Perfect Irony: OWS nitwit trashes restaurant owner…as he enjoys a pint from the bar

As RB points out over at the Right Sphere, this guy was lucky to walk out of the place with a full set of teeth.

And don’t you just love how he thinks he’s going to be allowed to keep coming back over and over until the “union-busting” restaurant owner caves to his demands? Precious child! No way he gets past the bouncers next time. And that goes for his little entourage as well.

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29 thoughts on “Perfect Irony: OWS nitwit trashes restaurant owner…as he enjoys a pint from the bar

  1. It looked as though idiot child hurriedly shut up and left when one patron was about to administer street justice.

    I can’t believe he and his punk friends didn’t at least get a beer bath. Please tell me that wasn’t an Irish bar.

  2. In the restaurant business, employee turnover is very high. This OWSer is a zombie. And really, unions hurt businesses, so why would any business owner in his right mind not want to fight the unionizing of his workforce?

  3. News Flash: OWS (“Occupy Wall Street”) is granted the ticker symbol OWS on the New York Exchange. Al Gore Gloats to his buddies at the club on his successful IPO. In other news, 6 protesters die of drug overdose in Washington State.

  4. I hope these videos keep coming, I think this is the first reality show I’ve ever been interested in. Maybe E could produce a show with these folks.

  5. He chants about wanting respect all the while showing none for the people in that restaurant. Free political speech does not include going onto private property and disturbing the people there. Of course private property rights are exactly what OWS objects to.

    1. I would have liked to see the “audience” keep their personal conversations going when he rang for their attention.

  6. Is temptation to use extreme violence a sin? I hope these idiots continue to be very, very vocal all the way to November 1st. We all know which party they are in bed with ( I apologize for the visual ).

  7. (End of Vid) When the WAITER came over and told him to leave . . . it appears the speaker immediately ‘Punked out’


  8. Punk “liberal idiot”. Let him get off his A’s and get a job instead of marching in the street demanding that everyone give them money.

  9. Sotheby’s? As in the auction house?

    This is too rich. A business that depends on rich people to spend money on other rich people’s stuff.

  10. parasites –

    Wish they go into O’Tooles Bar and Grill

    The punks would make a fine door mat

    It is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt

  11. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    disrupt my dining experience….. 5 of these. Where are the MEN? Any hard working MAN should have grabbed that commie puke and thrown him and his girlieman friends out on the curb!!!!!

    1. As much as I would have loved to do what you mentioned, it would be the wrong thing to do. A) That is what they’re looking to record on video. B) I would end up in prison. C) Why?

      I’d be just fine with “accidentally” spilling my drink on him repeatedly, just HOPING he started a fight! But please don’t degrade the men for not killing these assholes! I guarantee you the majority of the men in there would have loved nothing more than to remove their teeth from their faces, but I am glad they had the presence of mind to know it would be wrong to do so.

  12. posted from alipac

    Video At Link…

    1.Bugging Out of NYC: “Something Terrible is Coming… So For Now, I’m Getting Out.”

    You may remember the Wall Street Insider from a previous interview in which he suggested that elements within the Obama administration were mobilizing to incite class and race conflicts across the United States. That report was made available in mid August of this year, just before the Occupy Wall Street movements began. As we can see, certain groups, some with direct White House ties, as well as thousands of communist sympathizers, are now very much moving in that direction – especially in terms of turning one income class of people against another.

    The reason we mention this previous report is that the “Wall Street Insider” is an anonymous source who now makes regular appearances in interviews with The Ulsterman Report. Due to his request to maintain anonymity, it has been suggested by some that the Insider is not credible. However, as has been shown time and again, Ulsterman’s reporting with both, the Wall Street and White House insiders, has been way ahead of the curve.

    The Wall Street insider is reportedly a well connected, high powered player in financial and investment circles with loose ties to sources in the White House as well. In a recent interview he advised that Wall Street has turned on the Obama administration, and they are now actively working against the Obama re-election campaign, namely in the form of pulling campaign donations. According to the Insider, Wall Street organizations have a goal of funding Obama’s opponent, whoever it may be, to the tune of $1 Billion – a serious commitment to make sure President Obama does not win another four years:

    That revenue will not be a given this time around. Things must change. That change will not benefit President Obama. The unions will attempt to counterbalance that. Let them try – we will outspend them this time around. We now have the means to more easily do so. They put up half a billion for President Obama the last time. Fine. We will put up a billion against him – or more if need be, in 2012. These unions wish to promote an anti-capitalism agenda and wrap it around the current resident of the White House? Fine – we will be promoting and protecting the free market as much as has ever been done in my professional lifetime – and that goes back more than a few years.

