People hilariously mock Beto’s new video announcing his run for president!

I guess Beto has finally found himself after his loss to Ted Cruz last year.

He released a video this morning announcing his run for President of the United States, while sitting on a couch with his wife and waving his arms all around.


He was also featured on the cover of Vanity Fair as part of his announcement:

As you might imagine from the title, there’ve been some hilarious responses to Beto’s announcement already this morning:

I noticed this too! Especially watching him wave his arms around this morning on TV while doing a town hall. He’s like a human windmill.


And as one person pointed out about the Vanity Fair cover, it looks like they’re copying Reagan:

And finally…

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108 thoughts on “People hilariously mock Beto’s new video announcing his run for president!

  1. Rather like Nancy Pelosi when she talks, her hand gestures are pretty humorous as well. Neither look natural. Maybe they are on the same meds?

  2. I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon, but I did catch him doing a spoof of Beto’s announcement–it was hilarious.

  3. What a bozo! The guy’s lights are on, but clearly nobody’s home. Also known as an empty suit. Oh, I forgot, he never wears a suit.

  4. This run isn’t really about Robert Francis for POTUS. It’s about the democrats making gains in Texas. Their hope is to turn Texas blue for POTUS for the first time since the ’70s, pick up state seats, DC Congressional seats and unseat Cornyn. Perhaps, Abortion Barbie (Wendy Davis) steps up to run against Cornyn. She’s making some noise. Time will tell…

  5. Requirements to run for the nomination for the democrats

    DNC: “Have you lost an election recently”
    Candidate: “Of course!”
    DNC: “You are a shoe in!!”

  6. So, the Almost-Mythical, Foul-Mouthed, Faux-Hispanic, Beta-Male, Kennedy-Wannabe, Skateboarding-Socialist, Hit-&-Run-DUI-Driving, El-Paso-Land-Grabbing-with-his-Multi-Billionaire-Father-in-Law, Caravan-of-Illegals-Funding, Campaign-Finance-Law-Breaking, Disturbing-Dental-Cleaning-Selfie-Taking, Constitution-Despising, Douche Bag who wasted $80,000,000+ Out-of-State-Left-Wing-Wackos’ cash only to lose to Ted Cruz wants to be your next President because he was “just born to do this” (more like just married [$$$$$$$] into it).

    His Vanity Fair (vanity, you say???) exposé has already backfired with comments like this on Twitter:

    “My sense is that Beto O’Rourke doesn’t want to be president as much as he wants to be an indie movie about a guy running for president.”

    “[L]ike all scrappy salt-of-the-earth, organic campaigns with their pulse on the base Beto’s is launched with a Vanity Fair cover spread”

    “I mean I guess “Vanity Fair cover boy” is Beto’s unique lane but not sure the people are looking for that”

    “The Vanity Fair profile of Beto makes him sound like if he were born 40 years earlier he’d be barefoot on a beach surrounded by a group of hippie devotees looking like Chris Hemsworth in Bad Times at the El Royale.”

    The Democrat field in two years is going to be such an overly-crowded free-for-all, and he’ll be bounced out before you can say “Beto ain’t his real first name”.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer POS poser.

      1. I’m of Italian ancestry, and even WE don’t flail our arms and hands that much when we talk! LOL

        Wait a minute! Does this mean that since the “Beto” nickname didn’t work to get the Hispanic vote, his new nickname will be “Bettino” to go after the Italian-American vote???

  7. Bobby O’rourke, you need to learn to sign so you don’t look so stupid with those flailing arms and hands.
    (remember when you were Bobby? Before you went for the Mexican vote?)

  8. Holy moly, ya’ll. I can just imagine the fun Trump will have with this doofus. Good times!

  9. I get exhausted watching this moron swing his arms all over the place. Unlike most speakers who use arm gestures to emphasize a point, he’s just continually throwing his arms around for no reason.

  10. Oh God spare me that was awful……..blah blah blah this guy inspires the commie left??? LOL LOL OH God I couldn’t watch that again if you paid me

  11. His dog in that Vanity Fair cover is looking at him like he is a huge dork, even animals know that Beto is a loser.

  12. He has something wrong with him, right? Normal, healthy people don’t jerk around like this when they speak, right?

    Botox Magoo and the Mailman’s Son do that too. It’s unnerving to watch.

    1. What about Elizabeth Warren? I swear she is going to cold-cock someone one of these days with her wild arm waving and fist jutting!

  13. Beta Boy the media’s white Obama………………complete with marketing gimmicks and empty suit.

  14. But is he going to travel 3,007 counties, 64 parishes, 19 organized boroughs, 10 census areas, 41 independent cities, and the District of Columbia?

    Or maybe he can brag that he traveled all 57 states….

    (He kept bragging that he traveled all 254 Texas counties in his Senate race.)

  15. Okay, Beto… I get it. We are supposed to take you seriously, right? Seriously? Seriously? Bwhahahahahaha!

    1. Kasich is like “You wanna’ see arm movement? Hold my Red Bull. You know my dad was a mailman, right?”

  16. The fake Mexican has as much chance of winning the presidency as does Maxine Waters. Beto Rodriguez is going to suck tens of millions out of the DNC’s coffers and that’s before he loses the democrat nomination.

