Penn State wrestler praises Jesus in post-win interview, then NCAA takes down video over calling Muhammad false prophet

Penn State wrestler Aaron Brooks, after winning his their Big-Ten title, praised Jesus in an epic post-win interview that has landed him so much criticism that the NCAA took down the video from Twitter today.

The NCAA had originally posted the video, but I suspect they were bombarded with criticism because Brooks referred to Muhammad as a false prophet.

Just a suspicion. Don’t bother clicking the NCAA link in the tweet. It won’t work.

Here’s the post-game interview from YouTube:

He doesn’t hesitate to give as much glory as he can muster to Jesus, referring to him first for his death and resurrection and noting that he believes he was given this platform to proclaim Jesus to the masses.

The comment that’s getting him criticism is this: “You can only get the [Holy Spirit] through Him. No false prophets, no Muhammad, no anyone else. Only Jesus Christ Himself.”

Now obviously Brooks doesn’t care about the criticism because he knows what he believes. But I guarantee you the NCAA wants nothing to do with this controversy and that’s why they’ve banished the interview from their social media accounts. And probably anywhere else they posted it.

The funny thing about his comment is that it’s true. No, I don’t mean the obvious. I mean that you can’t get the Holy Spirit through Muhammad or anyone else. Only through Jesus! He should be applauded for his honesty!

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