    A story carried by The Daily Crux this week has confirmed that money is not flowing to President Obama’s coffers this time around, and instead, Wall Street is directing funds to Republican candidates, namely Mitt Romey.

    Given that President Obama has openly declared his support for certain ideologies within the Occupy Wall Street movement, there is obviously a rift that has taken place between his administration and the financiers in the world’s financial capital. Coupled with the fact the Wall Street is shifting money – a key element to any Obama reelection – to the President’s opponents, they have now created enemies in the top echelons of the Executive Branch. President Obama, whose father was an admitted Communist and held top positions in Kenya’s communist party, seems to now fully support an agenda similar to that of the communist and socialist protesters participating in the Wall Street riots, which is to punish all of those ‘more fortunate’ individuals in American society.

    So what does Wall Street Insider have to say about what may happen next?

    According to the insider, the Obama White House and partisan organizations that support the President are now actively promoting chaos in New York and other cities as a form of punishment and intimidation against those on Wall Street (and elsewhere) who have spoken out against the administration. The chaos, he says, will lead to elevated levels of anger and the real possibility of nationwide violence and riots:

    Via The Ulsterman Report:

    Ulsterman: You are saying the Obama White House wants violence to break out in New York? Throughout the country?

    WSI: I am saying that such violence is going to likely happen – the foundation has now been laid out for that kind of thing, and the administration appears…disinterested in the preventions of that violence. If anything, they are promoting it to some degree. They are being clever about it of course – but there has been absolutely no denouncement from the White House of what is going on down there. Nothing. Only support. Only encouragement. Even as they are receiving word of the dangers, of the altercations, of the potential for greater violence – the Obama White House only offers its support of these events. Why is that? What is their purpose? ZuccottiPark should have been cleared last week. To have backed down only lent more courage to these protesters. It made them increasingly volatile. Now if there is a move by law enforcement against the protesters, the dangers will be greatly increased than just a week ago. The violence will be much-much worse. Police will be harmed. Citizens will be harmed. Businesses harmed. Why would the White House appear intent on seeing that happen?

    Ulsterman: What do you fear is going to happen down there? What is coming?

    WSI: I don’t wish to be overly dramatic here…but violence. Injury. Perhaps death. Most certainly destruction of property. It’s getting dangerous. I can sense it. It’s palpable. And you feel it too, don’t you?

    Ulsterman: It reminds me of growing up in Northern Ireland, yes. It does remind me of that…uneasy feeling that something terrible could happen just around the turn…

    WSI: That’s it exactly. Just around the turn. Something terrible is coming just around the turn. So for now, I’m getting out. I’m blessed to have the means to do so. I fear for those who do not.

    Ulsterman: If violence does break out down there – what then? Where does all of this go?

    WSI: If that happens – and I pray it does not…but if that happens, my instinct tells me it’s just the start. It’s the fuse meant to light the fire. And I don’t wish to be anywhere near this place when that happens.

    The following video shows just how volatile the situation has become.

    All it will take is a small spark to ignite a powder keg of pandemonium on the streets of America unlike anything we have ever seen before:

    If the Wall Street Insider is bugging out of town then consider doing the same if the situation deteriorates further, or at the very least have enough food, water and other supplies in your possession so that you don’t have to venture out into the middle of a full scale riot.

    References: The Ulsterman Report, The Intel Hub, Daily Bail, The Daily Crux

    1. You say:
      “A story carried by The Daily Crux this week has confirmed that money is not flowing to President Obama’s coffers this time around, and instead, Wall Street is directing funds to Republican candidates, namely Mitt Romey.”

      Yet we say just yesterday that the obamanation is getting more wall street money THAN ALL REPUBLICANS COMBINED.

      I understand that you may find to OWS idiots scary and these are very uncertain times, but the absurd (and wrong) claims you make put you firmly in the tinfoil hat category. Take a deep breath, avoid the fictional sites you mentioned and stop consuming alcohol with your medications.

      1. MH, thank you for pointing this out to me, I should have posted my response to the article. Yes, I did post this article but I personally DON’T believe it. I think it is yet another example of the lies we are up against.

        Please don’t worry about me, I don’t drink and the only meds I take on occasion are aspirin. smile

    2. For months I have loved reading Ulsterman and his blurbs by / from The White House Insider. Sometimes he seems prophetic indeed. I am not convinced that the “Insiders” are true or accurate, but it sure makes for entertaining speculation and reading.


  13. One day ,the people of America will get fed up with them and beat the crap out of these FOOL leeches on society and drive them out, since the politicians and cops won’t do it !!! These protesters aren’t going away and they will continue to escalate,they have a communist plan and ignoring it won’t make it go away!!!

  14. I don’t give this tactic a long shelf life.

    PS When someone grabs the cell-phone, camera man from behind, that’ll be the signal.

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