number of records that congressional investigators say are necessary parts of the inquiry into the riot at the Capitol.

“The Select Committee urgently needs the documents at issue to inform its forthcoming hearings and reports,” attorneys for the committee wrote, noting the panel’s authorization will “expire on Jan. 3, 2023,” and that any delay “handicaps” the investigation’s efforts.

The move follows a request from Trump on Wednesday for the Supreme Court to consider a Washington Post interview with Jan. 6 committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, in which the lawmaker said his panel’s investigation could “warrant” a recommendation to the Justice Department to pursue Capitol riot-related charges against him. The former president argued the select committee is overreaching its authority.

Trump petitioned to the Supreme Court last week after federal courts in Washington, D.C., denied his request to block the National Archives from sending records to congressional officials as part of the investigation.

Democrats are absolutely evil. There is no way in hell that Trump organized an ‘insurrection’ at the Capitol – because it never happened – or the riot that did ensue. Trump wasn’t responsible for it and a well-known DC prosecutor, known for indicting rioters, said as much.

Democrats are obsessed with destroying Donald Trump because he dared beat Hillary and will likely get elected again in 2024. This is the worst of politics and I hope the Supreme Court doesn’t give them what they want. I worry they will, but I hope that Trump prevails.

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