‘People need to go to JAIL’: Ted Cruz says DURHAM allegations ‘A LOT bigger than WATERGATE’

Ted Cruz was on Fox News Sunday this morning and he put all this b.s. in the press and even from people like Hugh Hewitt and Alan Dershowitz to REST.

They are all trying to play it down. The regular media because as Levin points out they are trash, and the others because they don’t want to take a stand and get burned later. They think if nothing comes of it they’ll look bad.

But something has come of it already. What happened, according to Durham, was a much BIGGER deal than anything that happened when Watergate started out small and ended up bringing down a presidency.

“I’ll tell you the allegations, what Durham filed, in a filing in federal court, is deeply concerning. What Durham alleges as a federal prosecutor, as a special prosecutor, is that a lawyer for the Hillary Clinton campaign conspired with a Big Tech executive to monitor and spy on Donald Trump. To spy on him at his home, to spy on him at his office. And indeed, they were spying on the White House itself. They were spying on a sitting president,” he reminds us.

“If what Special Counsel Durham is alleging is true, that, what Donald Trump said was absolutely right. And to the extent Hillary Clinton is complicit with this, her campaign is complicit with it, her lawyers are complicit with it. Big Tech is complicit with it. If this is true, it’s a lot bigger than Watergate,” said Cruz. “That was a bungled, third-rate burglary. It was wrong. People went to jail for Watergate”

“People need to go to jail for this if these allegations are true.”

And of course they are true and we’ve known it for a while now. Big Tech and the Clintons and the MSM have been colluding for years and more than ever for the last 5 years. They know they’re caught, and we know they’re caught. So it’s already bigger than Watergate. That’s not even a question.

The only question is whether those powerful forces will ever have to pay a price.

So will they?

Answer below in our OPEN THREAD.

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