Pennsylvania teacher on LEAVE after RACIST rant is caught on video!

Man, this woman is just not very smart. So this lady gets in a fender bender with this black guy in Pennsylvania, and for some reason, she decides to go into a racist rant, all caught on video.

Yeah that was not smart:

“You’re probably on welfare,” she can be heard saying while she tries to buff her truck’s bumper.

“It’s because I’m young and I’m black, and [that’s] the reason why you would say that,” Noel says.

“That’s right, [it’s] because you’re black,” the teacher responds. “Always looking to milk the system. And you see me, a white woman, so you think I got money.”

“Go back to your welfare or your section 8 house,” the teacher later added, referring to the city’s low-income housing. “Do you see the big truck I have? Look at the piece of s*** you have.”

Noel rebuts the woman’s claims, saying he makes “six figures a year” and has “a 3,200 square foot home.” After he repeatedly calls her “mad and nervous,” the woman responds, “Oh, you go f*** off” and then called him a racially derogatory term.

Like, what are you thinkin’ lady!? I always caution with these things that we don’t know what happened before the beginning of the video, but really, there’s no excuse for this.

SO she’s on leave, pending an investigation. She should be fired. C’mon. Imagine being a black family in her district and knowing she’s teaching your kids. And frankly, put aside the racism, do we want someone who is that STUPID to keep ranting like that while she’s being recorded to teach kids? No, our kids deserve slightly smarter teachers….

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