People are freaking out because Trump suggested testing disinfectant in the body as a way of combating coronavirus

Yesterday during his press briefing, Trump suggested that the WH scientists who are testing how to kill the coronavirus check and see if there’s a way to use ultraviolet light or a disinfectant within the body to kill the virus:

This has led to people suggesting that Trump advocates using an injection of disinfectant to cure coronavirus:

Of course Pelosi is jumping on the Trump-hating bandwagon:

Even the makers of Lysol came out this morning and told people not to inject themselves with their disinfectants, which lead to headlines like this from Axios: “Lysol maker refutes Trump’s suggestion that disinfectants may treat coronavirus”.

Trump wasn’t suggesting people do this nor was he suggesting it would even work. He was ‘thinking outside of the box’, as they like to say in the business world, and asking his scientists to investigate the possibility.

The tweets are many of people mocking Trump for this, mainly because they love to hate on Trump. But in retrospect it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say in the briefing, because clearly people can’t handle it.

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