Pelosi’s J6 committee chair said members NEVER watched surveillance footage

This is hard to believe, but Pelosi’s hack J6 committee chair said that his members were never given access to the surveillance footage that Kevin McCarthy is now making available to Congress members.

According to Bennie Thompson, only committee staffers were allowed to view the footage.

This comes on the heels of the news that Speaker McCarthy has made all the J6 surveillance footage available for members of Congress to view. MTG is taking advantage of this and is going to view the footage with her staff.

Back to Thompson:

“Who kind of went through the video.”

This really is a bewildering admission by Thompson. As the Select Committee for J6, they could have viewed whatever they wanted but they didn’t. Thompson could have made it happen. Now he’s claiming they weren’t given access?

It’s almost as Pelosi’s hack committee didn’t really want to do an actual investigation of what happened that day. They had their ‘insurrection’ narrative and didn’t want anything like ‘facts’ to get in the way.

Byron York responded to the news: “Chair of the January 6 committee says members never had access to J6 video? That they hired people–the ABC showrunner and his team–to handle it? Meaning the J6 lawmakers were really just the presenters?”

Mollie Hemmingway said: “In stunning admission, the chairman of the J6 committee now confesses he never analyzed any footage before running the made-for-TV show trial with Liz Cheney. Absolutely insane. Even worse than we thought.”

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