Pence REFUSES to say if ‘Pizza Gate’-pushing son of Mike Flynn was on transition team!

In this really odd and awkward interview, Mike Pence uses every rhetorical trick he knows in order to deflect from answering a question – yes both of them!!

Watch Jake Tapper grill him on what should be a very simple question:

I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for Mike Pence to admit that Mike Flynn Jr. was on the Trump transition team, but wow he is absolutely scared out of his mind to answer it.

Look at him crinkle his crow’s feet as tightly as he can to avoid the question:

“C’mon Jake, leave me alone!! I’m so harmless!!”

In any case, it might have to do with how Mike Flynn Jr. is pushing the idiotic “Pizza Gate” conspiracy theory peddled by the alt-right. Is it so embarrassing that they would seek security clearance for the guy that they won’t even admit doing it? Who knows.

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