PERFECT MARXIST PUPPET: Levin SHREDS Biden over PUTIN remarks. Ruins PRESS for fake coverage.

Joe Biden “will do anything for power, and will do anything for legacy at this point, that’s all he cares about,” says Mark Levin in this clip explaining how and why Joe is the perfect puppet for the Marxist left.

“He will say anything. He’s lying through his teeth about what he’s doing,” said Levin. Obviously true. Biden wants, more than anything in the world, to be important and remembered as significant. No matter how he becomes “significant”, whether it’s good or bad.

He makes a really great point about Biden enabling Putin and the Russians, too.

He’s the “useful puppet” to the enemies of America, in other words. Which of course he IS.

The thing about the press covering the chocolate ice cream instead of reading love notes from Putin is AMAZING.

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