  17. Brilliant campaign strategy. Trade in his skateboard & punk rock gig for a pickup truck on a dirt road with a rented dog.

  18. He’s clearly running for VP. I would be very surprised if his campaign went anywhere.

  19. His wife was hanging onto his left arm to protect herself. Sitting that close with both arms waving around would have been dangerous.

  20. 😆 faux Hispanic guy Kennedyesque you are NO JFK and you Amy sure as hell are no Jacqueline. Actually the whole thing reminded me of one of those late night can’t sleep informercials saying you can sell real estate too, call now and we’ll rip down a fence.

  21. The way we did it Texas involved the following two things at minimum:

    1. Governor Abbott
    2. Not electing you to Senate

    So, conservative values, Wavey Hands O’Rourke.

  22. Every time I see him or a picture of him in Campaign Mode I cannot help but think that he perceives himself as the Second Coming of Bobby (Robert Francis) Kennedy.

      1. @david_rollhotmail-com Plants Exactly, libtards will fall in love with a purdy face. BTW your email comes up with your handle.

  23. And I hope Stacey Abrams gets in too…just an absolute clown show all around. Especially on the debate stage! Can y’all imagine them trying to Out-Marx one another???

    Someone on CNBC a few weeks ago said that the candidates that have declared are all to the left of Bernie Sanders, and he’s a socialist! I about fell out of my chair when I heard that.

    Oh, I knew Ronald Reagan. He was a friend of mine. Beto, you’re no Ronald Reagan.

    1. How blessed you are to have known Ronald Reagan. He was a great man and the BEST president of my lifetime.

      1. It would be neat if in the future AI could allow candidates to run the country artificially to see how they’d do as POTUS.

        What a disastrous duo they would be!

  24. I couldn’t watch the entire video. Beta Boy’s non stop hands were too annoying. He doesn’t even sound like a presidential candidate……………more like he’s running for senior class president. :unamused:

  25. That was a waste of 3 minutes I’ll never get back plus waving his arms and hands all over the place gave me anxiety. His wife was hanging on for dear life 😕

      1. I lasted about a minute…then he played the slavery card…so I quit…and sent him a memo…see downthread.

    1. I just couldn’t stomach more than about thirty seconds of this buffoon. Apparently he was signing to bat sht crazy, leftist, deaf people.

      1. But you missed his wild arm waving, which became more and more pronounced as he went on. And on and on and on…I am betting his wife took a Dramamine afterwards.

  26. Charlie Kirk

    Did you know:

    In 1991, Robert O’ Rourke described female actresses as having “phenomenally large breasts and incredibly tight buttocks’” as their only qualifications for acting.

    I wonder why the Left is mad at Tucker right now yet ignoring Robert O’Rourke’s comments?

  27. Come on, Beto boy, rolling up those sleeves as if you’re doing something – anything – that resembles actual work. You got that from Barry, right?

      1. This…… “The future is now. Roll up your sleeves and let your passion flow. The country we carry in our hearts is waiting.”
        — Bruce Springsteen

  28. The fake Hispanic, Beto “El Pendejo” O’Rourke, has announced his candidacy… El Pendejo will definitely be one of the top 3… to lose the nomination to Biden or Sanders; I believe he will be someone’s VP.

  29. Jim Geraghty
    If Beto had an R after his name instead of a D, you’d hear he was boarding-school-attending judge’s son who dodged serious charges for the DUI & burglary, used eminent domain to gentrify poor Latino neighborhoods & married into a billionaire’s family.

  30. There was another orator who flailed his arms around when he spoke and had a German accent… just saying.

    1. @watchman

      Ding! Ding! Ding! I knew he reminded me of someone I intensely disliked. At first I thought it was Obummer.

  31. Oh my gosh! And here I thought eight years of listening to Obama would drive me crazy….him Ahhhhhhaha :silly:

    1. They are all parodies. All they had to do with change his voice to sound like Bernie Sanders.

  32. I blame Cruz for not humiliating this guy in the election. For some reason, Cruz thought he was taking the high road by not calling him out on his DUI and hit/run. Those aren’t necessarily indicative of a man with good character and who should lead this country.

    1. As you can see by this video Beta Boy knows no shame therefore it’s not possible for him to be humiliated.

  33. Julio Gonzalez
    Beto O’Rourke was arrested for DUI, attempted burglary and attempted hit and run.
    In other words, he should have no problem winning the Democratic nomination for president!

  34. I want all my fellow Scoopers to be the first to know that I will
    not be running for the Presidency of the United States and I will
    not accept any nomination for me to enter the 2020 race.

      1. Don’t bother, just send me a campaign donation. Better yet
        make it cash, I’ll meet you someplace.

    1. How can you disappoint all of your loyal fans by not running?! And here I was expecting to receive a lawn sign. Drats! 😉

  35. Beto The Dork will suck some more of that Hollywierd money out of their Leftist propagandists coffers.

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